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  1. nveagle5

    Week 7: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Trade Josh Mccown for Mecole Hardman.
  2. nveagle5

    Road trips 2019

    On my way to ATL! Fly Eagles Fly!
  3. Cheatriots.
  4. I believe Fanatics offer a 90 team switch.
  5. Cheatriots.
  6. nveagle5

    Packers @ Bears (100th NFL Season)

    This is a pre-season game, right?
  7. nveagle5

    Goodbye McCoy

  8. nveagle5

    Goodbye McCoy

    Just like the Vikings!
  9. nveagle5

    Goodbye McCoy

    Was waiting for someone to check that. When I posted it, I thought the same thing but didn't bother to check. (Although facing the goal post from the end zone seats, it was wide left, from those seats)
  10. nveagle5

    Goodbye McCoy

    KC it is! In B 4 the lock!
  11. nveagle5

    Goodbye McCoy

    Chargers could also be a destination if Melvin gets traded.
  12. nveagle5

    Laremy Tunsil traded to the Texans

    Are the Dolphin players going to revolt now?
  13. nveagle5

    Goodbye McCoy

    With Hyde going to Texans, McCoy to Chiefs seems more likely.
  14. nveagle5

    Goodbye McCoy

    Or go wide left.
  15. nveagle5

    Concerning DirecTV

    Brother just called and spent 30 minutes with them and got no deal. Trying to get my deal now.