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  1. Why does he keep calling him wetzelhurt? That doesn't event flow with in his name? Lmao
  2. bwestbrook36

    Week 15: Chargers @ Chiefs

    Not this again
  3. bwestbrook36

    Week 15: Chargers @ Chiefs

    Meh, he wasn't getting the other arm up it wasn't that bad. Actually Williams was already in the catch mode with one are when the defender slapped at his other arm
  4. bwestbrook36

    Week 15: Chargers @ Chiefs

    Ok, I was like damn my broadcast is way way behind lol.
  5. bwestbrook36

    Rooting hard AF for Andy and the "Chefs"...

    I've never put it this bluntly but, for the most part that is why I won't root for him
  6. bwestbrook36

    Week 15: Chargers @ Chiefs

    Wait was this a prediction? Lol.
  7. bwestbrook36

    Rooting hard AF for Andy and the "Chefs"...

    I'll go chargers then Texans then nobody
  8. bwestbrook36

    Is Jon Gruden in way over his head?

    My bet is Carr is one of them
  9. bwestbrook36

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    The 20 fans that show up for their games will get over it
  10. bwestbrook36

    Cowboys just traded for Amari Cooper

    I think he just had a bad year last year, then they changed to Gruden and couldn't get himself back on track with that jackarse. Cooper is a damn good player
  11. bwestbrook36

    Week 14: Jaguars @ Titans

    He has a pretty good line running QBs tend to make a a line worse then they actually are. Like Aikman said that line had been healthy all year and have some really good players. There. They have Delanie Walker who is hurt but, has been good when played. Corey Davis is a top 10 pick Derrick Henry a 2nd round pick , Taywan Taylor a 3rd and they got Dion Lewis this year. I think this is more of a combination of coaching and Mariota just isn't that good. That offense has been terrible most of this year and last year. Then you had the years Mariota was injured. I wouldn't dump a big contract on him at all.
  12. bwestbrook36

    Week 14: Jaguars @ Titans

    If they get one
  13. bwestbrook36

    Week 14: Jaguars @ Titans

    Jags still have a lot of talent, a solid QB and possibly a better head coach and they will be good. They are still very young too
  14. I wouldn't doubt it, I am starting to think flip wasnt the big deal everyone thought he was for the Eagles and now for the Vikings. There is no improvement from that offense yes I know the oline isn't that good but a good offensive coordinator finds ways to help that.
  15. I think the Vikings need another coach. This reminds me of when the niners had all that talent and then got Jim harbaugh to finally get it all to come together.