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  1. BDawk_ASamuel

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    This guy doesn't want to play. He wants to give off the perception that he wants to play.
  2. BDawk_ASamuel

    Antonio Brown turmoil related to unhappiness over helmet

    This story is just unbelievable. So if we're getting the timeline and events right: 1.) Former players sue the league over head trauma injuries 2.) League takes proper protocols to ensure that helmets are as safe and efficient as they can possibly be while not allowing older versions to be worn because they don't pass trauma tests 3.) Player and some people in the media are upset at the league for looking after his well-being and are pushing for him to wear the non-approved helmet. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. This is what happens when the league gets sued over player safety and makes national headlines with people calling for the abolition of the sport. You can't have it both ways.
  3. BDawk_ASamuel

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Not a chance. People have a general idea of who Foles is at this point of his career. An elite backup QB and an above average starting QB. Wentz and Dak will be 10x more under the microscope this season than Foles. The verdict is still out on both of them.
  4. It's the TATER in me that refuses to change it.

  5. have you thought about changing your name yet? samuel is a turd.