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  1. That is tough man. I legit feel for Giants fans. Jones looks like a deer in headlights. With all of the over-committing to Eli they've been doing recently why not just go trenches with both of these picks? Or trade down and recoup draft capital heading into next years draft where there are legit blue chip QB prospects? 

    Chip Kelly came in here years back and Fed our team up. But he still turned in the card on Lane Johnson, a stud who is still here long after Chip has been jettisoned. Is Daniel Jones gonna last in NY that much longer than Gettleman if this blows up? 

  2. 1 hour ago, eglz1 said:

    Ohio State Quarterbacks have such a history of success in the NFL. Right up there with USC ............. I guess there's a first time for everything.

    IMO the thing with Foles is that he HAS to have an O'line he trusts. I'm not sure how much Brooks going out and Peters being in and out had to do with the first quarter compared to the last 3 quarters of the Saints game but IMO there's correlation there.

    I think it's more than just oline. Foles also needs a HC who he trusts, a QB room who he trusts and can work with as a team in weekly prep, including an intelligent QB coach and offensive coordinator. Look at last year's SB run. This was one of the best offensive situations as a whole from a QBs perspective. Offensive oriented HC who was a former QB in Doug, and it stems from there. 

    That said, there's a difference between having a competent, professional, near perfect situation for a player to find himself in that makes him reach his potential, and finding lightning in a bottle, which is how some would like to categorize Foles' 2017-2018 stretch of brilliant play with the Eagles. It wasnt just a lucky stretch. It was just the perfect situation for him. That doesn't mean its impossible to recreate. 

  3. This thread needs a serious bump considering most of this conversation was before last Sunday.

    Letting Foles walk to the Panthers/Saints/Giants or Pats for nothing other than a 3rd rd 2020 comp pick would be malpractice. 

    Most important position in professional sports and we have an elite guy when the lights are the brighest but everyone is so excited to let him walk for free. Ridiculous.