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  1. We all love JP, but it's time.

    I imagine the line will look like this to start:


    Big V will be the swing tackle and can take over for JM if he's just not mentally ready.  Wiz may be trade bait, but he is valuable as a backup at C and both G spots. 

    Stoutland seems to love Warmack, so he may be back as the other backup.  Maybe a 4th or 5th rd pick on a G-T to develop.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Rob331 said:

    Why keep Agholor at a salary of $5M next year. 100% of the snaps and 1 catch is inexcusable and the quarterback change didn't make a difference. He just doesn't get open. 

    I imagine they'll try and trade him this off-season.  You are correct.  His skillset does not fit with Ertz and Goeddert.

    If Howie can get a 3 for him, maybe we bring Tate back or fill that position with Hollins, JMatt or a draft pick.

  3. 5 minutes ago, weko said:

    What could Vegas be thinking?  The Giants get 6 points?  We have no pass rush and a waiver wire defensive secondary trying to cover all pro RBs & receivers.  High draft picks throughout the Giants skill position players.  The Eagles can't do anything on offensive without Frank.  I'm surprised the Giants aren't favored in this one.  I'm not a bettor but if I were I would place on bet on the Giants before the line shrinks.  I would be shocked if we won and even more so if we covered.

    Exactly.  They want the money to go to NY.

    They know what they're doing.

  4. Ags will not be released.  He'll either be on the team or traded.

    Same with Semalo being a backup.  He'll either be traded, released, or starting.

    I do agree that Graham will be back.  WR is probably addressed in the draft along with RB.

    The starting corners will be Mills, Jones, and Maddox, although I wonder if they'll start to cross-train Mills at safety.