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  1. Stephen1

    Week 13: Bills @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)

    ehhh, not surprised they lost. The Bills are good and playing well right now....but the general ineptness... 2 sub 50 yard fg's missed, that stupid fumble for a first down on 4th and 1....Dallas just finds ways to lose....JG has to go
  2. Stephen1

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Our coaches have cost us 3 games with bad play calling this year....we have to get rid of these guys
  3. Stephen1

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Eagle fans crack me me up...if you are trying to make fun of Dak after a 400 yard 3td game where he carried the offense you are either trolling (I hope) or a stone cold moron
  4. Stephen1

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    I feel a big Dallas mistake Coming up
  5. Stephen1

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Pretty obvious Minny is the better team....Dalllas needs to beat Detroit next week
  6. Stephen1

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Damn....Dallas got manhandled on that drive ....
  7. Stephen1

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    No sympathy from me, on the Bikes 2nd TD, blatant push off on the TE
  8. Stephen1

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Good point
  9. Stephen1

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Dallas was playing to defend that..they dropped 7 guys into the end zone, Cousins did the right thing
  10. Stephen1

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Eh, Dak has 8 picks, 2 are on hail mary’s And he has about 3-4 that went off receivers hands...just bad luck. As bad as the eagles receivers are, they haven’t volleyballes any balls into the air. There is a reason the QB rating that take those things into effect have Dak in the top 3 or so this year. Not that he is a top 3 qb, but he’s played well all year
  11. Stephen1

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Jason Garret and his infatuation with 55+ yard fg’s makes me sick....way to give them momentum..this game is over
  12. Stephen1

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    Tony Dungy love Maranelli....he’s turned into a big Dallas homer
  13. Stephen1

    Week 10: Vikings @ Cowboys

    F’n jinx.... minny is the better team, Dallas only shot is of Kirk Cousins ishes himself. everyone was kind ragging on Cousins before the game...means he’’ll have a good game
  14. Stephen1

    Micheal Bennett Suspended by Pats

    Dallas restructured his contract making him a FA after the season ....
  15. Stephen1

    Week 9: Cowboys @ Giants

    yeah, I recognize Wentz has no weapons on the outside, so I try to cut him slack, but the irony is rich with Eagles fans, not only did Dak have nothing at WR or TE, the OL was banged up and he was getting DESTROYED and it was "Dak sucks" and now they want everyone to be understanding when Wentz still has a great OL, good running game and maybe the best 1-2 punch at TE in the NFL...