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  1. I know that there was speculation, but I've seen nothing official? Has it been confirmed? Link?
  2. If he's healthy, I would love to have him here in philly. If only because he could potentially fill two roles...3rd TE and FB. It's not like we use the FB enough to warrant a roster spot. He would certainly help in the redzone. Runs good routes and is a decent blocker. Any way you look at it we are going to have to cut some good DL. That extra roster spot would help with the DL or Polk. I read that we wants a chance to start somewhere else. Not sure if that will happen. Also not sure if he would want to be a role player here. In the end, it will probably all boil down to who will pay the most. Or he could realize we are super bowl bound and jump aboard.
  3. I liked Hankerson a lot in the draft. I agree he has potential. This draft is loaded with WR's from top to bottom.
  4. How does Royster figure into the skins plans next year? Any chance his role increases?
  5. I think the redskins did pretty well in the draft. I really liked the Hankerson pick. He's got it physically. Could be a player if he's coached up properly.
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  9. USF will win 3 National Championships under Leavitt

  10. Cornhuskers rule!!

  11. Tommie Frazier is your favorite QB ever

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