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  1. Oh how I miss Asante and his tons of interceptions. And I remember people would criticize him for his tackling abilities... I guess Eagles fans will never fully embrace a player not named Dawkins.
  2. And if Wentz is who I think he'll become, Wentz's are way harder to find.
  3. Zeke is really good, but RBs don't last much in the NFL and are somewhat easy to find. That's why I wouldn't trade the two of them for Wentz.
  4. Would anyone here actually take Prescott over Wentz? Forget about where they were drafted, do you honestly think Dak will be better in the long run? I know I don't and I would take Wentz again if we had to draft all over again. I'm not saying Prescott is bad, but I don't see him being top 3 as I think Wentz will be. As someone pointed out on another post, it's a marathon, not a sprint.
  5. Imagine if the NFC Championship game is Vikings vs Eagles? It'd be funny knowing that 6 months earlier both QBs were playing for the Eagles.
  6. Dak hasn't even played a real NFL football game and he is already a hall of famer... as some people have pointed out, didn't Bradford also look amazing a year ago? It's just preseason! And I wouldn't worry too much about the Cowboys, honestly. I don't think Garrett is a good coach, the defense is bad, and well, they're the Cowboys, there's always a lot of hype around them no matter what.
  7. You have to go to Turtle Bay Tavern to watch the Eagles. It's an Eagles themed bar in Midtown East on 2nd Avenue. They have special promos on game day and all you can eat and drink (wings and beer) for $20. For the other games I'd recommend you to go to the Upper West Side, just walk on Amsterdam Av. between 75th and 85th streets and you'll find something.
  8. I think the question should go the other way around. IMO Brady has benefited way more from Belichick than viceversa.
  9. Actually under that logic we gave up McCoy and Foles for Bradford and 2 spots in the draft.
  10. This is great news for the Eagles. Now, most certainly two QBs will be taken in the first 7 picks, which means that we'll be able to pick amongst the 6 best players of the draft. If we get Jack, Ramsey, Hargreaves, Tunsil or Buckner that'd be amazing!
  11. Qué tal! Sí que está muy callado por aquí, ya tengo muchos años en el foro pero nunca había comentado en este post. Ojalá se reactivara con más comentarios de hispanoparlantes. Buena temporada baja de los Eagles hasta el momento. Saludos desde León, México.
  12. RGIII doesn't change much and I don't really think the Cowboys will pass on a QB either. San Diego and SF could draft one too. And honestly I think that'd be great, we would have two more non-QBs available at #8.
  13. I think it wouldn't benefit the players money wise, many holes would be filled during the draft, so a lot of free agents would just be begging for a roster spot. Maybe to the owners it could make sense though.
  14. Go Weasels! No, seriously I totally agree with you. I hope KC wins
  15. I love the Eagles, but my love for the game is even greater. I'll keep watching every Sunday no matter what. And of course I am a fan of those teams playing against the Cowboys and Patriots.