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  1. Brady was outside the tackle box. He is then classified as a runner. Contact downfield is allowed on running plays.
  2. faceman

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    This is pure comedy gold. Some pro athletes lack of good judgement never ceases to amaze me.
  3. faceman

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Signed a huge contract and became fat and lazy. The Saints defense was better without him in the rotation. He's a decent run defender but no longer had the quickness to put constant pressure on the QB. The last year he had double digit sacks was 2004. Imo if Grant has any years left it's going to be as a situational DT in a 4-3.
  4. faceman

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    There was also concern about Brown suffering from a degenerative knee condition which has kept him out of games before. The Hip and sports hernia are minor. My guess is the main reason he was on the trading block was the right knee. Rumor was Arthritis starting to set in. I will say this about Brown. He's a much much better LT than Bushrod. Frankly,we caught a huge break with Freeneys ankle in the SB. When healthy,Brown is one of the better pass blocking LT's in the game. He had no problem keeping premier DE's Jared Allen and Demarcus Ware out of Breess Grill. When he played RT,he was a devastating Run blocker and was Deuce Macallisters favorite lineman to run behind. He does have a major flaw that will irritate fans. he's very prone to jumping the snap count and getting called for false starts. During his time in N.O. He turned many potential TD drives into FG attempts and turned many 3rd and 3's into 3rd and 8.