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  1. All that sounds good, I'll do museums, restaurants, already going to be doing the stadium tour....thanks! I did not think about that, should be a lot of fun stuff to do for Halloween weekend.
  2. Unfortunately, I am friends with a Cowboys fan...he flies out to Dallas every year for one game...this year, he's going to the Eagles game and I am joining him...anyone else going? What is there to do in Dallas other than steakhouses, fatties?
  3. We weren't trying to win when we needed to win, let's not try now when it's only going to hurt us for next year. Lose Sunday - Play Rams in London next year. Win Sunday - Play Seahawks in Seattle next year. Can we lose this one please?
  4. LOL!
  5. Gym...ALL DAY BRO

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    2. Blobeph


      you fat ukn slob. What will you do with that face of yours??

    3. EgyptianEagle


      LOL I just saw this....My face will improve once my weight's a package deal!

    4. EgyptianEagle


      LMAO DBW....I wish I was on roids, it would speed up the process

  6. Good to know I called you out from the beginning. You're not very good at this LOL

  7. Haha thanks! I try

  8. This guy puts up with a lot of hazing and handles it with humor and class. Good dude.

  9. yo! YO! whats up?

  10. lol thanks! I was getting pretty sick of the old avi, I hope I put a new avi Sunday of McNabb holding a trophy and 2 weeks later when he's holding a bigger nicer trophy