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  1. I don’t need that either....
  2. Stephen1

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    I’m not saying it wasn’t a fluke this year because the O has looked ishy all for this year it might be a fluke...but you seem to be insinuating this is every year....that Dallas sucks on O and has a fluke game here or there.... in 2016 Dallas was 5th in scoring, and in 2017 they were 3rd at 28ppg until Zeke got suspended and the OL fell apart week 9. And still finished 13th at you are a little off base there
  3. Stephen1

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Maybe,but no way I saw them turning it on like they did last year down the stretch, and they did. Once a team shows the ability to do that, they get the benifit of the doubt
  4. Stephen1

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    I hate to say it, but I still think the Eagles win the division, they are just the best when you look at the offense and defense... Dallas is #2 in points allowed at 17.2, 5th in yards.....but Philly is right behind them in 5th at 19.2 Washington is 8th.....pretty nuts having 3 top 10 defenses in offense Philly is 18th, Skins 25th and Dallas 29th...but I feel like unlike Dallas and Washington the Eagles have been dealing with a lot of injuries and due to what they did last year, I trust them most to turn that around, especially since they have the best QB in the division.... the one thing I like about the Dallas defense is Jeff Heath at 27 is the oldest starter (with Sean Lee being out)
  5. I didn't need the highlights a-hole! 😂
  6. it all evens out, you guys beat our 3rd stringers the last game of the season in 2016 what game was that?
  7. Stephen1

    Rae Carruth to be released from jail...

    Dallas does need a deep threat....he may still be better than anyone on their roster at WR. in all seriousness, yes, he's a pos, but as far as wanting a relationship with the son he tried to have killed. I saw a documentary that featured the mother's mom and the son and the Grandmother has been taking the son to visit him in jail for some time and wants them to have a rather he truly wants that or if it's just for the parole board I don't know....but I hope that is genuine if that is indeed what the son and grandmother want, for their sake, not for his.
  8. Stephen1

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Well if...and it’s still a big if, he rebounds enough to warrant a contract or another year, i’d take that too.
  9. Stephen1

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Well, i’m always happy with a win, but it’s A week to week I don’t read too much into it. I think Dallas has the defense to keep them in it most weeks....the offense is still eh. I liked the diversity and way they switched things up on offense, but Linehan has a habit of doing that here and there, then the next week coming back out with the 1992 game plan we’ll see. things I am excited about are both our young LB’s...both look like flat out studs. They are both a half step slower than Sean Lee, once they develop their instincts I could see them being like the duo from Carolina...really the defense as a whole looks good....if they can sign Ealr Thomas this offseason i’ll Really love them. Randy Greggory is even coming along if he can stay clean...
  10. Stephen1

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Lol, you know things are going well for Dallas when people arrest crying about the refs
  11. Stephen1

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Pat Mom is actually pretty good, but he’s more of an outside guy, small shifty types give him problems.
  12. Stephen1

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    They will come out next week and schemewise it will be like this game never happened...Linehan is still the worst
  13. Stephen1

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    That’s true, but today they’ve actually added some different looks and schemed some things... i mean bag on Jax, but they were pretty much #1 in D across the board. for all the 1/2 shirts and looking like a fruitcake, Zeke plays with a mean streak, he punishes DE’s on those chips.
  14. Stephen1

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    You are tryouts to jinx us Joe!! it’s still early, I’m sure Jax will make this a game..still a long way to go. Loving the Dallas defense...if they can add Earl Thomas this offseason it could be really really good
  15. Stephen1

    LeSean McCoy Accusations

    That is a great point