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  1. bet0_eagles

    And now Michael Bennett...

  2. bet0_eagles

    And now Michael Bennett...

    How is this a jab to the Eagles? 🤔 This place is horrible (and non-sensical) when the team is losing.
  3. I know this opinion might not be popular, but I completely agree with the new rule. You don't have to lower your head to be aggressive. I played football several years and every single coach told me that I should always keep my eyes up and see what I was tackling. That's the correct technique, I don't know when the players decided that it was a good idea to use their helmet as a weapon, it is not. And if my coaches were just amateurs, I want to believe that professional coaches lay emphasis on this concept even more. Think of Sheldon Brown's famous tackle, one of the nastiest I've ever seen. He never lowered his head and was still able to beat the heck out of Reggie Bush. The game is violent by nature, it will never lose its essence. It's just a matter of protecting a bunch of players who for some reason decided to ignore the basics of tackling.
  4. bet0_eagles

    Giants asked for 2 first round picks for OBJ

    I sure hope he goes to a team outside the NFC East, but nobody is going to give two 1st rounders for a WR.
  5. bet0_eagles

    Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    I would love to see Brady without Belichick. I've never liked Tom, but if he's able to keep that level without hoodie, then my opinion about him will change.
  6. bet0_eagles

    Foro libre para los hispanoparlantes

    Qué tal! Sí que está muy callado por aquí, ya tengo muchos años en el foro pero nunca había comentado en este post. Ojalá se reactivara con más comentarios de hispanoparlantes. Buena temporada baja de los Eagles hasta el momento. Saludos desde León, México.
  7. bet0_eagles

    Foro libre para los hispanoparlantes

    oigan hay alguna manera de ver los partidos de pretemporada aca en mexico, por internet o algun canal de sky?
  8. bet0_eagles

    Foro libre para los hispanoparlantes

    que onda me presento como nuevo en el foro, soy de leon mexico, espero comprendan mis fallas de redaccion en ingles jeje