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  1. Does anyone compile stats on NFL refs ??

    She's been officiating the past three seasons. She's not a "referee". I believe she's a linesman. Looks for offsides and alignment issues primarily. I believe she's worked for three different crews all three seasons. She was also responsible for one of the most ridiculous calls I've ever seen when she awarded a Browns fumble to the Redskins when the Browns runner actually had the ball. Bizarre. I would be surprised if she officiates a playoff game. They only pick the highest graded officials for those.
  2. Super Bowl Tickets Lottery

    My concern is that the Eagles advance (that would be great, of course) and they have a lottery for tickets, but neglect to tell fifty year season ticket holders that they need to click some button on the website in order to be entered. I would assume that all season ticket holders would be automatically entered, but I'd like some confirmation. And I'm pretty sure if I tried calling the ticket off this week to get some clarification, it would be nearly impossible to get through due to the heavy volume regarding the Vikings game.
  3. Super Bowl Tickets Lottery

    The thing is, I know he was active in the forum this morning and he didn't even bother to respond with a "Oh, interesting question, I'll look into it and get back to you." That would have been nice at least.
  4. Super Bowl Tickets Lottery

    Hey, Dave...thanks for not addressing my courteous question. My father has had season tickets for well over fifty years. I've gone to at least 400 Eagles games in my life. Just thought it might be nice to have some clarity regarding the plans the team would be making.
  5. Packers fan sets up camera to gloat at Vikings loss. Plan backfires

    Pretty sure he's gonna be rooting for the Eagles on Sunday!!
  6. Super Bowl Tickets Lottery

    We've had season tickets for over fifty years, so we've been down this road before. We got tickets to Super Bowl XV against the Raiders and did not get them against the Patriots. We also did not win potential tickets any of the other year the lotteries were held. I understand that there will be a lottery this year if the Eagles advance to the Super Bowl in February. My first question is, when would this take place? Some years, they actually held the lottery prior to the NFC Championship game. This was true prior to the Bucs championship game. I believe it was also held the week before the Rams championship game. Other years -- like when we actually advanced by beating the Falcons -- the lottery didn't take place until AFTER the championship game. My next question is, do we need to do anything special (like register somewhere, which is something we never had to do in the past) in anticipation of the lottery? Thank you for any insight you can provide.
  7. Maybe the Raiders actually did the same thing the Cowboys did the year they fired their terrible coach and almost immediately hired Bill Parcells. At the time, Jerry Jones made a laughably transaparent claim about interviewing Dennis Green also. Apparently they wanted someone "experienced" and needed to decide whether Green or Parcells was the right guy. So maybe Davis did in fact have a two minute conversation with Green prior to hiring Gruden. Of course the conversation might have been one sided and may have taken place in a cemetery. But still.
  8. Donovan Mc5 Fired Again!

    I have yet to find an Eagles fan who was upset about the air guitar moment who didn't already hate McNabb. They just complain about it to justify their pre-existing opinion.
  9. NFC Wildcard: Panthers @ Saints.

    I wouldn't call that cheating. Players do it all the time when they're hurt. Gives his team more time to make the substitution and get on to the next play. (NOT the same thing as faking an injury.)
  10. Belichick/Brady coming to an end?

    Steve Carlton was like that. Still good in his late thirties/early forties and said he expected to pitch until he was fifty. And then (figuratively) fell off a cliff. He went from good to bad almost overnight and hung on far too long. It was embarrassing at the end.
  11. Gruden to raiders is happening!

    Didn't the Eagles give Joe Kuharich something like that (ten year contract) back in the sixties? I know it was an insane length for a guy who had been a failure at Notre Dame.
  12. Marvin Lewis is BACK! 2 year extension with Bengals

    "THE ONLY 9 PEOPLE" would be better than "9 OF THE ONLY PEOPLE"
  13. Who Worst of 3 Winless Teams since 1976

    In case fans aren't aware, the league scheduled it so that the Bucs and Seahawks would play every team once through their first two years, while playing each other twice.
  14. Marvin Lewis is BACK! 2 year extension with Bengals

    Based on Lewis's history, I would think that any coach would love that job. Job security through the roof!
  15. Who Worst of 3 Winless Teams since 1976

    Experienced, yes, but lousy nonetheless. They got the scrubs off of every other teams rosters. They were getting the Najee Goode and Jaylen Watkins caliber veterans. Basically complete garbage.