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  1. afootballfan202

    Dak vs. Wentz

    To Heavyweightchamp - always respect your posts. Balanced and civil. Observation: In Prescott's rookie season, based on personal observation it always seemed to me that he was passing from a clean pocket, with no pressure, to a wide open receiver, 5-10 yards downfield with an unobstructed passing lane. The hyperbole bestowed by commentators and analysts about his performances was most annoying because it lacked the obvious common sense observation that Prescott was only making simple throws that most any competent NFL QB could make. The fist time he faced the Eagles (Sunday or Monday night game in Dallas), Schwartz blitzed him for three quarters and he became wildly inaccurate (validating my hypothesis in that instance). As I recall the Eagles were up by 10 points going into the fourth quarter when Peterson went conservative. In the fourth quarter they went conservative and stopped blitzing on defense allowing Prescott to relax and make easy throws. Needless to say, Cowboys came back and won. It was clearly obvious to anyone paying attention that Prescott had difficulty dealing with a pass rush. Consistent with your comments, and the Prescott debate on the Cowboys Fan Zone his supporting cast began to deteriorate around mid-season 2017 at which point opponents started applying a consistent pass rush and Prescott was required to execute a more precision passing game. The easy, unobstructed throws substantially disappeared. From that point forward he has floundered. In reality, he didn't regress but rather revealed what he really was, and is, as an NFL QB. What he is now, IS what he really IS. To be fair, the Cowboys Oline is no longer stout, his receivers are pedestrian and he has no credible weapon at TE. But Prescott does not seem to have the skill to improve the players around him. Bottom line of this rant is not about Prescott specifically but rather the false hype that surrounded him. There was a media desire to craft a narrative anointing the next great Cowboys QB based on willfully ignoring what seemed obvious from the "eye test", at least to this observer. Just had to vent my thoughts. FWIW P.S.: BTW I lived in Havertown myself for several years from the late 1970's to the mid 1980's. My parents lived there till 2003.
  2. afootballfan202


    Don't Hate Dallas. Hate: Cowboys Stepford fans - those outside Dallas who only come out when Cowboys have a good record (Cockroaches?) Cowboys Mystique, ala "America's Team" Media gushing over Cowboys: Cowboys could suit up a group of middle-aged pigmies in Cowboys uniforms and the media will refer to them as talented and crown them Division/NFC Champs. The last of those is the most annoying.
  3. afootballfan202

    Kaepernick still no job

    Vick had paid a price to the NFL and to Society. He had his contract terminated, had all his endorsements cancelled and went to jail. When he was released, he openly admitted to his mistake, acted to amend his ways and tried to make restitution. The Eagles took a BUSINESS risk and gave him a second chance. That was because his potential value as a player was substantial and outweighed the negative fan reactions which still exist to this day. He openly tried to make amends for his actions and admitted his guilt. To the contrary, CK chose the symbol of America to disrespect. It stands for America. He has every right to state his opinion. That is what America is about. But he chose to dishonor the republic which defends his very right to disagree. His message is that he cannot respect a nation (or the symbol of that nation) that provides the very freedom that he is exercising. By doing so he is effectively calling for the destruction of that nation. The flag stands for many good principles. People do not always live up to those principles but one of the greatest strengths of this republic has been its ability to adapt and change, often with difficulty and often slowly. Many people have died for that privilege. CK chose his vehicle unwisely. The majority of Americans disagree with his choice, many vehemently. He distorted his message by disrespecting the flag. The silent majority will speak. I disagree with your conclusion that CK will not push significant numbers of fans away from games of the team that signs him, should he return. Both in person attendance and televised. The NFL is a BUSINESS, run by businessmen. Decisions are made on that basis. To be clear, my point is that the choice to sign or not sign CK is a BUSINESS decision. I have no wish to debate the merits of his arguments. FWIW
  4. afootballfan202

    Kaepernick still no job

    I don't relish weighing in on this topic but have to disagree with this logic. A major reason, if not THE major reason why ANY team will not sign CK is because they are a business and it would not be good for business. The backlash from fans would be immediate and substantial. It would definitely impact attendance during the current season and the sale of tickets for next year. The larger impact would come from the TV boycotts. Many fans of the team who signed him would turn off the TV which is both easy and at no expense. It is arguable, and likely that there would be some ripple effect across the league from fans of other teams as well. That would affect advertisers and advertising revenue. Sponsors would surely voice displeasure, albeit non-publicly. The inevitable media circus, combined with the protests and backlash from fans and sponsors would have a negative BUSINESS effect on the team who signed him with some impact to the league as well. The benefits, in the form of additional victories for that team, would not be enough to offset or counterbalance the negative impacts. In the Browns case, this would be most pronounced since the long suffering fans of that team have more reason than any other franchise to protest the product via boycott or non-attendance. It is BECAUSE NFL teams are BUSINESSES that not one of the them will take the chance on CK. He is a proven mediocre QB that is not substantially better or potentially better than the backup QB's currently on teams, such that the short term, incrementally superior performance would be worth the negative BUSINESS impacts. THAT IS WHY NO TEAM WILL SIGN CK - IT'S BUSINESS. Each team is refraining from acting individually in personal Self-Interest. Peace IMHO