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  1. Eagles @ Cowboys Oct 30

    All that sounds good, I'll do museums, restaurants, already going to be doing the stadium tour....thanks! I did not think about that, should be a lot of fun stuff to do for Halloween weekend.
  2. Eagles @ Cowboys Oct 30

    Unfortunately, I am friends with a Cowboys fan...he flies out to Dallas every year for one game...this year, he's going to the Eagles game and I am joining him...anyone else going? What is there to do in Dallas other than steakhouses, fatties?
  3. [News] Shurmur: It's Been A Unique Week

    We weren't trying to win when we needed to win, let's not try now when it's only going to hurt us for next year. Lose Sunday - Play Rams in London next year. Win Sunday - Play Seahawks in Seattle next year. Can we lose this one please?
  4. Giants a favorite in 2015?

  5. Gym...ALL DAY BRO

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Blobeph


      you fat ukn slob. What will you do with that face of yours??

    3. EgyptianEagle


      LOL I just saw this....My face will improve once my weight's a package deal!

    4. EgyptianEagle


      LMAO DBW....I wish I was on roids, it would speed up the process

  6. Good to know I called you out from the beginning. You're not very good at this LOL

  7. This guy puts up with a lot of hazing and handles it with humor and class. Good dude.

  8. lol thanks! I was getting pretty sick of the old avi, I hope I put a new avi Sunday of McNabb holding a trophy and 2 weeks later when he's holding a bigger nicer trophy