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  1. rfade

    And now Michael Bennett...

    I would rather have neither!😂
  2. rfade

    Are the Cowpukes going undefeated?

    Perhaps both!😂
  3. rfade

    Are the Cowpukes going undefeated?

    I think he is in the witness protection program by now😂!
  4. To be a true rivalry it must be two-sided! So far, it has not been so. So until they crush OUR dreams, it is not a rivalry on our part!😂
  5. rfade

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    Or he may be the next Jay Cutler! Talented but a bit of a head case!😂
  6. rfade

    Ugliest uniforms

    What is the ugliest uniform in the NFL? My vote would be for the Seahawks lime green uniforms. They actually made my eyes ache watching them Thursday. That color looked like irradiated urine!
  7. rfade

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Anyone but the Patriots!😂
  8. Exactly how does one work about the Boys? I am confused!?
  9. No! You can worry if you want to, I prefer to save my energy. Worry changes nothing! It is what it is!