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  1. Not until he's reproduced the heartache in KC he brought to Philly. He's got a good start though.
  2. methodin

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    dammit you POS rams
  3. methodin

    AFC Wildcard: LA Chargers @ Baltimore.

    Holy crap
  4. methodin

    NFC Wildcard: Seattle @ Dallas.

    Oh my jesus. That is horrible.
  5. methodin

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    Jesus. Saints are rolling.
  6. methodin

    How Can A Team Beat the Patriots & the Refs?

    Wouldn't it make it sweeter to win against both in a dominate fashion, though?
  7. methodin

    Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    Dallas is my number one and no one else is even close.