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  1. You're correct, but here's the league you're describing: Teams in the 1920–1932 Era :Akron ProsBuffaloCanton BulldogsChicago CardinalsChicago TigersCleveland TigersColumbus PanhandlesDayton TrianglesGreen Bay PackersRock Island IndependentsToledo MaroonsKenosha MaroonsDecatur StaleysDetroitHammond ProsMuncie FlyersRacine LegionRochester Jeffersons As you probably read, that early period was very disorganized with teams coming and going every year. The first NFL Championship was played in 1933, so I appreciate your correction. My beginning date for my championship issue is amended to 1933 vs. 1937. The point of my article is to encourage the NFL to change their official championship game communications/record keeping policy and use combined Super Bowl/NFL Championship Games to provide equal treatment and respect to those pre-1970 championships. This isn’t about rationalizing anything. Rather, it’s accurately reflecting history. Thanks again for your catch.
  2. All good points, but the official NFL formed in 1937 and all mergers came through that organization. Only teams that won the NFL Championship are formally recognized. I've done some good research encompassing the creation of all the major sports leagues and their policy. My goal is have the league use the term Combined Championships instead of Super Bowl Championships only. Again, I'd like to hear your critique of my article. I've been making tweets to it as I get input from others. Once complete, I'm going to get in the hands of owners,influencers and the NFL.
  3. Wouldn't it be great if the NFL properly accounted for championships lake every other sport?
  4. I had the pleasure of living amongst Giants fans in Jersey for 25 years. All they care about Super Bowls. Period. And, they laugh at those old championship titles. My in laws were Dallas fanatics--same treatment.
  5. Correct. The NFL's policy completely disrespects those players and titles.
  6. The 10 team AFL was absorbed by the 16 team NFL. Pete Roselle was the NFL commissioner on both sides of the merger. I'd have no problem wither having an asterisk for those 6 years.
  7. I believe the NFL’s policy regarding the pre-Super Bowl Championships is dead wrong. I researched the issue and just self-published an article on-line titled "Wake-up NFL And Join Reality--A Suggestion To The Owners: Restore Those Ignored NFL Championship Games.” I'm a big Eagles fan and we have 3 championships that are arbitrarly ignored. Why aren't pre-Super Bowl NFL Championships not counted for the real total? Every other major league sport counts all championships from the league's origin (1937 for the NFL). If you have 10 minutes, here’s the article. Paste it in your browser or go to Medium.com and search for the title of this post. https://medium.com/@ric62551/wake-up-nfl-and-join-reality-62c5496132f
  8. At the time of the merger, the NFL had 16 teams. 

  9. You're right, but the AFL &  NFL had agreed to the inter-league World Championship Game Championship, which was played from 1967-1969 and retroactively re-named the Super Bowl. The winner was viewed as the seasons champion.

  10. rickm

    What does equipment have to w/anything? The Flyers didn't wear helmets when the won the Stanley Cup. 

  11. I'm 66 years old and have seen all of the Super Bowl Games. The difference between the NFL Championship games in the early '60's and the Super Bowl was nil. 

  12. THe 3 NFL Championships we the Eagles earned.

  13. Internet clicks don't matter to me. If you'll read the article, I'll email it to you. Getting our record correct is my motivation. This project began w/my Dallas loving brother-in-law congratulating me for our first Super Bowl. It was followed with "you just need 4 more" [to be among the elite. At which point], I educated him about our previous 3 NFL titles. I further told him that the NFL is the only major sport, including golf and tennis, that wiped the slate clean in a well established league with 16 teams prior to the AFL merger. MLB had 16 teams in 1960, the Flyers title was in a 16 team NHL and Sixers '60's title occurred in a 10 team NBA. Those titles made me a lot Philly fans very happy, as did those 3 "who cares" titles. 

  14. Thanks for your input. The caps were for emphasis, not yelling at anyone...except the NFL. Hope you review my article.