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    My understanding is that parking is more difficult (less plentiful) than it is in Philadelphia. Other than that, I don't know what to say.
  2. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Which Team Can Go From Worst To First In 2018?

    Texans and Niners probably have the best shots because their divisions aren't that great to begin with and both teams potentially have good quarterbacks. Jets have no shot. The other teams have a remote chance.
  3. FranklinFldEBUpper

    2018 Arlington Draft Vs Philadelphia 2017

    Fair enough.
  4. FranklinFldEBUpper

    2018 Arlington Draft Vs Philadelphia 2017

    Depends on whether you include the Playoff Bowl games which were played in the sixties between the second place teams in the East and West. The Eagles played and lost that game twice, in 1961 and 1966. Lombardi's Packers lost to the Cardinals one of those years. So technically (depending on interpretation) it could be argued that Lombardi did in fact lose two postseason games.
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    2018 Hard Knocks - The Cleveland Browns

    I watched Hard Knocks faithfully the first few years. The Cowboys seasons were easily the worst of the bunch. And I'm not just saying that because I hate them. They were just bad. One season they even had a story line about the girls trying out for the cheerleading squad. As if anyone remotely cared about that. Ten minutes an episode that I would just have to fast forward through. Awful.
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    Disgruntled Nick Foles skips OTAs (ORIG POST: 6/1/2016)

    Way too much arc on that Foles throw. You can't compare that to Carr's rifle throw which shows dat arm talent.
  7. Did that same division draft Brandon Boykins too?
  8. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Lets all laugh at the Giants

    If the field goal was no good, the game would have gone to overtime. How is that you think the Giants would have had a 95% chance of winning the overtime? Generally it's about 50%, with perhaps about 55% in favor of the home team.
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    Lets all laugh at the Giants

    How could they have managed that if they picked Barkley first and Mayfield and Darnold are chosen with the next two picks?
  10. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Julio Jones Trade Incoming?

    Don't forget the annual lingering leg injury.
  11. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Browns Picks

    I don't think it's like saying that at all.
  12. Downtown is definitely the way to go. There really isn't much to see around the stadium so you shouldn't even bother with that part of the city except for the game itself. And the subway would be ideal for getting to the game. The last stop on the line drops you off right at the stadium. Well, close to it.
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    Week 3 Colts game

    The Colts don't really have a big following. They're not an Eagles rival. It should be 98% Eagles fans that day. No worries.
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    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    But dat arm talent!
  15. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Rams gonna be tough...

    And we beat them handily the last two times we played them. To cite games from twelve, sixteen, and twenty years ago as some sort of trend is silly. I doubt there are any players from that game who are still in the league.
  16. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Rams gonna be tough...

    Beat them by double digits the last two times they played them. I'm not sure that games played almost twenty years ago (when the Jags beat the Eagles the first three times they played) have any relevance.
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    He's a fairly rational poster there.
  18. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Played Blackjack with.........

    No sign of Jaylen?
  19. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    Am I the only one who finds it irritating that Cousins' name is misspelled in the title?
  20. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Official 2018 NFL Off-Season Thread (News, Trades, Signings)

    I was saying Hoo-urns.
  21. FranklinFldEBUpper

    JPP traded to the Bucs

    The Giants robbed the Bucs on this deal.
  22. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Superstars signing with a division rival.

    Pretty sure Landeta did not start off with the Eagles. He went directly from college to the Stars.
  23. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Cowboys Fan reactions to Bennett trade

    Cool. There's a 190-page Super Bowl game thread to browse!
  24. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Jerruh was rooting for the birds in the bowl

    Me too. I enjoyed reading the Skins board thread.
  25. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Jerruh was rooting for the birds in the bowl

    What was the BS excuse?