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  1. Down the I-95 corridor, Vern is resting upon a mointain of slain poon. Though he cannot help but notice a strange disturbance in the force...
  2. Stay classy Carolina - fan punches old man

    dudebro's lame a** tattoo ^^^^^
  3. Stay classy Carolina - fan punches old man

    Haha what a loser.
  4. Stay classy Carolina - fan punches old man

    Felt that way too. In the end, not doing anything is the smart thing to do. Dudebro has already been identified and is about to be arrested. Having this video where he goes ballistic and everyone else around stayed calm makes for an easy prosecution. He can't say he was defending himself if nobody else was fighting. He looks like the only guilty party and a complete ****er. He about to get boned.
  5. Christian McCaffrey = Chris Thompson

    He reminds me of Danny Woodhead.
  6. IMO... that's a load of bullsh**. No 29 year old RB, with a big cap number, on a team that just entered a rebuild is untouchable. They are just trying to drive up the price if anyone was to be interested.
  7. And his contract makes him very "cut"able after this year. He'd want to restructure.
  8. I would take McCoy back in a hot second.
  9. Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    It's 6 games, breaking on twitter now.
  10. NFC Divisional: Packers @ Cowboys.

    Shut the F up. The Cowboys had an all-time assembly of talent on their team. The Packers had... Aaron Rodgers. Get the F out of here with that noise.
  11. AFC Wildcard. Raiders @ Texans.

    People here in Houston have had just about enough of the BO.
  12. AFC Wildcard. Raiders @ Texans.

    Can we PLEASE get rid of our undersized center and guards (not Brooks).
  13. Bulletproof college O, PAC10, and Phil Knight.
  14. Week 3: Bears @ Cowboys

    Hate that Dak didn't seam like a complete d-nozzle in the fluff piece before the game.
  15. Could Denver have interest in Bradford?

    I think both of those teams have potential to be in a QB market if a QB they really liked became available. I could be wrong. That's why it's called an opinion. But no need to be a D. It's not been that kind of conversation. You mad about something?