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  1. I liked some of the things I saw from Harris in the PS. I would imagine with the number of injuries in the secondary, he may be getting his shot, just like James, sooner than later.
  2. James could be 2019's Lablanc. A guy who has floated the fringe of rosters or practice squads waiting for his chance. Hopefully he builds on Thursday night.
  3. I think it's a better play to pay a guy like Jalen Ramsey than Clowney if Howie/FO/Doug can keep him happy. You get elite play from both but Ramsey doesn't miss games. I think Ramsey would like Schwartz conservative style of defense to limit big plays and points. Ramsey's cover skills would show. Schwartz would likely give Ramsey reign to float in his Cover 3 scheme, similar to what he lets Malcolm do on the inside. He has never had corners that he fully trusts here quite frankly.
  4. I agree. OC - Duce Staley I actually kind of like the idea of having a RB coach in there. Doug and Duce could be a nice blend of both styles. You could even hire a passing game coordinator if there are concerns with Duce’s capabilities in coordinating a passing game. He has stuck through 3 regimes though, so he is doing something right. QB Coach - Mike Groh Played the position and coached it before. He got the most out of the WR group. It would be great to see what he could add to Wentz and the QB room. Comes from a respected football family. WR Coach - Press Taylor? Another young coach who has been with us for a bit. Has experience as a QB coach and Offensive Quality Control coach. Could be ready to take on other aspects of the offense. He was also the true mastermind of the Philly Special from his film study, according to those in the know (Peter King being one). May be another guy we want to groom as a potential OC down the road. Passing Game Coordinator- Jim Caldwell? His conservative style clashes with Doug’s style. That’s not always a bad thing though. He has done excellent work with QBs.
  5. Wow, just wow! We have waited so long for this. So many of us on here talking football for so many years. I hope that this championship brings you all as much joy as it has brought me.