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  1. 5 minutes ago, o0OMorrisO0o said:

    Do you even realize what you are talking about?  You talking about the Broncos?  I remember you picking the Redskins to win week 1.  See....  a hypocrit.  It's what you are.  The joke of the message board? Really?  Hahahaha.

    1.  You want that to bother me.  You want me to feel depressed because about 10-15 people don't like me on the internet.  They would probably love me in person if they didn't know ahead of time I was Morris.  Sorry though, it doesn't bother me.  It's a message i know it means more to you cause your life is garbage but not everyone cares about what's said to them online kiddo.  You and others  literally are UNABLE to effect me.

    2.  Its not the whole board.  Its 10 to 15 people.  There are a few who I'm friends with on here.  Hmmm...

    3.  Again...  a few of us know the truth.  Ya'll been ignoring my challenge.  Post what I said that was so outlandish tonight?  You can't, which h proves that you jumped the gun trying to be immature as hell lol.

    4.  I would hurt you in person.  I'm just saying that you wouldn't say half of what you say to my face and if we did fight I would destroy your nerd a**.  

    5.  Now prove to me you can be a man and have an ounce of maturity in you and leave me alone or we can go to google hangouts and talk face to face and sort this out.  Otherwise...  kick rocks.

    "We gonna say that every week?  The fact is we've been looking like trash every week.  Brush it off as the other teams SB all you want but this is concerning none the less."

    Say it again for us... 


    Go complain about the team some more. 

    Also, you would do no such thing. You wouldn't work your job another day in your life if you did. 


  2. 6 minutes ago, skippyx said:

    PLEASE ignore clowns with o0OO0o in their names and for the love of Pete stop quoting them and forcing their insanity on the eyes of those who already ignored them.

    I make one comment about how he is in post season form and he cries about it, bringing things up from like months in the past. Not to mention he has threatened me with physical harm multiple times because I have no idea. Something is legit wrong with him, me thinks I broke him. 

  3. 16 minutes ago, o0OMorrisO0o said:

    Everyone deserves to celebrate the championship.  You don't make the rules kiddo.  And I celebrated it good and hard.  You keep quoting me out of nowhere.  You are a disgrace at your profession.  Perhaps I should stalk you and find out where you teach at.  I'm sure they would love to see your videos and behavior lol.  Your too immature to let me be.  Especially when you wouldn't say crap to my face.  I'm a CRNA now btw.  I go in and put people to sleep, I'm not a role model for kids.  

    Yes, but you're still bound by the oath, and that means no physical damage to a person. You're probably the kind of CRNA that tips one back like Christopher McDonald did in "Awaken" (2007). I'll say what I please. Who remembers "hey guys, we don't have Zack Ertz, we might lose to the Broncos..."? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

    Stalk me? Please do because it'll prove that I not only pushed you to that point, but it also proves your maturity. How about your job seeing that you threaten to cause bodily harm to people?  You're no better and I won't do that because I'm not a narc and I don't take things seriously. I don't stalk you, I have never stalked you. I only go by what you have admitted in this message board. This coming from the guy that wasn't smart enough to remember that the city he lives in was posted right below his avatar. I really had to get out the yellow pages there on that one. I have never been rude to you (at least not in like 3 years) and you continue to treat it like it is this huge thing. I speak the truth and if you don't like it, well that sucks, you're not going to silence me. I'd say every word to your face. I am not afraid of you because you're an internet tough guy. Never did I ever claim I would physically assault you, you have said and done all of that. 

    Fact is, everyone is laughing at you on this thread. You are basically the joke of this message board. You need to calm down dude, you might pop a vein there. 

  4. 1 minute ago, o0OMorrisO0o said:

    Look at the immature teacher who honestly, judging by his character, has no business teaching children....

    Beginnjng of Last season ya'll were critisizing doug about not running, hall hated on Howie and doug.  I defended them.

    Now this preseason ya'll wanna act like pathetic little losers, being sarcastic to the Pat's and Browns, saying congrats on their revenge or congrats on the browns SB.  That's weak sauce.  They played better than us, we played like trash.  Accept it and move on.

    I said defense gets an A+ and the offense looked like trash.  It did.  I also said hopefully the missing pieces tonight will make all the difference.

    Again...  nothing I said was untrue or  crazy.  But because of the few idiots on here and you are one of the bigger ones on this board, you can't help yourself.  Go play in traffic you ugly immature sped.

    Look at the nursing student threatening to beat people up. What happened to the hippocratic oath? Looks like the hippocratic oath, was a bowl of hypocrisy LOL! You're pathetic man, go complain more about the team that won the Super Bowl. You don't deserve to celebrate this championship LOL! 

  5. Just now, Portyansky said:

    Right now....

    Level headed Philly fans: well that sucked but its preseason, no game planning, and no major injuries.

    Cleveland fans: we just beat the SB champs!!! We shut them out!!! Superbowlzzzzzzz here we come!!!!

    Morris: we suck! I hate this team! I'm done! It's over!!! Fire everyone! Need to rebuild!!!

    My friend is a Browns fan and he just called me to gloat.

    I just shook my head and laughed. No Aggie, no Jeffrey, no Ajayi, no Sproles, no Peters, no Wentz, no Clement. I'm not worried.