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  1. Nottingham's Big Board

    Because I've been prepping for the draft since our season ended week 11
  2. Number 1 draft pick

    ish, somebody would then take the 3rd rated QB at say 7, and that would be the guy who turns out to be good
  3. Number 1 draft pick

    The draft guys I follow say that while they like Chubb he isn’t near Garrett and in most years would be a mid 1st rounder in the 11-20 range...he’s only pushed up that far because he’s the best DE in the draft .I might go with the G from ND if there, his position coach at ND was asked, " could he be better than Zack Martin?’ And his answer was "he already is”
  4. Number 1 draft pick

    Nah, Barkley is a stud and he helps whatever QB you are going to take. I’d do my best to sign Cousins (not impressed by this year’s draft class at QB or in general) there are 2 studs in this draft, Barkley and the OG from ND. Dream scenario for them is to get Cousins in FA, draft Barkley and Nelson. If Nelson is gone before pick 4 I trade down to maybe 10 at worst, a few teams will talk themselves into one of these qb’s that aren’t worth a top 10 pick, just because they need a qb. after Nelson amd Barkley there is little difference between players 3-12 or so, so if they can get a future 1 or more for trading back with the 4th, in this case i’d do it.
  5. Nottingham's Big Board

    I have actually always liked Garrett as the HC, team plays hard, even in 2015 when they won 4 games, they were in all but 1 game amd were never embarrassing . It says something to me that you never hear former players, (other than TO) bash hin...usually a coach with as little success as he’s had will get flamed once players leave. If he’s just hire an OC and let them run their scheme i’d Be fine with him...but he won’t. Smith played better as the year went on, But needs to take the next step this upcoming year before i’m sold. i definitely think WR is a need, and i’m Not saying Dez has a lot left, I just think a better scheme that didn’t ask him to run 70% deep routes and have him run routes with 2-3 fakes in them when he isn’t a crisp route runner is asinine. He’s very similar to Alshon and the eagles don’t do that with him. You watch Dez play and he is still very physical..had that TD bs AZ where he bullied Peterson and Honey badger, yet they probably threw him a slant 4-5 times all year tops. They should use him like Larry Fitz who is almost a TE, almost everything out of the slot where he’s hard to double, run him on a lot of slants and drags, get him some momentum going running through the secondary...if a coach did that, they could get a lot out of Dez, instead, Dallas uses him like DJax. I don’t question Beasley didication...I mean 5-8, 180lb undrafted FA’s with average speed don’t last long in the NFL if they aren’t dedicated, he’s just too one dimensional...Switzer is faster and stronger and just as quick, extending Beasley was dumb, those are guys you let walk amd draft their don’t give a 2nd contract to your 4th receiving option. I don’t think you get much for Dez, so getting rid of him is a net loss for the team, it makes them worse, so if Ridley is there i’d take him, treat him like the #1 and use Dez as the #2. Dez is still far better than Willams or Beasley, so unless a team offers me something stupid for him, like a 2nd rounder or better (which they won’t) i’m Not moving him. You don’t have to get rid of Dez to upgrade at WR, I just don’t like any of the other wr’s in round 1. I give him one more year and see what the draft and market are like next year. i also think DT is a bigger need because a DT kills 2 birds with one stone. Upgrade vs the run and then protect your LB’s and make them even better. as far as Lawrence, he’s different from Cousins and some of Howies prove it deals in that he has been hurt or suspended every single year, I think teams make mistakes when they give long term deals to one hit wonders. Players don’t hate franchise tags, he will get 16m guaranteed, which is tops at his position, then if he can put together another good season, he’ll get paid big time. Evidently he amd JJ are very close as well, he has some family issues early on JJ helped him with and also JJ could have gone after some money during his last suspension and didn’ think they will be ok there, don’t see the Franchise tag causing issues. Giving big deals to 1 hit wonders hurts you cap wise far more than having to pay a little extra to guys who’ve actually proven it in prove it deals. Still high on a OG too. As you say, getting Zeke going is the key, if he’s going teams have to pretty much put 8-9 in the box every play and play man vs the pass....if teams are doing that and you can protect your QB, you are going to have a lot of success on offense. Which is why Dallas was 3rd-4th in scoring for the first half of the season and Dak was on pace for 38td’s and like 8int’s...problem with Garrett’s scheme is without the run game at an elite level teams can play standard coverages, the only way you can then beat that is by having either elitish QB play amd or eliteish WR play, guys who are just better than everyone else and win their 1 on 1 battles.. Dez is no longer that guy, Dak never was. A good x’s and o’s coach Uses scheme (rub routes, pick plays, formations, route combinations) to get his QB some easy throws, get his wr’s that can’t create seperation, open. Garrett Only know how to use the bootleg to get his qb easy throws, and again, that only works if your run game is killing it....and does absolutely nothing to help the wr’s....I mean nothing.
  6. Nottingham's Big Board

