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  1. How exactly did "Reid go for the tie against the Bengals" when the Cincinnati kicker missed a field goal with thirteen seconds left that would have won the game for the Bengals?
  2. One significant memory I have of RG3 is the draft which was held about four months after he tore his knee against the Seahawks in that playoff game his rookie year. At their draft day party at the stadium, a rehabbing RG3 jumped up and down (umm...why would a guy with a knee injury do THAT?) in front of the adoring throng, just basking in the glow of their worship. I guess he wanted to display how awesome his recovery was going. And probably to remind them how awesome he is in general. It was -- in a word -- strange.
  3. A question. I realize that the Eagles/Jets game is always scheduled as the final preseason games. Are the other matchups that weekend always the same too?
  4. #73 Philip Rivers has his first name misspelled in the first post. It'd be cool for all Philips like myself if it were corrected.
  5. I try to be friendly to whoever is sitting next to me, but invariably it's guys who seem more intent on getting up to go for beer at every timeout than actually watching the game.
  6. The two seats next to me belong to someone who sells them online every game. I have different people sitting next to me EVERY SINGLE GAME. It's actually kind of annoying.
  7. I think you actually have it backwards. If they fire the staff after the season, who's going to scout for them between then and the draft? Scouts on other teams are already heavily invested into what they're doing for their current teams and aren't going to leave. Plus, those other teams aren't going to ALLOW their scouts to leave to join the Bills. Waiting til after the draft seems like standard procedure in the NFL. It's the common practice actually.
  8. When I was growing up (forty or fifty years ago), this same thing happened to a guy in our town. Ran over and killed his daughter backing out of the driveway. I was on the same baseball team as the guy's sons. Hell of a thing to have to go through life with.
  9. I remember when Vermeil started out in broadcasting, the network actually had a rule where he couldn't do Eagles games. I think he did the playoff game against the Redskins in '90, but that was rare.
  10. One thing that I find embarrassing was that the first couple of years Simms was broadcasting, I actually thought he was good. But I soon came around to realize how truly awful he is.
  11. You do realize, I hope, that the Browns don't wear brown helmets.
  12. Pretty much, yeah.
  13. Eli never gets hurt anyway. The Giants could go without a backup and be okay.
  14. Going with that premise, I would nominate Mark Bavaro with the Eagles. Not only was he the only Giants player who came to the Eagles and didn't outright suck, he actually had a couple of good years here. But no one ever seems to remember that.