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  1. Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Shades of ASJ last week for the Jets.
  2. Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Shades of the OSU v Miami NCAAF championship game.
  3. Eagles@Chargers Oct 1st

  4. Eagles@Chargers Oct 1st

    Typo in the stadium
  5. Eagles@Chargers Oct 1st

    Roger Goddell on the sidelines with Laurie.
  6. Eagles@Chargers Oct 1st

    Just saw Don Smolinski give sideline pass to Dad and young son section 129. Class Act Don !
  7. Week 4 Open Discussion.

    They should stop playing games in London. Heard the sight lines are awful and not worth going.
  8. Week 4: Bears @ Packers

    And poor Cohen hardly got any touches. A few garbage catches under a minute to go.
  9. 2017 West Coast Road Games

    Nice, I did not know you were one. God bless.
  10. 2017 West Coast Road Games

    Can you make an early church service or a Saturday night service?
  11. Eagles@Chargers Oct 1st

    Hearing this will be like an Eagle home game. Bringing my kid and wearing Eagles gear! Go birds!
  12. Week 3: Cowboys @ Cardinals

  13. Week 3: Cowboys @ Cardinals

    And Dallas still sucks.
  14. Week 3 Open Discussion.

    Awful game. On the net there is like 1 minute tape delay.