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  1. Mike Francesa from WFAN picked the Rams this week. He said they are a better than us and our only advantage is a better QB.
  2. Black Monday: Who's on the hot seat in 2017? Who gets fired?

    Arians may be in better position with that upset win over the Jags today.
  3. Black Monday: Who's on the hot seat in 2017? Who gets fired?

    Here is my opinion on coaches: AFC East- Everyone safe. It is only McDermott's first year guys and on paper the team looked like crap going into the season. They even made it worse by trading away good players. His handling of Tyrod Taylor was bad but maybe ownership wanted that because they want to miss the playoffs so they don't pay Tyrod. Anyway he won today so he should be safe. Bowles overachieved with a lousy roster on the Jets. Even if they lose out or only win 1 more I'd think he is safe, but I can't say definite. I think the Miami coach gets another shot too even though the team looks awful. He better hope Tannehill is good enough. AFC North- Hue Jackson Fired, Marvin Lewis- Hot Seat Did anyone think after a 1-15 season you could do worse? Well the Browns found a way. Today they played one of their last easy games and failed yet again. 0-16 is very possible and even if they somehow get lucky and win 1 or 2 Hue deserves to be fired for how pathetic he has been and poor clock management with when to kick field goals before halftime or getting snaps off. The QB carousel is a mess too. Marvin Lewis- I'd fire him by now but winning quite a bit lately who knows what management decides. 5-6 at the moment. AFC South- Chuck Pagano fired The Colts coach is out. I'm pretty sure the other 3 are all safe. Jags going to the playoffs. Titans suck but still will make the playoffs due to a weak AFC. Not the Texans coach fault with the injuries. AFC West- Andy Reid & Broncos coach seat getting warmer Andy Reid has now lost 6 out of 7 and is really collapsing. He probably still is safe due to past accomplishments but losing to a lousy Bills team at home team definitely hurts. Lets see how this finishes out. Broncos coach- No idea what the guy's name is but after a 3-1 start he has not win a single game and gets blown out on a weekly basis. The offense is a disgrace. Could he be fired in 1 year? NFC East- McAdoo Fired, Garrett on Hot Seat McAddo is fired. It's a lock. Is Garrett in trouble? The team has looked bad lately. NFC North- John Fox Fired John Fox is done and will never be a head coach again. NFC South- Bucs Coach on Hot Seat The Bucs coach is on the hot seat but I'd lean towards safe. Winston got hurt, 16 straight games due to hurricane, and the rest of the division is great. They have played better lately. NFC West- Bruce Arians on Hot Seat The man didn't think about a new QB and kept Carson. The team is getting old. Probably safe, but not positive.
  4. Reid Is Incompetent

    Reid is incompetent. He lost to the Bills. Pathetic!
  5. Reid Is Incompetent

    Don't you remember the Eagles message board during Reid's disastrous 2011 and 2012 season. Everyone said he was incompetent.
  6. Reid Is Incompetent

    The entire AFC is weak as hell. The Patriots clinched a berth to the Super Bowl. The Chargers have talent but are just the most snake bitten team ever. The Broncos haven't won a game since losing to the Giants and are just abysmal. The Raiders are down, but still could get that 6 seed since the AFC is so weak. Lets look at the other divisions..... AFC East: Patriots clinched, Bills blown out 3 weeks in a row. Probably go 6-10 at this point, Dolphins are much worse than that 4-6 record shows, the Jets are playing okay considering how little talent they have. However, they aren't very good either. AFC North: Steelers are 8-2 and haven't even looked that great. The obvious 2 seed in the AFC. Ravens are okay but the offense is pathetic right now. Bengals suck, Browns are going 0-16 or 1-15 at best. AFC South: Jaguars have an awesome defense but their QB still sucks and they have a cream puff schedule. Did anyone see the remaining schedule. Don't be surprised if the Jaguars go 12-4. Titans aren't a very good team but still should make the playoffs because of how bad the AFC is. The Texans finally found a QB and he got hurt. They suck. The Colts are crap and Pagano will be fired this year.
  7. Reid Is Incompetent

    Andy Reid is still incompetent. He lost to the hapless Giants, and now has lost 4 out of 5 games. Time to bench Alex Smith and put in that Mahomes guy.
  8. Ben McAdoo

    McAdoo had interviewed with the Eagles about their coaching vacancy last week, and Philadelphia’s interest in him was reportedly growing, so keeping him away from a divisional rival likely factored into the Giants’ decision. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/01/reports-ben-mcadoo-to-coach-giants.html
  9. Ben McAdoo

    It's kind of true. Don't you remember?
  10. The Browns

    Decent effort for the Browns today. Kizer actually looked decent but then he got hurt.
  11. Black Monday: Who's on the hot seat in 2017? Who gets fired?

    The offensive coordinator is a guy named Mike Sullivan.
  12. Ben McAdoo

    I must say the Eagles game plan in 2016 to pretend that they were interested in Ben McAdoo to force the Giants to sign him quickly was pure genius. It looks like McAdoo will end up like Ray Handley and never coach in the league again.
  13. Week 9: Bills @ Jets

    This game pissed me off. The Jets are going nowhere and I want to see someone in the AFC East step it up and give the jerk Patriots some competition. Way to ruin the Bills season Jets. You are going 6-10 at best anyway. Idiots!
  14. SNF: Falcons @ Patriots.

    I'm rooting for the Falcons. The Pats are jerks.
  15. Week 7 Open Discussion.

    I bet Cito Gaston would do a better job. Too bad he has no interest. On the plus side you do have bragging rights that the Jays still own the Yankees in head to head. But your team is awful against the Redsox and Orioles.