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  1. khani1

    Dak vs Carson

    How is this for quality analysis? CREDIT TO @DEagle7 Career numbers on 3rd down, 4th down and against the blitz. 3rd: 59.25% and 91.6 rating 4th: 60% and 97.6 rating VS the blitz I can't find a career number but did find a next gen video that breaks it down by year 
  2. khani1

    Dak vs Carson

    This is hilarious. Look at Carson's career stats in the following categories and get back to me: 1. 3rd down completion percentage 2. 4th down completion percentage 3. completion percentage against the blitz He blows those numbers out of the water. I would think those are "clutch" times.
  3. khani1

    Friendly Vikes Fan

    As Eagles fan, we can relate to this one. During the Andy Reid era, we lost in 3 NFC Conference Championships in a row, and then the following year, lost in the Super Bowl. Your time will come eventually. And when it does, the wait will have been worth it!
  4. khani1

    SNF Chiefs @ Patriots.

    Impossible. He is already MVP.
  5. khani1

    SNF Chiefs @ Patriots.

    Possibly yes but you are not factoring in the horrible clock management and the lack of adjustments when they need to be made. That will be the reason he will not win a Super Bowl. If his game plan is successful in the fist half of each playoff game and he gets a big lead, that will be the only way Reid wins a Super Bowl.
  6. khani1

    SNF Chiefs @ Patriots.

    Patrick Montana
  7. khani1

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Eli is also a better QB than Wentz.
  8. khani1

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Jags had like 6 guys off the line of scrimmage for that obvious run play?
  9. khani1

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Are you serious?
  10. But our GM is Howie Roseman. Mic drop!
  11. I agree however just winning the division will not get us a playoff bye nor homefield advantage at least in the second round. Our defense for whatever reason plays much better at home. And in January, we have a good advantage at home, especially if we are playing a dome or warm weather team.
  12. I hear what you are saying but we cannot pretend like we didn't get all these breaks last season. We played a bunch of teams "at the right time" when either they had key injuries or we had a schedule advantage.
  13. khani1

    When the Eagles were chasing a playoff berth in 2008...

    In the 2001 nba finals, when AI crossed over Lue and stepped over him, did he angle his left or right butt cheek when he farted on him?
  14. khani1

    David Irving being investigated for DV

    You won't have to worry about that for too much longer. He will be a back up in a few years or starting for a really crappy team. Yes, a team crappier than the Cowboys.