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  1. nveagle5

    RIP Dwight Clark

    Because he beat the Cowpukes RIP
  2. nveagle5

    NFL Live ranks NFC East QBs...Foles #1

    Wait and see because one day, Sudfeld > Dak.
  3. nveagle5

    TO skipping HOF ceremony

  4. nveagle5

    Two Bozos, Two Lawsuits

  5. nveagle5

    OFFICIAL: Nick Foles 2017 option not picked up by Chiefs

    Heck AJ Feeley got us a second round pick. Foles should be a 1 or at least 2 seconds. I would take Foles over Cousins every day that ends in a y. Probably sign him for a bit less too.
  6. nveagle5

    OFFICIAL: Nick Foles 2017 option not picked up by Chiefs

    At a minimum, we should get a high comp pick.
  7. nveagle5

    RIP Chuck Knox

    Luke 12:15, one of my favorite verses.
  8. nveagle5

    RIP Chuck Knox

    Legendary coach Chuck Knox dies at 86 Getty Images
  9. nveagle5

    Matt Ryan 5yr/$150M ...$100M guaranteed

    This QB is overpaid.
  10. nveagle5

    Team Cap and Position Caps

    Dave, Given the crazy salaries going to QBs that hampers teams in the future, I could see the owner's developing a position cap within a team cap. Just as the rookie pay scale has been determined by draft position, the concept would be to set up a position cap within the team cap. Teams can not go over the team cap and with that added system would not be able to go over the position cap. Therefore more teams could be competitive and older players may not get cut as much since one position will not outpace the other positions. What do you think? Can I propose it at the next Owner's meeting? PS, how can I DM you regarding Nick Foles? I am scheduled to be at Eagles v Rams game this season.
  11. My friend was trying to get tickets on the website. Messed up for like twenty minutes. Got zero tickets but within minutes tond of tickets on secondary site for double the price. Somebody should investigate. Happens all the time with concert tickets and big sporting events.
  12. nveagle5

    Jason Witten Announces Retirement

    Besides Landry and Staubach, Witten was about the one cowboy I could slightly tolerate. He played hard with no quit. Too many cowpukes are announcers. "America's" team, puke.
  13. nveagle5

    Many "reaches"?

    What about trading a 2019 first to move up for Davenport? Almost all the analysts said there was a big drop off at DE after Chubb.
  14. nveagle5

    Isn't Brandin Cooks the dude..

    They need two Tackles and more.