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  1. Hopefully he has the guaranteed portion payable when they move to Las Vegas. He will save 13.5% in state taxes.
  2. So did Bill Walsh teams. What would Montana be if he were on the buccaneers when they were winless. Almost every QB who played in place of Montana had 300+ passing yards on that team. Bono an Elvis Grbac to name two.
  3. 75% of NFL and NBA players are broke 3 years after they are out of the league.
  4. They need a new WR coach.
  5. It was covfefe related.
  6. He had too much covfefe.
  7. No different than Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, etc.
  8. No worry about filling a Las Vegas Raiders stadium with local fans. Visiting fans will fill it every week. Plus there are excellent suburbs in LV such as Henderson, Lake Las Vegas and Summerlin.
  9. Fake news. They always report the booooing but leave out the truth that Santa was drunk.
  10. Looking forward to the 3 West Coast road games next season; Chargers, Rams and Seahawks. I am hoping the schedule works well so I can go to all three.
  11. And if you are ready to sell the team Im ready to buy it.
  12. Sean Payton, please and no Howie Roseman