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  1. '69 exactly what I was saying with Barnett. As for the committee at RB I sort of agree. Blount and Sproles compliment each other very well. Blount the early down between the T bruising back and hopefully TD vulture. Sproles the pass catching make you miss back. So it looks like a situational split between these two. Then you have Smallwood who has to earn time, which is the way you want things. Problem is it won't take long for defensive coordinators to figure out that you play Blount for the physical run and worry more about covering Sproles so you use a corner. Oops that already happened AR had that read on these two guys back when he was coaching here.
  2. Barnett needs to show he's s stud right I said. Blount a franchise runner? No. Never happen. He's a situational player. Good at what he does. I'm not as worried about replacing Sproles as I am McCoy. You are kinda putting the cart before the horse with this if you ask me.
  3. Just the way I had this draft evaluated. We could have gone in a different direction with two corners that I thought were more ready to play right away....but we went with the injured kid and the project guy with limited wheels. We needed a franchise Runner but got minuscule project Pumphrey instead. I didn't make the picks. I just call it like I see it.
  4. Barnett we want immediate impact. The rest of this draft class I'm just not seeing it. I have little doubt they will be given every opportunity. But they looked like project types to me when evaluating this draft.
  5. Yep, feels like peak offseason
  6. Great. So how many guys weigh down the 2017 squad because of potential? You are going to need some guys to dress on Sundays.
  7. I just don't have the same feeling about the difficulties come cut day. The only difficulties are with players that aren't ready to play. Can you stash them on the practice squad? Or will they be poached? Pumphrey,Douglas,Hollins,Gibson are any of these guys ready to go year one? How do you retain their services if not?
  8. We agreed on the first: Grymes. Dillon Gordon is an interesting choice next. I like Lawlor's logic on this point. Pumphrey is tiny and will get broken...2017 anyway. He is getting first hand time with Sproles which can't be measured. Tough to get Pumphrey in this season also(as the roster looks now). So I'm not feeling the Pumphrey call by Lawlor. Now the last guy is Terrence Brooks. I'm all on board with how he looks. I might be the only one that has been pumped on him all summer(until now.thank you Lawlor). He looks like a natural fit. In fact I think he is our third best DB. That's right. Not just S but DB. We are going to see Dime in play heavily this season.
  9. Understood! And we knew he was a speed guy that needed work catching passes when drafted. Coaching staff has to earn their keep some here. I never expected him to become soft hands Larry Fitzgerald overnight. BUT it's an element the offense MUST have. You have to stretch the field to open other things up. It doesn't have to become our main weapon but S have to at least think about going backwards. Realistic Forecast: they probably stash him as injured. Can he be a factor in 2017?
  10. Going to be fascinating to see Wentz throw down the field more. It was ridiculously dink and dunk last season. How much will he thrive with this? His arm was worn out last season. Let's see how it holds up having to actually throw deep more often. We should learn a bunch about our franchise signal caller this season.
  11. The tough call is probably on Shelton Gibson. We need the speed infusion bad. Or at least the option/threat. Tough to put all those eggs in just Torrey Smith's basket. Obviously have to see how Hollins can run at this level. But I think Gibson could be the case of there are more qualified guys to keep but he brings that missing trait that no one else can provide. Basically exactly why he was drafted.
  12. Pedey had us coming out of camp strong last season. Hopefully it's a trend of his coaching style.
  13. Can't agree. Record in the Preseason doesn't mean much. And you can't win the preseason. But we need to see the talent assembled actually playing. Sure it might be very simplistic defenses and play calling. But we need to see many of these players show they can at least thrive in that watered down version of the NFL game. I believe how the preseason plays out determines what trades we need to make. Obviously injury plays into this also(just being realistic). I also believe this year getting off to a quick start is crucial. Two divisional games in the first 3 weeks means we need to hit the season in quality form to have a chance at much. Winning those doesn't get you to the postseason but losing both nearly buries you. So preseason is crucial for honing those skills and adding to chemistry.
  14. Very key players to determine things for the 53 are Joe Walker and Aaron Grymes. These two guys either step up and show they can play ball or.....we need to trade for a LB and CB.
  15. My only issue with this article is it implies we had practice with the starting Oline with Barbre being a part of that. He just isn't good enough. Not really happy if all that depth along the Oline still lands Barbre with a starting job. Wis,Seamalu or has there been a Warmack sighting.