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  1. [Spadaro] The Rise Of CB Patrick Robinson

    I was wrong about PRob. I really wasn’t very excited that we picked him up in free agency. Maybe the fact that many were like me and underestimated him is what gave him the motivation to step it up.
  2. [Spadaro] A Roaring Welcome And Key Matchups

    Yes that was scary
  3. [Spadaro] A Roaring Welcome And Key Matchups

    The cowgirls Brown never turned around. Agholor has to come back towards the ball. It’s pass interference then all day.
  4. [Spadaro] A Roaring Welcome And Key Matchups

    He’s third string now. Been inactive most of the season.
  5. [Spadaro] A Roaring Welcome And Key Matchups

    Exactly it’s like ‘oh no Sean Lee’ but we lost Hicks. Hicks is a good player when healthy. Lee is an outstanding player when healthy. But neither one can stay HEALTHY.
  6. [Spadaro] A Roaring Welcome And Key Matchups

    Seems to me the focus has been on T Smith out for dallas. I don’t hear anything about Peters missing and facing a very strong pass rush from dallas. Big V has a huge moment tonight. Cowgirls will plan to double(at least a chip) on the blindside. I don’t think we are game planning the same way. Pedey would have to make in game adjustment if he became a major issue.
  7. [Spadaro] Jim Schwartz Preps For New-Look Dallas

    Not sure what you saw in Hart? All I saw was Chip wasting a roster spot. No way that guy should have ever advanced past practice squad. That’s where we have, IMO anyway, a better option in Dillon. He’s the developmental guy FL. Where he should be ...the practice squad. We needed an experienced backup for game days. Beatty never jumped to the front of any of my lists but I’m glad to have him. I know at the trade deadline many were hoping for a blockbuster trade for a T. I was just looking for someone to turn to if Big V couldn’t handle the matchup...or more importantly we need a guy in case either starter is injured. Seumalo(another developmental prospect FL) just doesn’t cut it for me. He hasn’t really ever looked good. I don’t even think he makes the team next season. So Beatty instantly jumps into the role of first man in at T off the bench. We have to get him up to speed as quickly as possible. By my thinking even at his best Beatty is mediocre. But if we don’t have Lane or V we will love at least a mediocre option, as opposed to the train wreck it would be turning to Seumalo.
  8. [Spadaro] Analyzing Darby's Return, Adding Ellerbe

    Not so sure. Wentz played in a dome at college. The outdoor elements might be his biggest hurdle remaining to overcome.
  9. [Spadaro] Analyzing Darby's Return, Adding Ellerbe

    Yes, it’s the Passing Era of the NFL. The majority of defensive snaps have at least one extra DB.
  10. [Spadaro] Analyzing Darby's Return, Adding Ellerbe

    PRob pops in the slot some,Graham comes in at S, Bradham moves to MLB. Jenkins it seems plays both S spots,the slot,And LBer. What I really think of with Jenkins is Monsterback. The versatility and multiplicity of many of the players makes it hard to read. Which is fantastic!
  11. [Spadaro] Analyzing Darby's Return, Adding Ellerbe

    Swoopin it’snight and day from last year’s vanilla schemes. So really it’s a game by game matchup thing, seemingly. PRob and Mills outside, Curry-Jernigan-Cox-Graham(along the line), Kendrick’s-Walker-Bradham,McCleod up top and Jenkins has been in the box. That’s been what I’d call our base.
  12. [Spadaro] Analyzing Darby's Return, Adding Ellerbe

    Dang, Byron Maxwell signing with Seattle
  13. [Spadaro] Analyzing Darby's Return, Adding Ellerbe

    So Swoopin and ASG, are you thinking first downs, short yardage and goalline packages for Ellerbe?
  14. [Spadaro] Analyzing Darby's Return, Adding Ellerbe

    With Ellerbe my first thoughts are how well is he running? We needed a LB. Going for the often injured guy makes sense. Any other talented player would already have a team. It wasn’t time to bring in the unproven young player. Probably looking at needing him to contribute only like 20 percent of the defensive snaps.
  15. [Spadaro] Analyzing Darby's Return, Adding Ellerbe

    It isn’t just a no brainer where to fit Darby back into the starting lineup. Mills has really been balling. Do you even want to move him? Would you leave him and let Darby switch sides? Or just go back to the original plan of training camp?