    I really put a lot of Dez and Beasleys struggles on Garrett and his high school scheme, I don’t even like to use the word "scheme”, because there isn’t one, it relies solely on players winning 1 on 1 matchups, no rub routes, pick plays, little motion...that’s why Dallas struggles when people get hurt. Tyron goes down? Just leave his replacement 1 on 1 week in week out, don’t chip, slide the line, shorten routes...I said last year when Dallas was 13-3 that a better coach could get so much more out of them. I wouldn’t say LB is a strength for Dallas at all. Never know about Lee, Jaylon looked good down the stretch...but there is not too much else there. As a matter of fact if the dudes from UGA or VA Tech fall, that very could be Dallas’ pick. i think they should have used Switzer too...but that’s JG, he also doesn’t know how to use Zeke in the passing game. I think Dallas definitely needs to beef up WR, amd look at TE. as long as the OL is playing well and Zeke is running well Dak will be fine, Dak had very good games without Dez his rookie year, you give almost any qb an elite running game and good protection and he will play well, that’s why i’m Gung ho about the OG spot. i don’t expect them to get it all in 1 offseason. I have OG, DT, LB, WR as their needs, maybe FS, with OG, LB and DT being must haves, FS and WR like to maybe this year they hit on A couple, then a couple more the next year...they could be real good then. i wouldn’t sign Lawrence long term. He finally had 1 injury free year...i’m Not giving him a long term deal, make him do it again. Dez isn’t walking, the way his deal is set up Dallas will convert his salary next year into a bonus, put more of it into 2019 when they will way under the cap and save 8-9mil this next year, will do the same with Travis Frederick...saving another 7-8 mil...that is enough to franchise Lawrence, sign draft picks, sign a couple mid level FA’s if they want. or they could screw it all up, lol,
  7. Nottingham's Big Board

    Things change quick in the NFL, before this season anyone who is unbiased would have said the eagles had a lot of issues...before the 2014 season where Dallas won 12 games they were a concensous 4-6 win team, same thing during the preseason of 2016....they won 13. I see the holes, LG was a big hole last year, Tyron was hurt all year and missed a lot of games at the end...made the left hand side of the line a liability down the stretch. So sure Dallas could fail to fix the LG spot and Tyron could be hurt again....or Tyron could be healthy and get mid level G and they’d be fine. When the whole offense was healthy and not suspended the first half of the year Dallas was 3rd or 4th in scoring...about 28ppg or so, so it’s not nuts to think if they just stay healthy they’d be fine on O. I’d like to see them hit on a OG in the first 2 rounds, then add a healthy Tyron and they could be very good offensively. All those issues caused by the OL and Zeke’s 6 game suspension and Dak totaled 28 td’s, 10ints, Zeke 10th in rushing, 10th in TD’s...Zeke had the most yards per game of all NFL RB’s last year, 12 more per game than Gurley...Dez is a victim of Garrett, Dak’s poor 2nd half of the season and the scheme...not saying he’s elite, he’s not...but he just had the same year Alahon had and he earned an extension.... not saying there are no concerns there...but things could easily break right for them on defense they probably lose Hitchens, he’s going to get paid, they will franchise Lawrence, which is the smart thing to do. If irving leaves the other team has to give Dallas a 2nd rounder..I doubt any team does that. I hope they do, i’m Not a fan, he rushes the passer and ignores the run...which is part of the reason LB’s not named Sean LEe struggle, Irving gives OG’s free runs at the LB’ the 1st Dallas eagles game...he was a liability. i don’t like losing Hitchens, but Jaylon Smith really improved as the year went on, so did the Dallas secondary once they threw the 3 rookies in there....Dallas finished 8th in total D, 13th in scoring D... Philly is obviously the odds on favorite and on a whole other level at this point, so i’m Not arguing Dallas is winning the east or on that level...i’d Have to be nuts. I’m not saying they don’t have holes...if things break the wrong way, they could have a bad year, just pointing out things just as easily could break well for them. If they can add a OG and DT and are reasonabley healthy, I love their chances of winning 10 games. cap wise Dallas is 19m under the cap...and from what I have read can make moves and get to the high20’s without putting much money on future caps. More than enough to franchise Lawrence, sign draft picks and even get involved in FA a little earlier than in years passed when they started out over the cap and had to pick from scraps. Dallas is sitting at 65m under for 2019 because after this year Romo’s deal off the books, so they can ever structure some deals to hit the cap in 2019 if they really want to go after a FA or Re sign someone. as i’ve said in years past, when the were actually up against the cap, the cap won’t determine much, it will come down to rather they get Draft well and sign the right FA’s. Agree on the speed receiver, if they can fix LG and add a deep threat, O should be good. ON D, beef up DT and add depth at LB....they could be good.... or they could miss on OG, DT, have some injuries, have Dak regress and next year you are probably looking at a new coaching staff and QB...but even then...I think Dallas still has some good young players...I like their immediate future much more than the redskins or giants...
  8. David Carr vs. Dak Prescott passing competition

