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  1. PhillySubSailor

    Houston Eagles fans?

    I was going to stay at the Airport Sheriton with thier Hotel and Ticket package, but the woman gave my LL tickets away when I called to pay. She said she made a terrible mistake and could only offer me Uppers. What a sham. I talked to the Green Legion also and will be getting tickets with them. I aslo rented a room at the hotel they are staying at. Look forward to meeting you all!!!
  2. PhillySubSailor

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Im in the Navy and stationed at Sheppard Airforce base in Wichita Falls Texas. My wife and I and 2 buddies from Philly will be staying @ a airport hotel that has a ticket package for the Eagles vs Girls game on the 9th. Very good price!!! We will be staying in Dallas on the 8th and 9th. If you guys are interested PM me and I will give details on who to contact for the package. Look forward to Tearing apart Dallas with the Houston Eagles Nest!!!
  3. PhillySubSailor

    Houston Eagles fans?

    When does the Tailgating plans for Dallas go into effect. With it being a 3:30 game there is plenty of time to party!!! Please let me know how I can help. It will be my wifes first Eagles game!
  4. PhillySubSailor

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Count me in For Dallas OCT 9th!!!
  5. PhillySubSailor

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving Houston!!! I hope all is well for you guys, I hear flooding is crazy down there. Can someone get me in touch with the Dallas Based Fan Club...Im going to be moving to Wichita Falls Texas in 2 weeks. Thanks in Advance!!! PSS