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    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    dat tear talent though! I've never seen anyone who could cry like that!
  2. Dude, I was sitting right next to you.
  3. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    I like watching his videos after a Cowboys loss, but after the Eagles game yesterday I'm not really in any mood to gloat.
  4. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Eagles open training in London?

    I don't know FOR SURE but I think it is EXCEPTIONALLY UNLIKELY that fans could attend practice. That would be unheard of during the season.
  5. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Three 9-7 Teams in Super Bowl-1979 LA Rams Part 1

    Eagles were also underdogs against Dallas in '80.
  6. I understand that they can somehow put his name on some sort of "no buy" list, but I can't figure out how they could police the entrance ways to prevent some random guy (him) fifteen years from now walking into the stadium with a ticket that someone else purchased for him. There's just now way those temp employees who scan tickets will be keeping their eyes out for a specific face from fifteen years ago (now).
  7. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    But those nineteen throws though! BEEE_YOOO_TEEE_FUL!!!!!
  8. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Primary focus will be on the Redskins and Cowboys games. Obviously want them to lose. Will watch a lot of the Bengals/Steelers game (because it's on opposite the Redskins game) and root for the Bengals. Rooting for the Bucs to lose, the Rams to lose, the Bears to lose, the Vikings to lose...and at night for the Chiefs to beat the Patriots. Beyond that, eh, I guess the Browns winning would be nice. Will be rooting for the Packers tomorrow night even though that's not the "correct" way to root...for potential future financial interests only. Suicide Pool pick.
  9. Out of curiosity, did you sit in section 214 after mistakenly sitting in section 213 initially?
  10. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Week 4: Chiefs @ Broncos

    That's actually the real term for it. But so many people never seemed to get the "ladder" part of it right and "lateral" sort of became the common phrasing. It's wrong though.
  11. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Other teams Gameday Threads

    There was one guy on the Cowboys board who actually knew what he was talking about, and he went into nice detail as to why it was clearly a catch.
  12. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Other teams Gameday Threads

    But the Falcons and Vikings were in the NFL in 1966, the season the Super Bowl began, so fans of those teams have a legitimate argument. Texans fans, not so much.
  13. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Week 3: Jets @ Browns

    Actually, if they were that bad, I'd probably like it if they sprinkled in a couple wins against the Cowboys and Redskins along the way.
  14. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Not even close to being the case. Collinsworth offers actual insight. Gruden just praises everybody, which gets tiresome to listen to pretty quickly.
  15. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Week 2: Seahawks @ Bears

    It was embarrassing that the announcers didn't seem to understand that. It was also embarrassing that the fans booed, as though they thought they deserved something better than having the ball be spotted at the one yard line. Knowing basic rules isn't that hard.
  16. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Week 2 Open Discussion.

    The only game I really care about is the Eagles/Bucs game.
  17. FranklinFldEBUpper


    You forgot a healthy MLB. That's what really killed him last year. Sean Lee being out.
  18. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    I gotta say this in defense of Carr. He does throw some of the prettiest interception balls I've ever seen. You really can see the arm talent in those throws.
  19. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Week 1: Jets @ Lions

    I normally hate rooting for the Jets, but for the Eagles sake, I think it's best to root for an AFC team whenever they're playing an NFC team. You never know how seedings and tie breaks will work out. Better for us to have the Lions lose.
  20. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    He's definitely a passionate guy.
  21. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Your team can't win the next Super Bowl ...

    Easiest question to answer in the world. Kansas City Chiefs.
  22. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Yeah, but *THIS* time it's gonna work!!!
  23. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Sweet! I got Carson locked in

    What's wrong with Carson Nicholas?
  24. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Other teams Gameday Threads

    I read that entire thread a few months ago. Enjoyed looking at that site from time to time during the season. I actually found it when the Eagles and Dolphins were practicing together in training camp last summer. Thought it would be interesting to get the take from the other team's fans. I distinctly remember one fan complaining about the Dolphins problems with the Eagles (I think it was during the practices but it could have been during the game itself) because, according to him, the Eagles were a trash team. Several Miami fans quickly came to the Eagles defense by arguing that they were in fact a decent team.