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  1. Stephen1

    Seahawks signed Paxton Lynch

    So glad dallas failed to trade back into the first to get him and instead got Dak in the 4th.... sometimes jt’s Better to be lucky than good...
  2. Stephen1

    Hey Dallas

    I was about to drink bleach when Garrett said that intitially, then he sort of backed off it later in the day and then a few writers pointed out that in a similar situation (before the coaches even have a chance to meet) no HC would do anything but say that.....if it did come from the FO I hope they also mandated a new scheme....
  3. Stephen1

    Hey Dallas

    As much as I wanted Linehan gone, part of the problem is Garrett’s scheme,. My dream is they’d hire someone with a whole new scheme and Garrett would take his hands completely off the offense....but I don’t see that happening. I’m just hopiing that whoever they bring in will have the ability to tweek the offense to fit Dak and actually utilize Zeke and Cooper the right way. i’ve never been a fan of paying Beasley, i like him, but guys like him are a dime a dozen, especially since he offers nothing as a returner other than the ability to fair catch. Dalllas should have traded him, not Switzer or even Dwayne Harris a few years back. I’m excited about next year too! Not on here predicting 5 super owls in a row, but we have a good young team!
  4. Stephen1

    Hey Dallas

    Dak plays very well when Dallas spreads people out, I think it makes the reads slightly easier on him, which is really the only knock on him, he seems a 1/2 second slow on reads. Zeke excelled at that in college when OSU ran out of a lot of spread formations, so I'd like to see a lot more of that, and some actual rub routes and mesh concepts for the receivers, something every team in the NFL does, but Dallas...which helps guys get open. So that and stop using Zeke like Jerome Bettis and more like Leveon Bell and Todd Gurley
  5. Stephen1

    Hey Dallas

    well I was about to start a thread asking how everyone on here would fix their favorite team....decided to wait until FA started..... Dallas just did #1 on my list though and ish canned Scott Linehan
  6. Stephen1

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    yeah, same here i thought we were an 8-8 team and at 3-5, I thought we were done
  7. Stephen1

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    eh, didn't lose sleep over that loss, obviously the better team won and Dallas was lucky to lose by only 8, because it felt like they lost by 28. this is why i'm never optimistic....because I was for that game, lol I thought Dak played well despite the run game getting shut down OC has to go
  8. Stephen1

    Hey Dallas

    it will change...but with what looks to be about 70m you can really stagger things, so say sign Zeke to a contract that is front loaded and Dak to one that is more backloaded...sort of evens it the cap hit out over multiple seasons. Also you give Zeke the front loaded contract so when he's like 28-29 and slowing up, you can release him without a lot of dead money....and if you feel like Dak is really your guy (and I do) you give him the backloaded contract because he should be there longer. Dallas will have enough to keep the big $ guys, the question will be will they draft well enough to replace mid level guys like Beasley, Tyrone Carwford and provide depth for inevitable injuries. Stuff changes quick, so I'm not predicting any big run for Dallas, but the future does have promise. The oldest starter is 28.(Zack Martin)...the best players Zeke (23), Cooper (24), Dak (25), Jaylon Smith (23), LVE (22), Lawrence (26), Woods (23), Jones (24), Gallup (23) are pretty young.
  9. Stephen1

    NFC Wildcard: Seattle @ Dallas.

    As strictly the HC, I'm fine with Garrett, problem is to this pint he's been adamant about keeping his crap scheme. If he lets that idea, I'd want to keep him. Most in the fan base want him gone...10 seasons. 3 playoff wins, no NFC title game appearances......I mean ya'll ran Andy out at 13 and he had what? 5 NFC title games and a SB appearance?
  10. Stephen1

    NFC Wildcard: Seattle @ Dallas.

    I've killed Garrett on here 100 times, I don't actually mind him as the HC, the team always plays hard for him, even in that 4-12 season I think Dallas had the lead or was tied in the 4th in like 10 of the games, he's just not innovative or creative at all as an X's and O's guy...Jason Witten, Cole Beasley and even Romo have said it's a very QB unfriendly scheme. If he'd hire a real OC I'd be fine with him staying. I think JG is there because JJ doesn't want to admit he was wrong, and Linehan is JG's boy. I think Linehan is gone this year and if JG refuses to ax him, I could see JJ firing him too. As far as Kris Richard....I love the guy, he revamped Dallas coverage scheme but I'm also not sold he's the next great coach because he yells a lot. 1. It's not like he took over bums. Dallas is 6th in scoring D, 7th in yards. they were 7th in yards last year and in 2016 were 5th in points 2. part of it has to do with Dallas' ball control scheme. Even though Dallas hasn't scored a ton, they've held the ball a lot. three games come to mind this year where Dallas didn't, the 2nd Giants game, the Colts game and the last quarter of the 2nd Eagles game where Dallas hit a lot of big plays, and in all those cases Dallas was abused in the seconday
  11. Stephen1

    NFC Wildcard: Seattle @ Dallas.

    exactly! I'd rather lose to the Saints by 50 in the NFC title game
  12. Stephen1

    NFC Wildcard: Seattle @ Dallas.

    Jesus h just summed up Linehan perfectly...If Dalllas has a legit OC, they’d be actual contenders
  13. Stephen1

    NFC Wildcard: Seattle @ Dallas. Ginger Jesus was holding ya’ll back? That’s the story now?
  14. Stephen1

    NFC Wildcard: Seattle @ Dallas.

    You mean like the Saints and Falcons did when they played earlier this season? i’m not pretending Dalllas is the Legion of Boom...they don’t cause turnovers as much as I want But they are a very good defense... seattle tried to get the ball down the field early and I think Wilson threw over 30x and up until that busted coverage at the end had about 170 yards. you also have to take into account that the Dallas offense does them no favors. If the Dalllas offense was average they’d allow Dallas to tee off on D. Dalllas isn’t a legit SB contender because of the offense ...if the Dalllas offense was even average Dallas would have lost 2-3 games tops this year
  15. Stephen1

    NFC Wildcard: Seattle @ Dallas.

    That the problem I have with the OC, they come out in games and run some nice aggressive schemes and as soon as they get a lead, even a 3-0, they go conservative, then whenever the other team scores or take the lead they play aggressive and more often than not, have success. good game....Dallas D was ligit, only play that really pissed me off was that last 50 yard pass, if we were even in a 2 deep zone that’s a 15-20 yd gain. on O I had the scheme as usual, thought Dak played well, only big mistake was putting too much air on the int...but dude is a winner