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  1. Something else to think about: Even USAIN BOLT lost a step, which is why he retired, and he's only 30. Yet we're expected to believe Owens ran faster at age 38 than he did at 22? This is why John Clayton said it was "curious" because he'd never even run 4.5 before. Either the stopwatch holder was incompetent and/or Owens had some "help." That brings me to another thing - I think it's pretty silly that nobody mentions the elephant in the living room that Owens was so obviously on PEDs throughout his career. I mean, the unnatural physique, the mood swings he's known for...come freak'n on. The guy was even subjected to extra testing towards the end of his career because he "accidentally missed" a test. By no means am I saying he's the only guy who had "help" - I'm sure it's quite prevalent in the NFL. But I mean, people wonder why he's crying like a girl watching The Notebook when defending Tony Romo...look at a shirtless picture of him, his missed PED tests, and figure it out for yourself. And he was on these PEDs because without them, his lack of talent relative to his peers would have had him buried on the depth chart. All he had going for him was his knowledge of the game from paying attention in the film room and to coaching, his height, and his weight.
  2. Owens couldn't even outrun Derrick Brooks.
  3. Interesting interview: Terrell Owens discusses his lack of talent.
  4. That Jaguars corner is literally a 4.7 guy. The Ravens preseason game was Owens using his technique to pry Baxter's hands away and push off. Yes, as someone who sees gym rats all the time, I see guys who are easily much stronger than Owens on a regular basis. Owens was about 225 pounds...these guys are 250+ and training for strength, not trying to avoid putting on too much weight to avoid worsening their already limited speed. Faster guys at his size: Andre Johnson Reggie Williams Roy Williams Tyrone Calico Julio Jones Demaryius Thomas Calvin Johnson Devin Thomas Kenny Britt Jonathan Baldwin Michael Floyd Larry Fitzgerald Alshon Jeffery Mike Evans Kevin White Breshad Perriman Dorian Green-Beckham Sammie Coates Javon Walker Jerry Porter David Boston Michael Westbrook Kelley Washington Vincent Jackson And the list goes on and on...
  5. 1. The 40 time was clearly bogus. He couldn't even run 4.6 coming out. Yet we're expected to believe that he ran much faster at age 38, coming off knee surgery? This is why hand held stopwatch times are laughed at. 2. Being 6'3 is not a talent, nor is gaining strength by spending all your time in the weight room. I see men stronger than Owens walking down the street all the time. 3. I could give you about 40 receivers his size who were way faster.
  6. Exactly. That's the point. Owens was the greatest overachiever in the history of athletic competition.
  7. He also called Terry Glenn, "she." Parcells plays games in the media. It's what he's best known for.
  8. It is? I don't see the word "hated" in there anywhere. I think you're the one putting the spin on it. In reality, of course, he was saying exactly what I was - that he came to realize Parcells never wanted to sign him and Jones forced him on him.
  9. Uh, no, that is exactly what he was talking about specifically. You are literally reading Michael David Smith's editorializing and thinking that's what Parcells said, whereas I actually listened to the interview. ( : go to hour 2 of the 2/14/17 show). Here's a clue: If it's not in quotation marks, the person never said it. Parcells specifically said he was unreliable in the kind of PLAYER he was. He was SOLELY talking about him disrupting quarterbacks ON THE FIELD. Read the quote again - that is literally what he said, and it was not said in any kind of context of him disrupting teams with anything else. He was talking about him being unreliable as a player because he was a bad route runner. Actually, I'll transcribe it for you: Q: Speaking of Dallas, T.O. and his time there. There's a lot of conversation about whether or not he should have been a Hall of Famer. You've had an interaction with him, you've had thoughts about him. Do you think he's a Hall of Fame player? Parcells: You know, he certainly was highly productive. He was highly productive and did some very remarkable things on the field. Now, he also came with some other things that you had to deal with, and sometimes they weren't always pleasant for some of the places that he was. But that being said, it's a production business and he did produce at an extremely high level. Now, there are things that go unseen by the public - the people watching the game - there are things that happen on the field that, even when they happen, the fans and the layman do not recognize what happens. And in his case, he was so unreliable in some of the things he would do - because he would, you know, sometimes we'd have a route that was called at 12 and he'd run it at 9 - and that disrupts your quarterback. And things like that. But that being said, he still was highly productive and I do think that warrants very very strong consideration. I'll be surprised if he doesn't get in shortly. Q: Would you vote him in, Bill? Parcells: I think I would. Yup. I think I would. And, you know I had