    One guy is a workout warrior (Carr) which is why he went so high in the draft. If you think Carr is a better qb that Dak, you are a moron.
  9. Finding every team's EDP445

    My 18 year old son might be the cowboys version...I should have recorded him after the eagles win the SB...i’m A big hater and I was telling him to calm down. it was funny, the day of the parade my kids were yelling that if it wasn’t for me they’d have been eagle fans and be down at the parade having fun...and I said "well if it wasn’t for you two i’d be loaded and driving a Mercedes”
  10. Nottingham's Big Board

    The eagles resigned Jernigan, so I doubt they go DT early. They can really go BPA at 32, I don’t see any glaring holes. At the end of round 1 you can get starting quality LB’s, G’s S, and even DT’s...Vea is a freak though, like you said, after workouts, he probably goes too 10. Probably a pipe dream for Dallas at 19, let alone Philly at yeah, if he fell to 32 the eagles would have to take him. The guys on the Draft show scouted all the senior bowl practices and they Rosen had all the prototypical skills but that a lot of his passes were off the mark, as in who the F is he throwing to...and that is in drills, they also from what they hear, he is a complete a-hole and tries to tell the coaches they don’t know what they are talking about. That said, he has elite physical traits and some coach will think he can coach all the other stuff out of him. I also would not mind Dallas trading back to the mid-20’s, pick up a 3rd and grab Hernandez or Wynn (UGA), shore up the OL amd go from there. OG is the biggest need.
  11. Nottingham's Big Board

    If you are into the draft check out the The Draft Show podcast. It’s a former eagles/cowboys scout (Bryan Broadous) CBS’s Dane. Brugler...Brooadus is a writer for now, so the show is about 25% about how the players fit for Dallas, but the info on the players is top notch.. their list is different from yours in that they aren’t high on Rosen, and have Orlando Brown much farther down. They have Vea down at about 17 or so my dream Draft for Dallas is Vea at 19, a 330lb DT that will keep people off our LB’s. The reason Dallas struggles when Sean Lee goes out is that their 2 starting DT’s are 287 amd 295lbs...that’s too small. As a contrast, Cox amd Jernagen make life easy for their LB’s. in round 2 they’d have to trade up a little, but I want that OG Hernandez...a 340lb monster who can move...
  12. What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    Has anyone ever seen a PI called on a hail marry ?
  13. Dallas to host 2018 Draft

    Well after 50 years of failure you guys finally won something...congrats
  14. Dallas to host 2018 Draft

    Yeah, I wish it was back in Philly. I don’t think Dallas can match the atmosphere in that philly was easy for all NFCE fans to get too. Pearson did a great job, it wasn’t just the 5 rings, but mentioning Jerry and some of his family members...with each name, the crowd got louder and louder....
  15. Dallas to host 2018 Draft

    Drew will have a prominent role down there. I see a lot of eagle fans on twitter talking about rubbing Drew’s face in it, but they are barking up the wrong tree....Drew trolled eagle fans by talking about the "5x world champion” Dallas Cowboys...and thanking Philly "for his great career”....the eagles winning 1 ring doesn’t negate any of if they go at Drew, it would look weak.... that said, it would be funny if they trolled Dallas fans by saying "for all you dallas fans born this century, this is what a SB ring looks like” amd show it to the crowd (if they have them at that point)