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    Dak Prescott or Kirk Cousins?

    I'm obviously in the minority, but I'd prefer Cousins.
  2. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Coming from France

    I would enjoy watching that replay more if the Eagles had won the game. The fact that they lost the game anyway kinda ruins the fun for me a little.
  3. FranklinFldEBUpper

    One Open Training Camp Day? Charging to Get In?!?!?

    I believe that you do, Dave. But it's obvious that the team doesn't. Or else they wouldn't have done it this way.
  4. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Okay, you got me. There are no "facts" involved. It's an opinion based on watching them both play. One is clearly superior to the other (doesn't mean the other one stinks) and time will prove this to be the case. Let's leave it at that for now.
  5. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Because he's a better quarterback. If it's not obvious to you yet, you'll probably look back in about ten years and wonder WTF you were thinking at this moment in time.
  6. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Yeah. Has to be. Something like 8 or 9 games his last year in college, 6 games in '17, and however many last year. I can see a number like 21.
  7. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Coming from France

    I can't really offer any advice about tailgating since I never do that. I simply take public transportation to the game and go directly to the stadium. I suspect that since it's opening day, everyone will be in an upbeat mood, so I suspect everyone will be friendly. I would recommend getting into the stadium at around noon. At that hour, the line to get in will not be difficult at all. If you wait til 12:30, you're sure to get congestion. Avoid that. The weather should be lovely at that time of year. Probably in the eighties. I would recommend bringing sunglasses. If you're sitting in the North endzone, the sun will be in your eyes and will be annoying. Same for the East sideline. Obviously it could be cloudy or rainy. Can't offer any advice about food at the stadium. I'm sure it's overpriced and mediocre. And only stand if others in front of you are standing. There are few things more annoying than having fans stand up and block your view for no good reason.
  8. I'm operating under the assumption that correspondence between a deliberating jury and the judge is supposed to be kept confidential. So I would be mighty annoyed if something I wrote the judge was suddenly common knowledge.
  9. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Goodell reiterates desire to shorten 4-game preseason

    And it will lead to even more injuries since the starters will basically be playing two games they otherwise wouldn't have.
  10. FranklinFldEBUpper

    2019 Hard Knocks - Who gets it this season?

  11. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Ranking all 52 No. 1 picks of the NFL's common-draft era

    I agree with this...mostly. Not sure about the "history" party, but he's definitely underrated.
  12. FranklinFldEBUpper

    First time at the Linc

    The subway will literally take you to the parking lot at the stadium. It's super easy and a much better option than driving to the stadium.
  13. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Single Game Tickets

    I will probably sell some of my tickets this year if anyone is interested. Not sure which games yet.
  14. I liked Dennis Miller as a comedian, but you're right about him as a broadcaster. It was obvious that he scripted all his material ahead of time, and his comments always seemed forced.
  15. FranklinFldEBUpper

    I wouldn’t jump on the Daniel Jones hate train just yet

    Do you think the Eagles would have won the Super Bowl in 2017 if Wentz hadn't played as a rookie the year before? That he'd have come in without any experience and led the team to an 11-2 start?
  16. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    100% wrong. The Dolphins are sending a fifth to the Cardinals next year. It was initially misreported the other way, which is why there has been confusion.
  17. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    He doesn't know very much, does he?
  18. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Chiefs fan cited for shining laser at Tom Brady

    Cat toy.
  19. FranklinFldEBUpper

    NFL Win Totals

    I don't think the Cardinals are winning 5 games next year.
  20. FranklinFldEBUpper

    OFFICIAL: Packers-Bears to be 100th NFL Season Opener

    Exactly. It has NOTHING to do with that, and EVERYTHING to do with the 100th season.
  21. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Johnny Manziel kicked out of the CFL

    He was commenting on one of the networks, either ESPN or NFL Network. I constantly flip back and forth based on how much I hate the current person talking. In hindsight, I guess it's odd that I would have heard what Gruden had to say since he's annoying as hell. The other network must have had someone even worse. At any rate, yeah, Gruden was doing commentary that night and was ridiculous in his endorsement for Johnny Football.
  22. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Johnny Manziel kicked out of the CFL

    And yet Jon Gruden spent about the first three hours of that draft constantly pushing for whatever team was on the clock to pick Manziel. It was ridiculous.
  23. FranklinFldEBUpper


    I remember when an over-the-hill, washed up Larry Csonka came back to the Dolphins. It didn't go so well. I expect something similar.
  24. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Design your own NFL 100th anniversary jersey for any team

    That picture makes me sad. At the time, both teams were bad. Real bad. And a few years later, one of the teams was great -- and would be great for many, many years -- while the other team was still bad. And we weren't the team that became great. Sigh. I was at that game, by the way.
  25. FranklinFldEBUpper

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    I think they maneuvered to pick Landon Collins at the top of the second round a few years ago. But other than that, yeah, they pretty much sit still. The Bengals are like that too.