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  1. rocketman44


    I like the KC Proposal, especially for Post Season games - each team gets a possession in OT. Get rid of OT in Preseason. No OT Coin Toss, though with each team getting a possession, the Toss wouldn't mean as much as it does now anyway. I'd like to get rid of the OT Coin Toss and any Coin Toss considerations and give the choice to the Home Team.
  2. rocketman44


    "Weak" is being kind...horrible call.
  3. rocketman44

    Kliff Kingsbury to Give Cardinals' Players Cellphone Breaks

    I can just picture the Cardinals' halftime locker room. Second Half adjustments? Oh, sorry, the guys were on their cellphones.
  4. rocketman44

    Pass interference OPI and DPI can now be challenged...

    This is the problem. The non-call on the facemask play changed the likely sequence of events, and effectively altered, to borrow from Star Trek or Marvel, the "timeline". Had the Rams scored via TD (a facemask call would have given them a first and goal) instead of a via FG, it changes the situation, with the Saints trailing instead of tied when they get the ball. I would say that their play calling on the drive might well have changed - though I will admit that Peyton's pass call on the interference play was a gamble and he wasn't playing things close to the vest, so maybe he does call that same play. But would the Saints have approached the drive in the same way had they trailed by 4 instead of being tied at 20? Football, and every sport for that matter, is a game of chain-reactions based on prior events. Very few games are actually decided by a single play. I'm not ready to say that the new rule won't work, but it seems to me to be opening a can of worms insofar as it needs to be very specific and very contained, otherwise, it will create more problems than it solves.
  5. rocketman44

    All Time Winning Percentages for All Teams.

    Indeed, from their inception in 1946 through to the late 1950's, the Browns were an elite team. Even when they merged into the NFL in 1950, they appeared regularly in championship games throughout the decade. They contended during the 60's, winning the NFL title in 1964 and were a regular in the playoffs. In the 70's and 80's they were still a contender, losing three AFC Championships to Denver.
  6. rocketman44

    Rams chances of contending in 2019

    Interesting breakdown by the OP. We all have seen the pattern in recent years - NFC teams that lose the Super Bowl don't seem to be able to get back. Also, I do agree with some of the comments to the effect that the Rams have been exposed on offense. It reminds me of how New Orleans was exposed by Dallas - after that Cowboys 13-10 win over the Saints, New Orleans' offense, which had been rolling, suddenly seemed quite limited. The key to beating the Rams was an up the middle pass rush and of course good coverage by the Pats 5 man deployment in the secondary. When he did have guys open, Goff delivered his passes far too late. Fans have to remember something about young QB's like Goff and some of the others who look so promising - learning to read defenses isn't an easy thing. Guys like Goff, Watson, Mayfield, etc. come into the league and yes, they can play. But do they really know how to read defenses that early in their career? maybe when they're comfortable in the pocket - that makes all the difference. When the pressure was on, and the running game was sputtering, Goff crumbled, and I suspect most young QB's would have crumbled too. Then again, even experienced QB's often crumble when they have little protection and run support. Remember what Denver did to Brady in the AFC Championship Game following the 2015 season?
  7. rocketman44

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    Exactly. It would certainly have been likely, but who knows what could have happened subsequent to that play. With the AFC Championship, Dee Ford's offsides pretty much did cost KC that game. They were up 28-24, and watching the replay, would have very likely been able to milk the remaining :54, though if the Pats had all their timeouts (which I think they did) they could have forced a punt. Even then, unless they blocked it or got a great return, they'd have had the ball back at probably around their own 20-30 with about 20 seconds left, needing a TD.
  8. rocketman44

    Design your own NFL 100th anniversary jersey for any team

    That's cool that you attended that game. Yes, the Eagles were, sadly, awful during those years, not turning it around until Vermeil arrived.
  9. rocketman44

    Design your own NFL 100th anniversary jersey for any team

    This uniform was underrated too:
  10. rocketman44

    Design your own NFL 100th anniversary jersey for any team

    I think these late 60's Eagles uniforms are an often overlooked and underrated gem:
  11. rocketman44

    Anyone watching the AAF this weekend?

    I watched three quarters of the initial CBS game on Saturday night. The league is doing some things right, like hiring recognized coaches, not opposing the NFL, and being carried by an established network, as well as NFLN. Good moves. But when I watched it - and this is strictly personal - it hit me that we have an off season for a reason, in every sport. Football's long offseason is what helps create hunger for the next season. And the NFL Draft and associated things like the Combine and free agency keep the league in the headlines for much of the off season anyway. As a result, I tuned out pretty quickly. It's hockey (and/or basketball) time now, then baseball, then football. And that's how it should be.
  12. rocketman44

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    I don't believe that this game was fixed. If the fix was in on any Super Bowl, it would be SB 40, when every call seemed to go against Seattle. Pittsburgh's Jerome Bettis was set to retire in his hometown of Detroit, and he indeed did retire afterward. It made for a nice, convenient, tidy little story if Pittsburgh won. But even with that, I still don't think that game was fixed - but I do wonder if, let's just say, there was an "agenda" on the league's part to have Pittsburgh win, which of course basically amounts to a fix. My point is that that's the closest game to possibly being fixed that I've ever seen. There has been speculation that Super Bowl III was fixed, with Bubba Smith maintaining long afterward that it was fixed. However, when I re-watched the game a couple of years ago on NFLN, I saw a Jets team that really played well, especially in the third quarter, when they totally stymied the Colts. Sure, odd things did happen, and everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the Colts, but I don't think the game was fixed.
  13. rocketman44

    Time for the Rams to right a wrong

    I remember the interview with Warner after the game. He was angry to say the least. He said that the Rams "beat Themselves" and he obviously realized that they blew a game to an inferior team. But it also closely echoed SB 25, when a high scoring Bills offense was shackled by a Belichick-coached defense.
  14. rocketman44

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    The only downside is the nature of the game itself. Essentially, the OP's proposed format is like basketball's. But the risk of injury, from fatigue or just from playing, is just too great to keep a game potentially going for that long. Personally, while I'd like to see both teams get a possession, I'm not married to the idea. I don't mind the way it is formatted now. What I do mind is the coin toss. Why do we still have this archaic near-ritual, based totally on random luck, deciding who gets the ball? My solution is to either: 1) Earn the right to possess the ball based on Total Net Yards gained during the game (stats are tabulated instantaneously, so it could quickly be determined who won the yardage battle or 2) Home team gets the ball, based on having earned it during the season, just as they earn home field advantage.
  15. rocketman44

    Hall of Fame reveals finalists for Class of 2019

    I sometimes wonder if Coryell would have been better suited as an offensive coordinator only. Whatever the case, I'd say he was good enough to be inducted. By the way, I've questioned the induction of Fouts, who had two playoff games in which he threw 5 ints, never made a Super Bowl, and as already mentioned, lost games at home when his team was favored and ended up being beaten - the game against a depleted Oilers team following the 1979 season comes to midn, a game where the Oilers were QB'd by Gifford Nielson and won 17-14. Fouts had a 36.3 QBR that game. Against Miami in 1982, He threw 5 ints in a 34-13 loss in the playoffs, and his QBR was 32.5. Not exactly at his best in big games. I'm not saying he should not be in the Hall, but I think he tends to be overrated.