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    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    I'm rooting for the Chiefs only because I hate the Pats. However, I'm putting a lot of money on the Pats. I can't believe they're getting points.
  2. msmcdickey

    Browns Picks

    Since it's so hard to decide among the first three quarterbacks, why don't the Browns take Barkley number one and the qb that's left at four? What am I not seeing?
  3. msmcdickey

    Browns Picks

    Just heard Bill Polian give the same analysis, genius.
  4. msmcdickey

    Browns Picks

    Thank you. People here like to put others down like they're geniuses. I still think getting a superstar running back and any one of the top three qb's is the way to go.
  5. msmcdickey

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    Cousins is 0-2 in his last two starts against the Eagles. Alex Smith is 2-0. I wish Cousins was still here.
  6. msmcdickey

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    Cousins makes some good plays, but he's a choke artist. I've seen him more than once throw the ball out of the end zone on fourth and goal, I saw him unnecessarily throw a bad interception which ended their playoff hopes two years ago when they were in winning field goal range, I saw him throw a ridiculous intentional grounding pass against the Saints last year which cost them the game, and we all saw him take that knee against the Eagles in the first half costing his team a field goal. I hope he gets the Vikings close and blows the big game like only he can. It will serve them right for discarding Keenum.
  7. msmcdickey

    Here In Minneapolis

    I've come to Minneapolis, It's cold as shite up here. Whoever came up with this idea Should get hit with a frozen beer. But when I decided to go to the Super Bowl, I called the Quality Inn. They're charging me more than a thousand bucks, I consider that a sin. My flights run through Chicago, They cost two thousand more. Then I bought my tickets to the game; Six grand gets in the door. Now I'm having my complimentary breakfast, And I grabbed an extra roll. It will all be worth it in the end When we win the Super Bowl.
  8. msmcdickey

    My Wishes Every Season

    1. Eagles Super Bowl win 2. Patriots don't win Super Bowl
  9. msmcdickey

    My Wishes Every Season

    Yes, without question.
  10. msmcdickey

    Bengals Fans...throwing dirt on Shazier

    When the Bengals signed their choke artist QB to a long term deal, I wondered if they were losers. When they kept Marvin Lewis as their coach after so many years of not winning the big games, I thought they were losers. When they didn't cut that menace Burfict after he screwed up their best chance to win a big playoff game against the Steelers, I knew they were losers.
  11. msmcdickey

    The Patriot Choke

    Second and dumb, losing a 25 point lead, the Jets giving extra possessions to Brady two weeks ago. Why do teams get so intimidated playing the Pats?
  12. msmcdickey

    Name A Team We Can't Beat

    We'd beat KC next time. I can't think of another one.
  13. msmcdickey

    Can We Agree?

    Can we agree that there are virtually no rabid Eagles fans who stopped watching the Eagles because Malcolm Jenkins, who plays so well and supports the community so much, raises his fist during the Anthem?
  14. msmcdickey

    Stay classy Carolina - fan punches old man

    Thank goodness it didn't happen at the Linc.
  15. msmcdickey

    Can We Agree?

    So did you stop watching?
  16. The key on offense is to call plays that keep the defense off balance. I hope Pederson studies what the Patriots do.