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  1. That has to be a multiple game suspension for Garrett. Along with a massive fine.

    Not sure that Pouncey deserves a suspension for his kicking.

    The ref should have flagged the Browns for roughing the passer in the first place. That's what started the whole damn thing. It was way late and completely unnecessary.

  2. 5 hours ago, CHIP72 said:

    There was a play in the Bills game that made me laugh - the Eagles were inside the Bills' 20 yard line, and had a 3rd and about a half a yard.  As he picked up the ball for the snap, I swear Kelce moved the ball forward by at least a foot such that it was roughly even with the 1st down marker.  If the Eagles hadn't made the 1st down (they did convert on the play), I think Kelce was trying to fake out the officials so that they'd give the Eagles the 1st down even if they didn't actually make the required yardage, LOL.

    I noticed that too. Really obvious maneuver.

  3. 53 minutes ago, Cochis_Calhoun said:

    Yeah Quinn is gone, I think Gase gets another year.  Kitchens is hard to call simply because the Browns have been so bad so long and he's basically being punished for looking so competent as interim Head Coach. 

    Baker Mayfield is the huge question mark for Cleveland though, at the moment he's more famous but no better than any number of other QB's the Browns have run out of town this century. 

    He wasn't their interim HC last year. Gregg Williams was. He was their OC.

  4. 20 hours ago, paco said:

    I'm guessing he's never going to put on a Dolphin's uniform.  He's ellibable to come back week 16 but I doubt they'll activate him. Most likely he'll be inactive the rest of the year and then as a FA he can pick any team he wants.  Honestly, this is probably the best thing for him.

    Yeah, but if he's going to be inactive the rest of the year, I'm sure he'd rather be on a team that has a chance of actually getting a Super Bowl ring. 

  5. Jones looks a helluva lot better than Haskins anyway.

    To be honest, I think Giants fans have to be encouraged by what Jones has shown thus far. He's not a complete clusterf like some rookies. And you can see that he has a good arm and is mobile. The real bugaboo has been the turnovers, which is not necessarily unexpected for a rookie. The key will be whether he can reduce them in future years. If so, he could be a good one. If not, then, well, he'll be mediocre.

  6. 13 minutes ago, CaliEagle said:

    Agreed. I mean, I don't think we want a jump ball situation ala the NBA.  Carr has done that twice now in his career without being hit, so that is a fail.  These guys know the rules, so protect the football down there. That's how I see it.

    Exactly. 100% Carr's fault. He's an idiot. I can see making a wild effort on fourth down, but it was second down.

  7. 16 minutes ago, VaBeach_Eagle said:

    Do we have any Redskins fans around here (that post regularly)? It seems like we used to, Pastor Troy was banned a few years ago. Whatever happened to the OP of this thread?

    I think he got banned too. I remember that people kinda liked him because he was pretty funny and good natured rather than obnoxious.

  8. 5 hours ago, FleetwoodPC said:

    Question about NFL rules.

    Question about NFL rules.

    In tonight's Seahawks Rams game Seattle intercepted the ball with something like 2:08 in the fourth.
    I don't recall where the ball was ... near their own 45?
    If Seattle makes a first down the clock would be under two minutes and they'd be able to run out the clock.
    So why doesn't Seattle have the QB receive the hike 20, 30 yards behind the line of scrimmage with all their players on the line.

    Between the time to get the hike, the time it takes the defenders to break through, the time for Wilson to carry the ball further away, to throw it high, deep and out of bounds would not that eat 20 or 30 seconds?  

    Then Seattle has three plays to run out the remaining time, which if under 1:30, means game over.

    Is this a realistic strategy?

    It is not a realistic strategy, for multiple reasons. It would be risky and difficult for a center to snap the ball thirty yards. The defense would get there more quickly than you think. And you'd be losing a down, which puts you at SECOND down at the two minute warning. You can kneel THREE times at the two minute warning if the other team is out of time outs, as long as it's first down. But on second down, if you kneel three times, the other team would get the ball with about thirty seconds left.


  9. 45 minutes ago, EagleJoe8 said:

    I have an old PC with an out of date operating system. I wonder if that's why. I can't watch Hulu or Netflix on this PC nor can I watch video clips people post from Twitter pages.

    Same for me. It's annoying but I've learned to deal with it.