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  1. wrestlevessel

    Why Does Eli Manning Never Get Injured?

    I have had plantar fasciitis too. It sucks. I think it is because I have flat feet. I do these stair stretches and roll my foot with a water bottle but I can never get rid of it completely. I can manage the pain now with walking, playing sports, and everything. However, when I go for runs it still hurts sometimes.
  2. wrestlevessel

    Why Does Eli Manning Never Get Injured?

    Only Beavis and Butthead's Hippie teacher can say mkay!
  3. Wentz already injury prone getting injured twice in two years. Eli Manning has had a career for 14 years and never got injured even once. The Giants must have some great karma. If their next QB avoids injuries too that will make me angry as it is not fair.
  4. wrestlevessel

    Is Jon Gruden in way over his head?

    He played the Chiefs tough, and just beat the Steelers.
  5. wrestlevessel

    All-Los Angeles Super Bowl?

    Chargers have no chance.
  6. wrestlevessel

    Is it possible?

    Cowboys won't be there. No way. Dak is so inaccurate. If Brees faced us today he would hit those receivers.
  7. wrestlevessel

    New York Giants 9-7 in 2011 Super Bowl Champs

    No way in hell would they pull it off this year and I am so negative when it comes to the Giants. They have beaten no one still. Yes the Bears are a good team but they had a backup QB. You put the Giants against the Saints, Rams, and Chiefs right now and they get squashed. Plus the cancer of Beckham would hurt the team.
  8. I picked the Browns straight up and they won. Bye Bye River Ron. Crazy the Jets, Raiders, and 49ers all won today.
  9. wrestlevessel

    New York Giants 9-7 in 2011 Super Bowl Champs

    Like I said once they beat the Packers I was positive you guys were winning the whole thing. I had no doubts.
  10. River Boat Ron Rivera is definitely going to be fired.
  11. wrestlevessel

    New York Giants 9-7 in 2011 Super Bowl Champs

    If Giants went to the Super Dome instead of San Francisco they would have lost. The Giants were lucky because they matched up and still match up poorly against the Saints especially in the Dome. I hate the Giants guts as all of you know but once they dominated the Packers I knew it was over and the Giants were going to win the whole thing. San Francisco was young and too in experienced with a bad QB in Alex Smith. Perhaps if it was a year or 2 later the Niners would have a better chance but in 2011 they were too young. The Giants own the Patriots. I guess Belichick is still secretly a Giants fan and likes them winning?
  12. We actually dominated the Giants in the Buddy Ryan era and the first 2 years of Rich Kotite. However, that 1997-2001 run where we lost 9 straight killed the momentum we had in catching them.
  13. wrestlevessel

    Alex Smith video

    No Joe was playing the Giants. Lawrence Taylor did it.
  14. wrestlevessel

    Are Eagles worst team in division

    It's officially over and yea they are the worst.
  15. wrestlevessel

    Week 10: Giants @ Forty Niners

    ****y Odell Beckham acting like he is an angel in this post game interview.