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  1. 3 minutes ago, Outlaw said:

    The usual NFL Insider tweets...take them for what it's worth.

    The truth seems to be a combination of things.  It is a hernia, but he can play as long as he can tolerate the pain.

    We certainly didn't need him against the Jets.  We'll probably be fine against the Vikes.  Cowboys will be a test run for the rest of the season.

    Perhaps we use him sparingly and focus on 12 packages going forward?  His presence alone may be enough to open things up.

  2. We all love JP, but it's time.

    I imagine the line will look like this to start:


    Big V will be the swing tackle and can take over for JM if he's just not mentally ready.  Wiz may be trade bait, but he is valuable as a backup at C and both G spots. 

    Stoutland seems to love Warmack, so he may be back as the other backup.  Maybe a 4th or 5th rd pick on a G-T to develop.

  3. 15 minutes ago, Rob331 said:

    Why keep Agholor at a salary of $5M next year. 100% of the snaps and 1 catch is inexcusable and the quarterback change didn't make a difference. He just doesn't get open. 

    I imagine they'll try and trade him this off-season.  You are correct.  His skillset does not fit with Ertz and Goeddert.

    If Howie can get a 3 for him, maybe we bring Tate back or fill that position with Hollins, JMatt or a draft pick.