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  1. Stephen1

    David Irving being investigated for DV

    You guys have Jalen Mills, he punched a woman out cold, threatened to throw her down steps if she testified against him...and had to agree to go to counseling and pay her medical bills to avoid prosecution.....and ya’ll love you can’t really bash any team for having a player accused of dv either way.
  2. Stephen1

    Draft Day Coming Up!

    No kidding....even going back to Andy, the Eagles have fleeced teams in multiple qb grades....Kolb...Mcnabb, Feely....And then Bradford
  3. Stephen1

    Dez to be released

    Uhhhh thanks for arguing against something I never said....which is that the CAP even matters
  4. Stephen1

    Draft Day Coming Up!

    Dream draft for back to the mid 20’s, grab the DT Payne from Alabama...beefing up DT, that nets them a 3rd, then according to draft charts a 3rd and their 2nd would get them up into the middle 30’s (top of round 2) and grab UTEP OG will Hernandez...6’3, 340lb monster who has a nasty streak....get that OL back to 2016 levels, ish, probably better. That’s if all the projections come true (they hardly ever do) If any team wants to compete with Philly they better be strong on both can talk Wentz/Foles, receivers...coaches...the biggest reason they won it all was they dominated the LOS all year on both sides of the ball. Dallas needs big upgrades at DT/OG to do that. Adding a WR won’t help at all.
  5. Stephen1

    Dez to be released

    The CAP is a paper tiger, teams can still pretty much keep who they want no matter their cap situation so I really don’t care but if you do care about those year Dallas is a projected 72m under the CAP....Philly....1.5 the only thing I like about that is that Dallas will definitely have no issue signing Martin to an extension and will hopefully be a little more aggressive in FA
  6. Stephen1

    Dez to be released

    If you scroll up to previous posts you will see that I 100 give Wentz a pass for his Rookie year when the OL was shuffled because of injury and he had little help at the skill positions..The person I was replying to said Wentz was great his rookie year under those circumstances....he wasn’ injuries and suspensions piled up, Wentz got worse....but that doesn’t mean he is to blame. Now while I definitely think Dak deserves a little criticism, amd isn’t blameless, i’ll Still give him the benefit of the doubt for playing poorly under similar circumstances with what I consider and I bet most would agree is a much worse coaching staff....anybody here want to trade me Garrett for Doug? Anybody? about Garrett and a 1st rounder for Doug?
  7. As of right now, There obviously is a big gap...I mean one team won a ring, the other missed the playoffs...but he said what any gm would say....what do you exsoect him to say? "Omg, we are so far behind, we might as well give up”? Also, ish changes from year to year...Dallas was supposed to be one of the 3 worst teams in the NFL going into 2014 amd 2016 and won 12 & 13 games...NY was the heavy favorite to win the division last year they finished last, Philly was supposed to be the 3rd or 4th best team in the division....and we know what happened. Right now, you have to say Philly is by far ahead and it’s not close.... but things change quick in the NFL. Maybe the eagles go on a run here and have a dynasty, or a mini dynasty.... i’m pissed at Dallas and no way I pick them to do anything, but if they get lucky in the draft, hit on a few players (they actually do draft decent) and get lucky with injuries, and maybe Philly falls back a little, Dallas could catch them....i’m Not betting on it, but it’s not nuts.
  8. Stephen1

    Dez to be released

    Lol, you must have a great personality
  9. Stephen1

    Dez to be released

    They aren’t broken from top to bottom, they have good talent, but overall you are right about Garrett, X’s amd O’s wise he is brutal.
  10. Stephen1

    Dez to be released

    Uh, yeah, when Zeke went out he was at 21td’s and 4 turnovers....that sucks
  11. Stephen1

    Dez to be released

    Again, Wentz is better than Dak, not saying otherwise, but Wentz had more turnovers than td’s his rookie year, he didn’t Play well, he started out very well and got worse as the season went on. If you looked back at my post from back then, you’d see that I defended him as well. With a great supporting cast year 1 Dak had 29 td’s amd 4ints, and i’d argue that he had less from a receiver standpoint than Wentz had this year, and would you say Doug is a better coach and play caller than Garrett? And this year until Zeke went out and the left hand side is of the OL left, he was at 21td’s/4int’ he was at 50td’s 8int’s until people got hurt. Not an excuse, just fact...he can’t carry a team, but he can play if he has a good cast. again, Dak ian’t Better than Wentz, but if Dak can play like that with a great rushing attack and OL, I will take that. and I 100% agree with dealing with injuries, but that’s on coaches, not the QB, I mean the birds ran the table and won a ring w/o you can’t credit Wentz for that. Dallas falls apart when Sean Lee gets hurt because unlike Philly, Dallas doesn’t have dominant DT’s to protect the LB’s, and they struggle on O because Again, unlike Philly they don’t tweak their scheme to fit the backups. They asked a backup LT to play the role of Tyron Smith and block DE’s 1 on 1 with no help...the dude gave up 4 sacks in 1 half and still got no help.... bottom line is the FO is Dallas isn’t winning anything until Garrett leaves. He’s always held them back
  12. Stephen1

    Dez to be released

    Eh, I mean Wentz is obviously better, but i’ll Also cut Dak the same slack I cut Wentz his rookie year when Dak had everything going in his favor. who had the better OL last year? Better receivers? Coaching? The 1st 1/2 of the season last year until Zeke went out and the OL got banged up Dak was on pace for 38ish tds and 9 ints....I’ll take that...
  13. Stephen1

    Dez to be released

    no, Dak can't carry them, but they can still win.....if Dallas can protect him...look at 2016 when Dez missed a couple games, teams went balls to the wall to stop Zeke, Baltimore did a good job, and Dak had one of his best games..... that said, this move pisses me off. If Dez goes to a team that (unlike Dallas) that looks at what a player does well (physical, run after the catch) and asks him to do those things, and looks at what a player doesn't do well (not great deep speed, not quick) and rarely asks him to do those things, he will put up 1000 and 8+ td's. In Dallas, they asked him to run deep routes, that had a lot of double moves....they basically him play the role of Desean Jackson.... If Dallas were actually smart they'd have gotten him to take a paycut, tweeked their passing offense, use him like Larry Fitzgerald... put him in motion a ton, use him out of the slot so he can't be jammed or doubled, have him run a ton of short crossing routes etc, get him matched up on safeties and LB's....have Hurns on the outside.....just having him and Hurns on the outside with teams having to load the box to stop Zeke would have been pretty not so much. I will cheer for Dez no matter where he goes because he is being used a scapegoat. The coaches ished the bed last year by not adjusting anything when Zeke was out and the OL got banged up. He called them on it at the end of the year and people in Dallas started questioning the coaching JG and Linehan started acting like the reason the offense stalled was Dez. it wasn't. Bottom line is if the OL rebounds and Zeke has 1600 yards Dak, the passing attack and offense as a whole will be good, but they'd be ever better with Dez..this move makes Dallas worse, no doubt about it.
  14. Stephen1

    OBJ in a video with pizza, a blunt and cocaine

    Exactly, saw that Michael Bennett beat up a 66 year old parapalegic lady....sure all these eagle fans who scream "zero tolerance” will be hypocrites like they are with Mills
  15. Stephen1

    OBJ in a video with pizza, a blunt and cocaine you think out of 53 players there aren’t 1-2 that smoke weed and do shady ish? Lol