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  1. There are many aspects to blitzing. Fran just went over it. You need good coverage and you need the pressure generated. Blitzes can also be counter acted with hot routes and good decision making. But just because our guys are not getting home doesnt mean the blitzes are "bad" per se. My only issue with Schwartz's blitz packages, are they are not really creative or disguised well. They looked a lot better against the Jets in terms of disguise and misdirection. Than they did against the Lions. But it's the Jets.
  2. Jerry is going to pay Dak. It's not a question of if, but when.
  3. kmass88

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    They certainly celebrated that game like it was a Superbowl for sure.
  4. kmass88

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    Remember when Dallas fans were in here saying their coaching staff was better than the Eagles? After playing the "easy" part of their schedule???
  5. kmass88

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    Dallas getting beat by screen plays.
  6. kmass88

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    Dallas is getting embarrassed. We get on the Eagles. But Doug Pedersons teams have only gotten blown out twice since he has been here.
  7. kmass88

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    Packers didn't look like this last week in prime time. I wonder what changed? #birdgang
  8. The only glimmer of hope that I have is that this team will rise to the level of challenge of their heavy opponents vs the nonsense they have been doing these last 3 weeks. But as of right now whether it is coaching, prep, or just players on the field? The Cowboys look like they are waaaaay ahead of where we are at. Granted they have had a cake schedule but still.
  9. kmass88

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    They have no incentive to win the game. You cant be serious. . . They have every incentive to win the game because if the Rams lose --which they wont know as all the games are being played at the same time. They get a #2 seed versus #3. So they have energy incentive to win. Just like the Rams. They are both playing for seeding. Unless the Rams come out and say they are resting their starters this week, which they have not done yet. And the 49ers have been playing tough so that's not a gimmie to the Rams. Some of yall need to go outside, drink some water and Relax. All this negative, gallows energy is ridiculous.
  10. kmass88

    Cowboy fans are in their Feelings!

    Now this fraud is ready to run him out of town!
  11. kmass88

    Cowboy fans are in their Feelings!

    I mean sure the average post will spring up of there is something they do in the NFL or its game week. But these yahoos think we spend a lot of time talking about them and making threads about the kn the regular over here which is so far from the truth. Every time I go look over at their boards they are constantly talking about Wentz and the Eagles. And it's on their main boards not their around the NFL boards.
  12. I love to browse their boards because it is pure comedy at times. Kind of reminds me of TATE during the Chip Kelly days. They have thread after thread on their main board about what Kelce said and so many threads about us. Been that way all season. Its comical to read how obsessive THEY think we are of them over here, when on a daily basis you cant go over there and NOT see them posting something about Wentz, Pederson, or the Eagles in general. They are in this post talking about how no one on Sunday night will be watching for the Eagles. And about how Jason Kelce a guy who has been rated a top flight center in the NFL is a nobody "no one ever heard of" Go peep if you need a good laugh. #clowns
  13. kmass88

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    You are quoting a scout who writes for the Dallas Cowboys. Of course he is going to say that Dak is better than McNabb. All of the people that work for Jerry or write for the Cowboys always have darling things to say about the Cowboys even when they lose. I remember when we beat the living dog ish out of you guys to get to the playoffs the one year 44 - 6 Mickey Spagnila talked about how it wasnt that the Eagles undressed them 'Boys; but about how they Cowboys best themselves. I cant take a Cowboys writer or any one involved in that organization as unbiased or objective when they make any comparisons of their players to others because Jerry wont stand for it. Scout or no scout. I will believe what people outside of the organization have to say in their assessment though. And while I have seen others compare Dak to Macnabb not a I have seen says he is better than mcbabb at this point in their careers at anything. And you can say that Dez and Witten were on the downside of their careers by the time Dak got there. But they were still better than Torrance Small and who the eagles had. Look at the star lines. And he was aided by a top oline and running back. That's not even a debate.
  14. kmass88

    Dak vs. Wentz

    Debates been over for quite some time. I'm so happy that Jerry came out and said that Dak was their "qb" he was "young" and more importantly he would be "getting extended"
  15. kmass88

    What’s the excuse for Dak now?

    With Carson Wentz your team would be repeating Superbowl Champions. Dak has had all day to throw behind that line at times. 4 - 5 seconds?!?! He's had WRs definitely open for chunk plays, or plays in general. And he see's more ghost than Pacman and yall have a decent hammer back. If Carson Wentz was your qb he might've won the Superbowl his rookie year and potentially be coasting with them this year.