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  1. bullocks. You were checkin' out my page...yeah ahhhh yeah

  2. hey Santa, you wanna smoke a doobie?

  3. sup there, Rusty? Who's this slutty girlfriend you speak of, and where are her friends?

  4. it's okay, no need to be ashamed. We all know you want me.

  5. yeah, don't think I don't see you creepin' on my profile page :)

  6. so Teri from Steelton, PA just posted a question to Michael Barkann on DNL....could that be you, Teri, of Steelton, PA?

  7. I'll rip your heart out...

  8. I hope you're either 12 years old or mildly retarded, at the very least. You think the Cowboys will be the worst, and the Bears to be one of the best. I'm going to give you **** all season for saying that, so get ready.

  9. how the hell do you end up with a negative 89,000 post count?

  10. I said post more, goddamnit.