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  1. More stories of the R-Words shooting themselves in the foot.

    Tribe refuses “bribe money” from Washington foundation

    Posted by Mike Florio on July 20, 2014, 12:14 AM EDT

    horizontal_1392050018.jpg?w=250 Getty Images

    It’s a story that has been percolating for a few days. Now that the Associated Press has picked it up, the latest P.R. embarrassment regarding the Washington team name has become official.

    A Native American tribe on the Arizona-California border trying to raise $250,000 for a skate park has refused funding from the Original Americans Foundation, a group started earlier this year by owner Daniel Snyder in response to ongoing opposition to a name regarded by many as a slur.

    “No, we’re not going to accept any kind of monetary offer to side with allowing them to utilize the inappropriate name for this NFL team,” Quechan tribal President Keeny Escalanti Sr. told the AP.

    “The sacrifice we took to say no wasn’t an easy one. We wish we could help the kids today by taking the partnership. We’re trying to teach our community and the youth that we can do things the right way. We don’t have to accept this type of money from these people.”

    Previously, the Arizona Republic explained that the tribe turned down a “blank check” from the foundation at a meeting attended by Original Americans Foundation executive director Gary Edwards and director Karl Schreiber.

    “He said he was a proud Redskin and had been a proud Redskin since he was a child,” Escalanti told the Republic regarding Edwards. And it got even more uncomfortable than that.

    “Edwards just brought up key words that you just don’t bring up in Indian country, like assimilation, annihilation,” Escalanti said. “And he tried to talk down about White people, saying they’re the oppressor. . . . I don’t know what he thought he was doing in talking like that to us — impress us? Like he thought he could talk like that among his ­fellow Natives? It was so awkward.”

    Thus, the tribe rejected an offer to pay for the entire park, issuing the following statement to the Republic: “We will not align ourselves with an organization to ­simply become a statistic in their fight for name acceptance in ­Native communities. . . . We know bribe money when we see it.”

    The debate regarding the name has simmered in recent weeks, with most of the news coming from failed efforts by the team to defend it. While the controversy has reached a stage where it’s likely to not go away until the name changes, there wouldn’t be as much to say about the situation if the team can manage to stay out of its own way for a week or two.

  2. Madden can be so stupid sometimes. I drafted a 260 lb outside linebacker for my 3-4 and he turned out to be about 70 overall with a C potential. He was a 4th round pick. But when I moved him to strong safety he became 84 overall with a B potential. So i now have a 260 lb strong safety.

    The heights and weights of draftable players need to be completely re-done.

    Sounds like he was likely a high SPD, low STR LB who wasn't even suited to the 3-4. Scouting likely would have shown you that he probably had a STR rating below 70 (not ideal for a LB), and a SPD rating above 86.

    If you want, move him back to LB, he should stay B potential now though. That's a good way to break Potential limits. If you can swap a player to another position where his OVR will go up, his potential can also go up. Moving him back to his original position will lower his OVR again, but Potential doesn't reduce.

    I've turned countless B potential players in A potential players like this. 3-4 DE to DT will usually boost. FS to SS or vice versa can cause a boost. RB to WR, or TE to WR can cause it as well. LB to DE is an easy one too (though I swear, they might have patched it, because the last few OLB's I've moved to DE to try to exploit this barely increase in OVR now).

  3. University of Washington QB Jake Locker was unimpressive in Saturday afternoon's Senior Bowl.

    Although he completed 6-of-10 passes for 98 yards, he fumbled twice while taking multiple sacks. NFL Network commentators Mike Mayock and Charles Davis also routinely questioned his footwork. There's no question he has NFL-level athleticism, but his accuracy and mechanics are looking like they will prevent him from going in the first two rounds of this spring's draft.

    Looks like both qbs sucked today.

    Ponder certainly didn't hurt his stock, and while Kaepernick wasn't great, he still seemed like one of the better senior QBs.

  4. Yeah i have read that his accuracy has been bad. I forgot to mention Greg McElroy from Alabama. I'll be watching him closely too. As for Locker, he seems to be the type of person with great character and work ethic that will work hard to improve. If they can work on his mechanics and improve his accuracy he might be worth the gamble in the 2nd round.

    I think it was Caplan who was sort of saying that Locker might already be at his ceiling. He's got great physical skills and great football IQ, but he's still not accurate. I guess he figures with the first two traits, he should already be a more accurate passer.