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  1. Quietly, Marcus Epps has really solidified that 3rd safety role. I've noticed him flying around on defense the last 2 games. Over the top coverage improved with his increased role.
  2. I do like Schwartz using Avery as the Joker blitzer though. Nice way to get him on the field with Barnett, BG, and Fletch.
  3. I'm interested to see Avery's development in the defense this off-season. He needs to continue to put on size, but BG is the perfect player to model his game after. An undersized DE with an excellent motor who is able to consistently get under the pads of O linemen. BG plays the run better than any undersized DE I can remember. Avery was excellent against the run at Memphis and in Cleveland. I don't think Schwartz will make the mistake of moving him permanently to LB like the Browns were doing.
  4. I liked some of the things I saw from Harris in the PS. I would imagine with the number of injuries in the secondary, he may be getting his shot, just like James, sooner than later.
  5. James could be 2019's Lablanc. A guy who has floated the fringe of rosters or practice squads waiting for his chance. Hopefully he builds on Thursday night.
  6. I think it's a better play to pay a guy like Jalen Ramsey than Clowney if Howie/FO/Doug can keep him happy. You get elite play from both but Ramsey doesn't miss games. I think Ramsey would like Schwartz conservative style of defense to limit big plays and points. Ramsey's cover skills would show. Schwartz would likely give Ramsey reign to float in his Cover 3 scheme, similar to what he lets Malcolm do on the inside. He has never had corners that he fully trusts here quite frankly.