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  1. blakjak

    Eli Manning

    Who would you haven taken instead?
  2. blakjak

    Eli Manning

    For those saying NYG blew the pick on Barkley - The Giants havent had a decent RB threat since Barber. Let that sink in. AB/Jacobs/JAG - all decent but not anything you need to gameplan for. What makes Barkley special (IMO) is he can line up outside like he did yesterday. Looked at another way - if they did take a QB with the pick - now you have a 37 yr old Vet and a Rookie QB with no running game and a porous Oline. It would be open season all year long on whomever is behind Center. Carr 2.0 - no thanks.
  3. blakjak

    Eli Manning

    REAL SIMPLE - Its our turn to suck. Simple as that.
  4. blakjak

    Jon Gruden Open To Head Coach Giants?

    no thank you.
  5. Holy F - way to cut 10's throat. Eli is pretty much the only bright spot on the team this year. Oline sucks No running game Defense cant stop the run. And you want to cut him? I'm not saying they dont need to look to the future but if you're hanging this on Eli - you're nuts.
  6. blakjak

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach

    Right because the other teams in the Division were all juggernauts in 2015.....
  7. blakjak

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach

    Rounding numbers here - 2014 - Manning: 4500 yards, 30 TDs OBJ: 1300 yards, 12 TDs 2015 - Manning: 4500 yards, 35 TDs OBJ: 1500 yards, 13 TDs Care to try again? I'm not saying he's HC material but his Offense is more than OBJ.
  8. blakjak

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach

    Looks like Philbin is coming to NY as the OC -
  9. blakjak

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach

    From what I hear thats who the players want and if Lurie is serious about listening to them I wouldnt be surprised if thats who you ended up with.
  10. blakjak

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach

    IF true, its a double whammy. I just hope they didnt pull the trigger on him because they didnt want the Eagles to get him - that would be the wrong move IMO.
  11. blakjak

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach

    Eh.... lets give it a a year or two before we pat the Mara's/Tisch's of the world on the back shall we. I think this has more to do with continuity and not wanting Eli to have to learn a new offense at the ripe old age of 35(?) more than anything. The guy can obviously coach as an OC but HC.... we'll see.
  12. blakjak

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach

    That would we be niiice.
  13. blakjak

    Gmen hire McAdoo as head coach
  14. Link to follow. NFL Network Reporting. So far - McAdoo, 38, has been the team’s offensive coordinator over the past two seasons, resurrecting quarterback Eli Manningfrom turnover machine to elite status once again. The year prior to McAdoo’s hire, the Giants ranked 28th in total offense, second-worst in turnover margin, and Manning, himself, had a touchdown to interception ratio under one. It was bad. In McAdoo’s first season as coordinator, the team ranked top 10 in total offense, Manning improved his touchdown to interception ratio by almost two full points, while improving on his passer rating by almost 25 points. This past season, the team finished 8th in total offense with a +7 turnover margin; steady improvement over the season prior. With the Philadelphia Eagles heavily interested in McAdoo, it’s interesting if that had anything to with this hire. Either way, tough to really complain considering his impact with New York thus far.