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  1. It all depends on how the contract is loaded. Could be a lot on the back end. Guaranteed money can be spread over the life of the contract. Cap guys can be very creative. Player will get the money, just how it hits the cap.
  2. Cox's number can be lower too with an extension. DeMarco might be open to moving some money around also.
  3. He did score soon after that. Soooo much talent. It's a shame that he doesn't take his craft seriously. He could have really been one of the greats. Awesome speed and hands.
  4. Big shift in mentality for our locker room. Three days ago, I assume a lot of guys are starting to think about the off-season and who may be cut. Today, Novacare will be a very happy place. I would think every guy is waking up eager to get to work.