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  1. Jets make their Franchise QB Trade

    The Jets have a plan:
  2. Cleveland Browns

    They could still take QB and Barkley.
  3. Cleveland Browns

    QB and best defensive player.
  4. Cleveland Browns

    Browns making good moves.
  5. Guess Cousins will get paid from the Vikes

    Wait till one of those go down in the PS.
  6. Sam Bradford to Cardinals: 1 year/$20 Million

    No he gets hurt, I want to be Chase Daniel!
  7. Keenum to the Broncos

    The Eagles
  8. Josh Allen will bust

    He didn't have very coaches
  9. Eagles @ Rams 2018

    Eagles will be back again at the Coliseum! Eagles fan turnout last year was awesome This game will be huge as both teams will be in the hunt for the home field advantage in the playoffs. We will know in about one month when game date will be announced.
  10. Josh Allen will bust

    Playing in winter conditions affects your stats. Everyone was saying Foles was no good bc of Raiders and Cowboys game when the temps were freezing. Then we all know what happened!
  11. Titans to release veteran RB DeMarco Murray

    Browns, Bucs, Lions should all be interested in him.
  12. Rams Trade for Talib

    No worries, we got Wentz And Foles!
  13. The Jeff Fisher Effect

    The dream team. But, but, but he could have been somebody.
  14. The Jeff Fisher Effect

    Add in Vince Young.
  15. Texans to shun kneeling FAs?

    Guess they weren't trying to get Bennett.