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  1. And Kenyon Barner made 2 excellent plays that first drive. Great body awareness to stay in bounds on that catch along the sidelines. Excellent job of keeping those feet turning on the TD run.
  2. 2 of the better pass rushing teams in the league the last 2 games and the OL has shut it down.
  3. Yessir. Big V had a huge block on that Ajayi run. If he can become a solid tackle in this league, it will open up a lot of options this offseason. I still have high hopes for Seumalo once he is able to stick at 1 position and work out the kinks there.
  4. If Tyron Smith plays, I expect BG to attack him all game. BG has had some really nice games against Smith in the past. I can’t imagine Smith’s groin will be 100%. BG’s compact size should be difficult to handle with that type of injury.
  5. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks. Almost all of the top teams in the NFC play each other. The Rams next 3 games are the Vikings, Saints, and Eagles. We will find out who the pretenders are.
  6. Good luck GB, get some rest! Big game Monday night.
  7. I love this team. I love this QB. I have to eat some crow on Doug. He's doing a very good job since that KC game. Much better balance.
  8. This makes no sense. Besides being pathetic that you can only watch sports if every player behaves the way you want, Dorenbos was traded for a pick.
  9. The sky is falling! We lost a 37 year old long snapper coming off a season ending injury. What are we going to do?
  10. Disagree. I think it has been a very strong draft. I really like the Douglas pick.
  11. I'm seriously pumped about Barnett. Barnett/Long, Cox, Jernigan, Graham is a nice answer to the Cowboys offensive line. Those are going to be some nasty battles in the trenches. CB or RB at 2 and I'll be real happy.
  12. [News] Wentz Has Leap To Make In Year 2

    E A G L E S- EAGLES!
  13. [News] Looking At The State Of The Eagles

    I've thought about that some. Curry seemed to be an effective 3-4 DE in passing situations under Chip. Maybe Schwartz should bring him in to play 4-3 DT on passing downs. Expand his usage rate with the contract we gave him.