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  1. Shut the F up. The Cowboys had an all-time assembly of talent on their team. The Packers had... Aaron Rodgers. Get the F out of here with that noise.
  2. People here in Houston have had just about enough of the BO.
  3. Can we PLEASE get rid of our undersized center and guards (not Brooks).
  4. Bulletproof college O, PAC10, and Phil Knight.
  5. Hate that Dak didn't seam like a complete d-nozzle in the fluff piece before the game.
  6. I think both of those teams have potential to be in a QB market if a QB they really liked became available. I could be wrong. That's why it's called an opinion. But no need to be a D. It's not been that kind of conversation. You mad about something?
  7. MIA NYJ DEN SF STL HOU CLE DAL PHI All have issues at the QB spot. For a starting QB, nine potential teams teams is a huge market.
  8. I think there will be a lot of interest in Bradford for many teams.
  9. Because he wants to celebrate in the loser's face when he wins. But when he loses, he runs away. That tends to rub people the wrong way.
  10. Panthers OL protection is amazing so far.
  11. Don't forget the 10 fumbles.
  12. What are you talking about? I've been around. Don't get all bitter because you lost a bet.
  13. Texans and Chiefs tomorrow. It should be a good game.
  14. CarrbageTime for the entire offseason. That's fair and logical. He can take rstarter back at the beginning of 2016 NFL season.
  15. Would love to know how many of Carr's passes have been screens of some kind.