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  1. Where are you old friend? Are you waiting until Carolina gets back to the NIT to come around?

  2. Baby it's been so long....I'm yearning for your blueberry muffin

  3. Thanks homeboy! I promise not to let you down!!!!

  4. Can I be your new homeboy?

  5. I rated you 5 stars...that should be your new name. 5-star mod!!

  6. Dave is really tiring of you, son. Better get your act together

  7. Mod 3 and Mod 11a

    Damn. Twice the mod loving

  8. If I were gay, I would have Mod 5's baby

  9. hi're awesome, keep up the good work!

  10. you're cool and all, but i'm in love with terilyns

  11. hey, sweet cheeks, it's 11pm and i'm thinking about you! tee-hee

  12. STFU and leave my girl alone!

  13. Received your call, but I was busy. Give me another call tomorrow afternoon. Catch you soon bud

  14. Just because I'm handsome, intelligent, funny, great in the bedroom, have a good job, and excellent credit shouldn't change the fact that I want to shatter your bladder...tee-hee

  15. how far is Steelton, PA from my bedroom? It's only minutes away from my heart...tee-hee!!