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  1. PhillyGreenMachine

    REPORT: FA WR Corey Coleman released by Patriots

    Please don't sign him.
  2. PhillyGreenMachine

    Will the Cowboys be a threat this year?

    They have a great defense and running game. They should compete.
  3. PhillyGreenMachine


    Can well soon Travis. No hate here from me. Guy is a human being. The life is far more important than the game.
  4. PhillyGreenMachine


    I hate the Dallas Cowboys for past reasons, being America's Team and always being in the spotlight even when they suck they get 5 primetime games, plus late games and Thanksgiving. I just hate them to hate them now. Kind of feel bad for their fans because Jerry Jones is probably the worst General Manager in the league and they won't win till he dies, but I don't feel bad for that. I hate Giants fans because they act like they are holier than thou, even though they are like Philly fans in almost every way. They act like their city isn't trashy, it is every much as trashy as just about every other place. They act like their fans have never done anything bad, see December 23rd 1995. Also, they thought Eli Manning was elite. They blame everyone else for his errors, but when the team is great, it is all about him. I used to hate the Patriots because they beat the Eagles 13 years ago, now I really don't care, mostly because we got our revenge. However, I think it is ridiculous that the media goes all nutso when the Patriots lose a game and act like "this is the end of Belichick and Brady..." It isn't, they'll probably win another Super Bowl. Also they force this Belichick-Brady hatred fest, when it doesn't exist, it is really dumb. I used to hate the Saints because of that NFCDG in 2006. I thought the broadcasting of that game was very one sided. I understand it was a Saints home game, but that girl that had that shirt that said F*** da Eagles that FOX showed not once, but twice was also ridiculous. I always asked myself "was the FCC taking a piss break when this happened?" Now I don't really care about the Saints. I still hate the Cardinals, just because they would always would beat us. Also, Bruce Arians because of when he complained to the league after Chimp Kelly beat him. Guy would complain during offsides and false starts. Don't hate the Steelers. Don't really hate the Seahawks, we can't beat them ANYWHERE for the last 10 years. It is really sad. Don't particularly like Pete Carroll, don't particularly like the referees when the Eagles play them, but nothing I can do about it. I think Vikings fans need to grow a pair and stop making excuses about the game and injuries and Eagles fans. I hate Pete Morelli's officiating crew because they're a joke. I don't hate the Redskins, I feel bad for their hardcore fans because they are the only team in the division that can be mediocre, but not relevant. Daniel Snyder is probably one of the worst owners in the league and his Napoleon complex always comes through.
  5. PhillyGreenMachine

    Jones stated that Cowboys will stand.

    Cowboys fans have to be happy their team got rid of Dez. That guy is a nightmare.
  6. PhillyGreenMachine

    McAdoo says Philly can't handle success

    For someone that has never experienced very much success, he isn't a good person to listen to here.
  7. PhillyGreenMachine

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Rtarted will be back if Foles/Wentz plays poorly.
  8. Hopefully not Nigel Bradham.
  9. The wrinkle in this is the fact that apparently Ronald Darby was in the car too.
  10. PhillyGreenMachine

    When the Eagles were chasing a playoff berth in 2008...

    Because the giants were a north east team and the bears and Texans weren’t...?
  11. Spoken like an angry middle school basketball coach lol!
  12. PhillyGreenMachine

    Disgruntled Nick Foles skips OTAs (ORIG POST: 6/1/2016)

    Phila Chimp was wishing Foles would fail since 2013 when he replaced his man crush, Vick.
  13. PhillyGreenMachine

    Pre SuperBowl Pre Cap Era

    I view Super Bowls as being more relevant, but they both matter. Super Bowls just matter to me more.
  14. PhillyGreenMachine

    Sanchez Suspended over PED use

    He is someone’s fall guy
  15. PhillyGreenMachine

    Dez to be released

    Looks like Jerry Jones thought he is the only diva that should be on the Cowboys.