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  1. Stephen1

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    Not sure there is any evidence Snyder has learned anything or that it matters...he along with JJ long ago quit jumping in on personnel decisions, Snyder even more so than JJ, problem was the guy he paid to do that sucked at it. Jay Gruden was the flashy new coaching hire...but he’a hired respected vet coaches with better pedigrees than Rivera before...Mike Shanahan, mart Shottenhimer amd i’m Not sure why once fired McCarthy with a SB ring is a failed retread while Rivera, who was also fired isn’t.... i’m not Saying McCarthy is anything to be excited about...but just don’t see where Rivera is either...
  2. Stephen1

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    Yeah, he isn’t an elite passer, it he’s a good QB...if McCarthy spreads the field out, throws a lot of quick, short passes and tries to get people in space I think that will benefit Dak
  3. Stephen1

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    He does, he will be overpaid initially and then within 1-2 season it will be a good deal...legit franchise top 10ish QB...have to sign him ....unless that LSU QB falls to 17...which ain’t happening
  4. Stephen1

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    I never liked Garrett as the OC in 2008 because his idea of "if they are going to double your best wr just use him as a decoy and throw somewhere else” only works if you are loaded across the board on offense. i cut him slack from 2009-2012 because the roster had to be completely rebuilt but his scheme has always been garbage and from 2013 on I was done with him...if he would have just hired a OC and let him run his own scheme, he might have succeeded
  5. Yeah, but he played brutal in the first 3 quarters of both the Atl and Detroit games...I don’t want to bash Wentz, I have said on here about a 1000 times he’s a top 10 an and has potential to be top’s just that he got pretty lucky this year with not having a int go off a receivers hands...which happened to Dak 4 times...which is pretty much the difference in their int totals...Dak had better weapons I agree, and he put up better numbers basically across the board like he should have...i’ve Always said Wentz is the better QB, it’s just not by as much as most eagle fans’s relatively close
  6. Idk, Wentz had an elite TE and another TE that would start on about 25 or more other teams, also a much better coach and this Miles Sanders kid looks pretty good...not saying Dak didn’t have better weapons,..he did, it they also led the NFL in drops
  7. Stephen1

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    Jerry stays out of personnel, if he had his say TO and Dez never get cut, Johnny Manzel would be there, not Zack Martin, and Dallas would have given up the extra 2nd rounder and grabbed Paxton Lynch...the problem is Dallas has a below average coach for 10 that is ultimately on JJ because a large majority of Dallas fans knew JG wasn’t good enough 5-6 seasons ago...JJ was stubborn. as far as the hire, i’m ok with McCarthy, not excited...wanted someone a little more innovative..that said, he’s better than Garrett, i’m more excited by the assistant coaches, a lot of solid coaches...the Dallas coaching staff of the last few years was probably the worst and least experience in the OC, special teams, OL, QB and LB coach with a COMBINED 3 years experience...
  8. I mean even on an int that looks to be the qb’s fault you never know..maybe the wr ran a poor we can never really say, but I stand by the fact that Wentz hasn’t thrown a pick in a Hail Mary situation or had a ball bounce off a receivers hands that’s pretty incredible for a whole NFL season... As far the yards per attempt...I think pretty much everyone is under 10...but since Dak has 900ish more yards on 3 less attempts i’d Say he puts it down the field a lot..and I bet if you look at passes within 5 yards of the LOS that Wentz throws far more than’s been a staple of the eagles offense this year (not really Wentz fault), meanwhile Dallas might throw 2 a game... just bored and splitting hairs here waiting for the NFL draft..
  9. Stephen1

    Cowboys could lose Cooper & Jones in Free Agency

    I see your point to a degree, but also Maclom is good at covering even smaller quicker wr's...he used to give Beasley fits...put Jones is the slot with a quicker WR...he's toast. He's also not a great tackler which is why he struggled at S for Dallas, not good at sticking his nose in there....
  10. have to take Dak's int's with a grain of salt. This year Dak has 3-4 int's that went off his receivers hands and were picked and has thrown 2 hail Mary's to end games that were picked...that hasn't happened to Wentz one time...which is actually pretty lucky if you think about....every year QB's usually have a few of those. That's why when you see the advanced metrics and they talk about bad throw rate and intercept-able passes...Dak has a lower % than Wentz Also, Wentz has been playing in an offense where he basically throws everything within 5-10 yards of the LOS (not his fault, they have no deep threat)...which usually results in less int's….Dak has 5 more attempts over the last 18 games...but has 900 more yards passing and throws down the field a ton... Wetnz has also fumbled 17 times and lost 8, Dak 5 and lost 1...Dak also has 5 rushing TD's in that time...Wentz 1 So over 18 games Dak has 36td's, 13 turnovers, 5809ish total yards, Wentz has 33 total td's, 16 turnovers and about 4700 yards... not bashing Wentz at all...but him and Dak are pretty comparable qb's
  11. Stephen1

    Cowboys could lose Cooper & Jones in Free Agency

    that was sort of the knock in Oakland...not a guy with a lot of passion for the game and comes off as's not about money, that's how he is....not sure if I pay him or not
  12. Stephen1

    Cowboys could lose Cooper & Jones in Free Agency

    He's not built to play in the box and doesn't have great ball don't want him at safety. He's great at covering TE's and big receiver's...that's it
  13. I don’t really think so ..15 of 23..which is 65%....which is ok accuracy wise..218, so he wasn’t dinking and dunking...he was definitely a little off accuracy wise, but he wasn’t bad...i’ve Seen him worse in a couple games this year
  14. Stephen1

    Playoffs Scenarios (Season Complete)

    Lol, i know, I do this every time...but I’m being honest....#1, my gut feeling on games is always wrong and I really feel like Dallas should win this game...which means they won’t ...and the fact that Dalllas rarely tweaks their scheme to counter what their opponent does well or doesn’t do well drives me crazy...playing a great run defense? Still gonna run dive plays at you on 60% of downs...have trouble with teams running outside. It stout up the middle? That’a Ok...we’re gonna run dive plays all day long....playing our defense is like playing preseason disguised coverages....just done with this coaching staff
  15. Stephen1

    Playoffs Scenarios (Season Complete)

    I can’t either, but then again it’s a division game and Dallas seems to give up a lot of short passes and sucks defending the screen...which is a majority of the eagles offense...