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  1. kmass88

    Mack Hollins - What Went Wrong?

    Nothing went wrong he wasn't good. And could gave been a locker room malcontent.
  2. kmass88

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    I dont care about a Superbowl from 2 years ago. That ish is over and done with. I'm happy, loved it. But its 2019 not 2017. That has no bearing on us being 5 - 4 now. Maybe that move influenced Howie and the trade? Who knows. I agree Dillard looks to be a solid pick that we got with that pick. We were the Bears playing their starters lucky to get into the playoffs last year. And a double doink lucky to move on. Dallas won the division straight away. Beating us twice and both teams control their own destiny as of now. Cooper also has lit the Eagles up in every single game he has played in that uniform. And if it happens again for our final game?Could mean the division and a playoff berth. Time will tell, and we will have to see. But I worry about picks and next year. Next year. This team is trying to win now and has a slim window. Either way you slice it not making a move on him, has turned out to not work so well for the Eagles this last 2 seasons. And I'd argue, has worked out pretty well for a team that was not in the playoff hunt at 3 - 5, with a stagnant offense and qb. Who have consistently since the trade been better and had an inside track to win th4 division. Point blank.
  3. kmass88

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    We can play the would if game for every scenario. In reality and what actually happened, Howie only offered up a 2nd rounder and didn't go higher than that. I'm not going to debate or argue about a hypothetical situation that did not happen, one which we also have no way of knowing, how it could have played out IF both teams had offered a 1st rounder. I'd assume that Oakland would've taken the pick that was going to be higher based off where they felt the teams would finish. And regardless if they sign him or don't sign him. He took them a 3 - 5 team last year and completely transformed their offense and made their qb look marginally better. They also had him under contract for 2 years before needing to even think about long term deals. Meanwhile, we've given up a 3rd for a guy that was here for a cup of coffee in Golden Tate, given up another 3rd round pick (not sure of the round but still another pick) for a guy DeSean Jackson who hasn't played a full season in like 3 seasons or so. And got injured unfortunately in his second game with us. And used a 2nd rounder guy JJ Arceiga-Whiteside who can't even dress or see the field over glorified special teams players (Mack Hollins) on sundays. And our qb looks to be worse, for a variety of factors - one because he LOVES to throw deep balls and get chunk plays and lacks playmakers at the WR position. Which Cooper has proven the past 2 seasons - as well as his good season in Oakland - to be. We've wasted a total of 3 picks on 3 guys that thus far have not panned out like Cooper in terms of production and availability for the team. Those are the facts. The only hypothesis I'm willing to look at based on what we have and have seen? Is would the Eagles be better RIGHT NOW if Amari Cooper was on the team? I'd say yeah. But that's all irrelevant. Because again, there is no way of actually knowing. But I understand what you are saying. Either way it doesn't matter, we are where we are and got what we got.
  4. kmass88

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Howie didn't want to give up a 1st rounder for him. He single handedly turned that team around. Dak looked terrible until they brought him in. Howie thought he was worth a 2nd rounder. Dallas swooped in with the 1st rounder.
  5. kmass88

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    We have 1 WR with speed. He cant catch though and the other guy we have that can is injured.
  6. kmass88

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Howie didn't want to give up a 1st rounder for Cooper though. 😂😭😂😭😂
  7. kmass88

    Week 9: 49ers @ Cardinals (Halloween)

    Eagles couldn't have used Emmanuel Sanders by Howie's moves. Desean better come back and not miss any more games.
  8. There are many aspects to blitzing. Fran just went over it. You need good coverage and you need the pressure generated. Blitzes can also be counter acted with hot routes and good decision making. But just because our guys are not getting home doesnt mean the blitzes are "bad" per se. My only issue with Schwartz's blitz packages, are they are not really creative or disguised well. They looked a lot better against the Jets in terms of disguise and misdirection. Than they did against the Lions. But it's the Jets.
  9. Jerry is going to pay Dak. It's not a question of if, but when.
  10. kmass88

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    They certainly celebrated that game like it was a Superbowl for sure.
  11. kmass88

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    Remember when Dallas fans were in here saying their coaching staff was better than the Eagles? After playing the "easy" part of their schedule???
  12. kmass88

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    Dallas getting beat by screen plays.
  13. kmass88

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    Dallas is getting embarrassed. We get on the Eagles. But Doug Pedersons teams have only gotten blown out twice since he has been here.
  14. kmass88

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    Packers didn't look like this last week in prime time. I wonder what changed? #birdgang
  15. The only glimmer of hope that I have is that this team will rise to the level of challenge of their heavy opponents vs the nonsense they have been doing these last 3 weeks. But as of right now whether it is coaching, prep, or just players on the field? The Cowboys look like they are waaaaay ahead of where we are at. Granted they have had a cake schedule but still.