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  1. kmass88

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    They have no incentive to win the game. You cant be serious. . . They have every incentive to win the game because if the Rams lose --which they wont know as all the games are being played at the same time. They get a #2 seed versus #3. So they have energy incentive to win. Just like the Rams. They are both playing for seeding. Unless the Rams come out and say they are resting their starters this week, which they have not done yet. And the 49ers have been playing tough so that's not a gimmie to the Rams. Some of yall need to go outside, drink some water and Relax. All this negative, gallows energy is ridiculous.
  2. kmass88

    Cowboy fans are in their Feelings!

    Now this fraud is ready to run him out of town!
  3. kmass88

    Cowboy fans are in their Feelings!

    I mean sure the average post will spring up of there is something they do in the NFL or its game week. But these yahoos think we spend a lot of time talking about them and making threads about the kn the regular over here which is so far from the truth. Every time I go look over at their boards they are constantly talking about Wentz and the Eagles. And it's on their main boards not their around the NFL boards.
  4. I love to browse their boards because it is pure comedy at times. Kind of reminds me of TATE during the Chip Kelly days. They have thread after thread on their main board about what Kelce said and so many threads about us. Been that way all season. Its comical to read how obsessive THEY think we are of them over here, when on a daily basis you cant go over there and NOT see them posting something about Wentz, Pederson, or the Eagles in general. They are in this post talking about how no one on Sunday night will be watching for the Eagles. And about how Jason Kelce a guy who has been rated a top flight center in the NFL is a nobody "no one ever heard of" Go peep if you need a good laugh. #clowns
  5. kmass88

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    You are quoting a scout who writes for the Dallas Cowboys. Of course he is going to say that Dak is better than McNabb. All of the people that work for Jerry or write for the Cowboys always have darling things to say about the Cowboys even when they lose. I remember when we beat the living dog ish out of you guys to get to the playoffs the one year 44 - 6 Mickey Spagnila talked about how it wasnt that the Eagles undressed them 'Boys; but about how they Cowboys best themselves. I cant take a Cowboys writer or any one involved in that organization as unbiased or objective when they make any comparisons of their players to others because Jerry wont stand for it. Scout or no scout. I will believe what people outside of the organization have to say in their assessment though. And while I have seen others compare Dak to Macnabb not a I have seen says he is better than mcbabb at this point in their careers at anything. And you can say that Dez and Witten were on the downside of their careers by the time Dak got there. But they were still better than Torrance Small and who the eagles had. Look at the star lines. And he was aided by a top oline and running back. That's not even a debate.
  6. kmass88

    Dak vs. Wentz

    Debates been over for quite some time. I'm so happy that Jerry came out and said that Dak was their "qb" he was "young" and more importantly he would be "getting extended"
  7. kmass88

    What’s the excuse for Dak now?

    With Carson Wentz your team would be repeating Superbowl Champions. Dak has had all day to throw behind that line at times. 4 - 5 seconds?!?! He's had WRs definitely open for chunk plays, or plays in general. And he see's more ghost than Pacman and yall have a decent hammer back. If Carson Wentz was your qb he might've won the Superbowl his rookie year and potentially be coasting with them this year.
  8. kmass88

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    Take that Cowboy homerism elsewhere. You do realize when Mcnabb was a starter in the league his first 1/2 seasons you were allowed to phyiscally jam and practically tackle the WRs at the line of scrimmage right? You were watching football back then right? So to compare their overall games in terms of pure statistics to paint that picture verses, I dunno the "eye test" is mental gymnastics at its finest. Mcnabb threw a way better deep ball than Dak, had a stronger arm, had better pocket awareness, could diagnose a defense better, didn't have the supposed best oline in football his first 2 years, and was a better scrambler early in his career. Mcnabb didn't have Dez Byrant, Jason Witten, or a Zeke Elliot for that matter. Mcnabb was also the ENTIRE Eagles offense his first couple of years. It ran through him. Dak throws a better intermediate and short ball, and that's about the only thing I can see in his first couple years that he did better than Mcnabb over the same span. Dak would definitely be better with coaches that played to his strengths, but to say he was/is a better passer than Mcnabb at this point in both their careers? Is comedy central. All the while ignoring that one - the game was more physical at the line for WRs. And two - he was throwing to guys named Torrance Small and Charles Johnson and didn't have an all pro WR, future HOF TE, supposed top rated oline, or an all pro top 1 back his first two years. That's a Mr. Fantastic type of a stretch. Look at how he is playing NOW without those elements with lesser talent and ideal conditions. . . And there is no way in hell if you are living in reality you can see he is doing anything better than Mcnabb did earlier in his career.
  9. kmass88

    Week 9: Titans @ Cowboys

    Garbage time yards.
  10. kmass88


    I was referencing parts of your posts. But no it is not all about you. This is the theme with a lot of Dallas fans these days. And plenty of your Dallas brethren, thought and still feel that Dak is elite and needs time. You may not think so, but let's not act like that is some foreign object out of nowhere. Go to and see how they are acting, if you dont believe me.
  11. kmass88


    The problem in Dallas is the oline and the inconsistency due to new faces and injuries? Not the qb who cant read a defense, has terrible footwork and cant throw a consistent accurate pass beyond 5 yards unless he has an all world oline in front of him and the guy is "college" open. And even then? he might be off target! ??? Gotta love Dallas fans, then again these are the same people who told us Dak was elite and better than Wentz and they were "them boys!"
  12. kmass88


    It's pure comedy they wanted to pull up all the stats and game tape of his rookie year. Ignore the last year, and try and day this guy was elite ALREADY. Nvm the fact that not only did he loom putrid for an extended stretch last year when Zeke was out. But that he looked like complete garbage juice playing in the last game against our 3rd stringers. They will still tout that game where they scored like 1 td barely as "beating the eagles" last season. I always knew he was a fraud. Witten was his safety blanket and the only consistent throw he could make was that naked bootleg off of play action where he rolled out. Teams started shutting that down and he looks like complete trash. He tried it today a couple times and Carolina shut that ish dowb. QUICKLY.
  13. kmass88


    Their fans stay trying to hype them bums up as anything but mediocre since forever. They are still of the mind that Prescott can hold Wentz jock strap even though dude cant throw to a wr that is not open accurately beyond 5 yards consistently. Has terrible footwork and cant read a defense. Their oline was world beaters but now all of a sudden they aren't because guys are hurt. Their defense was supposed to be super nasty and a threat this year and win them some games. Yet Cam and McCaffrey were out there playing back yard ball on them and their coach still cant run a simulated season in Madden on rookie settings and look competent. The whole team is fraudulent and all they will be saying all year is "durrrrr we got 5 rings!" F em.
  14. kmass88

    Week 15: Cowboys @ Raiders

    The best play Dak runs is that bootleg play action. And teams have really started to key in on that because he was KILLING everybody with that last year. He also looks to have gotten a little slower. I'm sure playing in 2 NFL full seasons has something to do with that. He has also been hit a lot more this year. Either way. F Dallas, you know all their fans are going to be super juiced up this week and chirping about them gaining steam for the playoffs and nobody wanting to play them at full strength and blah blah blah blah. Fully expect them to whip Seattles arse though, because Seattle looks to be down for the count.
  15. kmass88

    Fumbling in the Endzone

    Carson Wentz did not try to extend the ball. He ran right into the arms of a defender waiting for him at the goal line who ripped it out of his hands as he was fighting to cross the goal line.