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  1. wrestlevessel

    Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    Giants and maybe Cowboys. That is it.
  2. wrestlevessel

    How Can A Team Beat the Patriots & the Refs?

    It is all about momentum change. Bills were going to take the lead and the call was overturned. The Bills would play different if it were still close. I don't remember the Texan one very well either but I think you are right about holding. They get way too many favorable calls and it's unfair.
  3. wrestlevessel

    How Can A Team Beat the Patriots & the Refs?

    Don you probably love the Pats because they own the Steelers.
  4. I am sick and tired of all the politics in the NFL. The Patriots have gotten away with BS calls 4 times during the regular season against the Texans, Jets, Steelers, and Bills. Now they are getting favorable calls left and right in the playoff game against the Titans. Enough is enough already! How the hell can a team over come the odds when the Pats get so much help?
  5. Lets pray he doesn't go there. Because if he does we are screwed for a decade.
  6. I hope he is mad at the Giants because they passed on him for Ray Handley. He better not go back there.
  7. wrestlevessel

    Gruden to raiders is happening!

    He can't hit Carson Wentz with a noodle anymore.
  8. I sware if this happens I will be so pissed. The Giants organization has too many Super Bowls as is and they get very lucky with things. Hopefully he feels insulted and disrespected by them for picking Ray Hanley back in 1991. Please Bill don't help that franchise. They are so spoiled!
  9. wrestlevessel

    Marvin Lewis is BACK! 2 year extension with Bengals

    I found out that it is not his fault though. The son of Paul Brown is a horrible owner and doesn't pay his players. They lose a lot of talent because he is so stingy.
  10. wrestlevessel

    Eli Apple DONE As NY Giant

    Eli Apple is a cancer. You'd be a fool to want him.
  11. wrestlevessel

    Playoff date / time?

    I predict we either get the Saturday 8pm game or the 4:30 game on Sunday.
  12. wrestlevessel

    Who Most Likely to End a Playoffs Drought

    No way the garbage Titans beat the Rams.
  13. wrestlevessel

    Anyone watching our potential playoff opponents?

    Yea Rams play dirty and would try to injure more players.
  14. wrestlevessel

    Week 15 Open Discussion.

    If we somehow get lucky and make the Super Bowl I can totally see the Pats beating us on some BS call like that.
  15. wrestlevessel

    New England Patriots Cheat Again

    The same rule gave the Patriots a win over the Jets earlier in the season. Can this rule hurt the Pats once?