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  1. igglesfan2

    planned get together before/after the London game?

    We are definitely planning to swing by the Green Man Pub after the game because the owner promised to buy me an ale! Very cool... And besides he said you'll stand in line forever waiting for a train if you leave right away. Better to bend few elbows while the crowds disperse. See other Iggles fans there hopefully! Not sure about Friday or Saturday yet... Let me know if anybody is planning anything specific for those days.
  2. igglesfan2

    Game Tickets - when do they arrive?

    Just got a notice that my tickets are scheduled to be delivered from ticektmaster.co.uk tomorrow via DHL!! Holding my breath.....
  3. igglesfan2

    planned get together before/after the London game?

    I'd be up to meet other traveling Eagles fans before or after the game... From what I have been reading in other forum posts, it's best to hang out near the stadium for a while after the game before heading out of the area. Rail queues are said to be worse than the Broad Street line if you can believe that! I was thinking of hanging out at one of the convenient spots right at the stadium complex or across the street to the north, but I would actually prefer something smaller scale, less swamped... Does anyone know the Wembley area well enough to recommend a local pub where a group of happy Eagles fans can eat and meet and drink? I did spot a place called Green Man Pub... how coincidental!
  4. igglesfan2

    Game Tickets - when do they arrive?

    bought mine through ticketmaster.co.uk on the day they went on sale. latest notice on their website says all tickets have been dispatched and should be received 5 days before game. sucks because we're leaving 5 days before the game!! fortunately they say they will get them to you in london but I'd rather not have to deal with that worry.... I keep checking this forum to see if anyone else has received theirs... fly eagles fly!
  5. igglesfan2

    planned get together before/after the London game?

    We are staying in Trafalgar Square but I haven't figured out which route we'll be taking to get to Wembley. I'm hoping there are places near the stadium to hang out before and after the game. I'd definitely be up for getting together with a bunch of Eagles fans in London!
  6. Snared two great seats to the game in London and decided to make it a week long visit. But obviously the big focus is the Eagles game!! Does anyone know of any planned Eagles fans events the night before or after the game in London, near Wembley or elsewhere? I'm assuming the events that are part of the ridiculously expensive package deals are not open to others. Not looking for anything crazy, even just a bunch of crazy Eagles fans bending elbows in a pub... (I know there's a Philly cheesesteak themed place, but that seems an odd thing to do in London when we can do that every day here!!) And obviously it'll be easy to find impromptu partying around the stadium, just looking for something more organized... Go birds!