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  1. Disagree. I think it has been a very strong draft. I really like the Douglas pick.
  2. I'm seriously pumped about Barnett. Barnett/Long, Cox, Jernigan, Graham is a nice answer to the Cowboys offensive line. Those are going to be some nasty battles in the trenches. CB or RB at 2 and I'll be real happy.
  3. E A G L E S- EAGLES!
  4. I've thought about that some. Curry seemed to be an effective 3-4 DE in passing situations under Chip. Maybe Schwartz should bring him in to play 4-3 DT on passing downs. Expand his usage rate with the contract we gave him.
  5. Gratz was an interesting end of year pick up. He has quite a bit of starting experience, but never developed into the player people thought he could be. Part of that could be the putrid defenses he played with under Bradley.
  6. need to add a LB more than a FB Would not panic there either,we have guys we don't know what they can bring and remember the one we were high on was hurt last year Kendricks seems to be in a fog (maybe it is the schematic changes, maybe its not) but yes, it will be good to see Walker play again Kendricks seems to also be a weak minded individual. The culture my home state of California breeds seems to have built his character. Youth that feel they deserve everything handed to them and don't have to earn anything. Rarely plays through soft injuries. Mad because a coach made him play in the last preseason game. Dude, you been terrible for 2-3 years running, you need all the practice snaps you can get. Chip fed right into his ego by giving him a contract I thought he didn't really earn.
  7. I have a feeling it is BS. Why would you offer one of your best defensive players and 2 picks in a talent rich draft for a undersized WR who's nearing free agency. Jenkins is locked up at a fairly reasonable price too. It doesn't even make sense. And the Saints look like straight idiots if they took the much weaker deal the Patriots offered, which is basically the last pick in the 1st round and a slot swap from last pick in the 3rd to early 4th. I like the nameless source of this rumor, meaning they are coming from New Orleans. Trying to cover your @ss for misplaying the market still makes you look like a buffoon.
  8. Achilles injuries are bad news bears, especially at a position that demands so much from the lower body.
  9. Reports out here in Dallas are say Jaylon's nerve has stopped growing. The Cowboys are hopeful, but not encouraged
  10. The Eagles should inquire about Malcolm Butler if the Patriots are still shopping him. I would offer Kendricks and Kelce for him, even if we only get 1 year before he hits FA. $3.91 million is cheap for his talent. That would let the rookie CBs develop alongside a vet. The Patriots also have a need at LB without having signed Hightower.
  11. Cowboys signed DE Damontre Moore, formerly of the Seahawks. It is a flier for a team in need of help on the defensive line. A third-round pick of the Giants in 2013, Moore has bounced around the league because of off-field and locker-room issues. He was arrested in December on suspicion of DWI and driving with a suspended license, offenses which will likely land him a suspension. Perhaps the Cowboys feel a return home -- Moore attended Texas A&M -- will get the talented rusher back on the right track. Related: Seahawks Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram Mar 10 - 8:30 PM Cowboys found another winner. Just the type of guy they need to get Gregory on the right path.
  12. I agree. Smart of Howie not to play his hand in the presser today. There are rumors being pushed of 0% chance he is cut. Keeps the potential for a trade there. Cowboys were stupid for saying they would cut Romo, and then trying to pull a last minute trade. They lost all leverage.
  13. Howie is going to become a salary cap legend at this rate.
  14. Nothing like watching the terrible Cowboys defense get worse. Lost Barry Church, Jack Crawford, Terrell McClain. Likely to lose Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne. And they bring in Nolan Carroll, which is basically like a loss.