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  1. I read somewhere that Reid already had control over the roster anyways.
  2. True that haha
  3. So we could let him walk like Dawkins? Also we still had Dawkins in polos prime
  4. It's to easy to say now that we should of taken Zeke and Dak. I'm still happy with Wentz anything the cowboys did last year doesn't change my mind. Plus cowboys thinking they had Romo for at least one more year made it easier for them to wait on a QB.
  5. Yes but at the time cowboys signed him he was the face of the franchise
  6. Completely different situations
  7. I don't don't know about that.... Everyone had a fear Mariota needed to play in a spread/read option to succeed and he had basically no problem converting to a pro system. Wentz came from a pro system and still struggled more then Mariota did his first year. This is coming from a guy that prefers Wentz over Mariota.
  8. I would think upset. They haven't had a good receiver since Reid got there (sound familiar?) . Alex Smith is solid but, he can't make something out of nothing like mcnabb could
  9. Well considering they were on 2 different draft classes what does it even matter which one I want? Also the amount we would have had to give up for Mariota and then the fact that would have kept chip here.... 1000% Wentz
  10. That's true
  11. Not sure why Aldon Smith is on there. His problem is he is a raging alcoholic and he is crazy.
  12. Well after watching what happened to QBs that used their legs and bodies as battering ram and living mostly outside the pocket. They probably realized cam needs to be better in the pocket before his skills deteriorate and becomes useless.
  13. Actually Smith played under Nolan and singletary neither one of them were good coaches also Smith played with 5 different offensive coordinators. He played really well for harbaugh but, went out only because of injury. Before that Smith played the best he ever did. It was reported that Reid wanted Smith in Philly then traded for him once he went with the chiefs. So you can't say Reid couldn't get anything out of Smith when he wanted him on both the teams he coached.
  14. I agree Smith is better then he gets credit for I just think he needs some more playmakers or an elite defense to carry him further. It's fine Reid hitched his wagon to Smith but, he isn't as talented as mcnabb was to get more out of less.