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  1. Andy Reid is so incompetent. Most overrated coach ever!
  2. That tie got us to the playoffs. Going for it and failing= Bengals win.
  3. Bingo Vabeach. I know it doesn't affect our division but that is unfair to the competition level in the NFC West. Typically when a West Coast team comes East and plays at 1pm they struggle a lot and lose often so this ain't right. Having 1 team in the division play 10am only 1 time while the rest of the division plays 5 or even 6 times is a bit unfair.
  4. If you look at the schedule the Seahawks only play 1 game at 1pm this year. The 49ers and Rams have 5 1pm games, and the Cardinals have 6. How is that fair?
  5. I can't believe a caller called into Francesa today and complained that the Giants face 4 teams off a bye next season. The Eagles have been screwed facing tons of teams coming off a bye twice in the last few years.
  6. Rod Marinelli walks like he has something shoved up his a**.
  7. At least I'm okay right gmen?
  8. My facebook status: With the Giants out of the playoffs I can finally R-E-L-A-X as Aaron Rodgers says. And you can't spell "Eliminated" without Eli. I am relieved that WFAN Sports Talk Radio will be good again and no more nonstop NY Giant hype. By the way Giant fans your defense is still good. I am totally scared of them but the big baby distraction Odell cost you the game. The numbers are skewed as there is no way the Giant defense looked that bad.
  9. Giants season high is 28. A touchdown by the Pack would make it almost impossible.
  10. I don't have much faith in the Packers. Giants defense is too tough.
  11. Giants capitalize as usual. Idiot Packers! Some nobody Giants WR named King with the TD
  12. Giants dominated like 26 minutes of that half. I was feeling so blue. Now with that hailmary my confidence went up a little. Come on Pack please wake up and hold onto this so I can R-E-L-A-X
  13. A-Hole Giants probably win the Super Bowl this year but their good karma doesn't automatically mean consecutive playoffs. And at some point somehow has to injure Eli.
  14. Teams who are likely to make it next year that missed this year: Vikings, Panthers, Ravens, Titans, Broncos Teams who are likely to miss next year that made it this year: Giants, Lions, Dolphins, Texans, Raiders
  15. If Cowboys play Giants again the Cowboys are toast!