my issues with him a little bit, but, you know that's not unlike some other players. And, you know you just have to deal with those things and make the best of it. Sometimes it's not comfortable for everybody, but you have to make the best of it. Q: What were your issues? Parcells: Well, punctuality was one. He was periodically late for team meetings and, you know, we had to fine him quite a bit. Keyshawn: You fined me, too, though, so that's nothing new. You used to fine me every other day. (laughter) Parcells: Yeah, but I was fining you for being overweight. Keyshawn: And it wasn't cheap fines, either. Here's what Parcells said about Owens's personality after he retired: "He’s a pleasant enough kid. He’s not mean-spirited; he’s not vulgar. He’s really OK in that respect…. He didn’t have anything to do with me (retiring) at the end of the day.”"He's+a+pleasant+enough+kid.+He's+not+mean-spirited;+he's+not+vulgar.+Parcells&source=bl&ots=jGvT6guYP5&sig=-Qh6qWQIvP95t_gJQ_FabTtxZsU&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwje39-ryvzRAhVLxlQKHTr_Cp8Q6AEIGjAA#v=onepage&q="He's a pleasant enough kid. He's not mean-spirited%3B he's not vulgar. Parcells&f=false You realize I have access to the internet, right? T.O. has never once said Parcells hated him. He said they didn't have any kind of relationship in Dallas and Parcells didn't want to bring him in, which is true. Parcells didn't want him because he wasn't his kind of player, and he hated cutting Keyshawn Johnson, who WAS his kind of player (a reliable, tough possession receiver and an excellent blocker) for a bad hands, bad route running, poor blocking one. Just face it, actual NFL people disagree with you and agree with me. And no, Parcells thinking he will get in the HOF has nothing to do with whether or not he will get in. He won't. Parcells doesn't care about that process and isn't paying attention to it. I am.
  10. A former head coach of his talking about his bad route running doesn't confirm he was a bad route runner, which is one of the attributes showing he lacks talent relative to his peers? The whole Parcells thing is really funny. He actually liked Owens as a person, but hated everything about him as a player. He hated his bad hands, his route running, and his bad blocking, and much preferred Keyshawn Johnson.
  11. Bill Parcells confirms Owens was a bad route runner: "There are things that go unseen by the public, and people watching the games — there are things that happen on the field that, even when they happen, the fans and the laymen do not recognize what happens,” Parcells said. "And in his case, he was somewhat unreliable in some of the things he would do. Sometimes we’d have a route that was called at 12 [yards] and he’d run it at nine [yards]. Well, that disrupts your quarterback and things like that. "But that being said, he still was highly productive and I do think he warrants very, very strong consideration. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t get in very shortly.”
  12. 1. You're missing the point. The point is people in this thread don't know what they're talking about in comparison to me, as evidenced by the claims that he was going to be a Hall of Famer soon. I said from the very beginning he wouldn't, and what do you know? I was right. 2. If he was good enough, it wouldn't matter. Randy Moss will get in 1st ballot. Why? Because his talent speaks for itself. He was too dominant. Owens was an incredible overachiever, but he never dominated. The hype for his "talent" actually comes from the ridiculous hatred for him. They want to emphasize just how evil he must be by overrating him to the he may be the greatest athlete to ever walk the face of the earth, but he's so totally "divisive" that teams got rid of him anyway. Most of his actual teammates liked him, but the voters don't care. They've got their old attention-grabbing narrative to cling to. He was just a roided up kid from rural Alabama who had no business starting in the NFL on talent alone.
  13. You're not listening to me. The voters are saying he's not getting in. Read the articles on it from people who were there. He's never getting in.
  14. The people who were in the room and actually supported him are saying otherwise. They picked a freak'n KICKER over him. A guy who kicked in a dome most of his career. Think about all the guys who are coming up in the next 10 years, or still waiting, and tell me which aren't going to be put in before Owens: Ray Lewis Randy Moss Brian Dawkins Brian Urlacher Tony Gonzalez Joe Jacoby Steve Atwater Champ Bailey Ed Reed Troy Polamalu Hines Ward Ronde Barber Peyton Manning Isaac Bruce Torry Holt Kevin Mawae Tony Boselli Mike Kenn Chris Hinton Charles Woodson Tom Brady Drew Brees Larry Fitzgerald Adrian Peterson Antonio Gates Ben Roethlisberger Terrell Suggs Jared Allen Steve Smith DeMarcus Ware Dwight Freeney Julius Peppers Joe Thomas Steve Hutchinson Darrelle Revis Jason Witten If he gets in, he's going to be old and gray and on the senior committee.
  15. Apparently you missed it. They're not voting him in. He just went the 2nd year in a row not even making the cut to 10. The few voters who do support him getting in give up because they realize the other voters will never change their minds.