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    Tips and hint for the "complete eagles experience"

    Thanks. As far as I know they play the Browns on the road. We planned the trip a while ago before the presaison schedule was announced - and somehow the nfl planned the schedule completly against our roadtrip plan . All in all our roadtrip starts from NYC to Bosten - Montreal - Toronto - Niagara - Philly back to NYC. It's a lot for 3 weeks i know but I guess thats the price if you come over from europe and try to see as much as possible - a wish of my lovely wife and i believe in the wisdom: Happy wife -happy life Thanks anyway!
  2. Hey dave, I'm not sure if this is the right place, so if not just move it or delete it. I'm rooting for the Eagles almost for 20 years and i've watched nearly every game since then. As I'm from central europe that means that I standing up in the middle of the nigth to follow the Eagles. And finaly the Lombardy throphy came to the city, where it belongs. This August I have my personal SB title in form of my first ever holiday trip to the US and it's no question that I'm planning to visit the city of brotherly love – which brings me to the point of my question: I'll try to soak up as much „eagles experience" as possible. As I found out the time span from 20th to 23rd August is not ideal but at least there are fan tours in the Linc (right?). Maybe you have some additional suggestions about other tours, etc. to learn more about the whole organisation. I would be extremly thankful if you could give me some tips and hints what to do or where I get further information. At least I'm looking forward to October to see „my Eagles" for the first time in a NFL game live at wembley stadium. Thanks in advance! FLY EAGLES FLY! Stefan