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  1. Agree with the rankings...I think Wentz has the ability to go up a little higher than Dak, but you can win with these guys
  2. 🤣 ...the best would be Romo coming in and doing that....Eagle fans would melt down same with you man!
  3. yep, I think Dak needs to be in a spread people out, quick passing system ( he plays great when Dallas seems to do this) I think it helps him make his reads quicker. Wentz can do either...problem is Garrett tries to make Dak play in a offense designed for Tony Romo
  4. i have a meeting and then I will 🤣...i swear to god I fight with more Dallas fans that swear Dak sucks and more Eagle fans that think Wentz is an issue for
  5. I would agree for the most part, which is why I have Wentz over Dak. Dak has done it on a few occasions...twice in the playoffs come to mind and while he hasn't done it a ton in full games, when Dallas gets to a point where they can no longer run the ball, he always seems to play well, or does like 90% of the me he is uncanny at the end of games. But go into a game where you know you have no run game, and I'd trust Wentz not to make as many mistakes... I think you could win a ring with either guy, Wentz may give you a little more room for error, I just argue with anyone that says either guy is trash...that's stupid
  6. the skins game Norman flat out dropped one, in the Lions game a DB did, in the Atlanta game there were a couple...he's also probably had a few dropped TD's, which Dak has had that might bring up Wentz "analytics" score....espn uses QBR which accounts for dropped it's/dropped td's, ints that aren't a QB's fault and Dak is currently ranked #1 in the NFL (not that I buy that) also in the link he provided they state that " With the season well underway, the rankings now rely more heavily on 2019 production, as opposed to previous performance. That said, old opinions die hard" meaning they are weighing previous years performance and opinion as's not a straight analytics arguement...I mean Matt Ryan should be near the top from an analytics standpoint....
  7. Alshon missed 2 weeks and Goddard missed not sure where you get that he played 3 games without all three...He had one game with two starting WR's and Dallas Goddard (sp) out (Atlanta) and played brutally and he still had the benefit of the starting OL intact. Dak was not only missing 2 starting receivers, but also both starting OT. And as far as the link, the guy I was responding two said "statistically "Wentz, Ryan, Carr, Mariota, Keenum and Carr were having as good or better years than Dak". I just pointed out statistically that is not true...Matt Ryan is, the others are you may want to take up the "it's not all about stats" thing with him..... Lastly.... I appreciate the link and agree it's not always about stats. You realize it lists Dak as being 8th in the NFL, above every single person he said was as good or better than "garbage" Dak except Wentz (which I have no issue with) you are kind of helping my argument, no? I've always said Wentz is better than Dak...the gap just isn't as big as eagle fans like to tell themselves...
  8. one was called back, had 2 dropped and threw a bad one so should have had four, but 2 he had were not his like I said, it all evens out, he's had two other picks this year that weren't his fault had a couple dropped....he has 6 total this year and should have 5-6 when you compare the ones that were dropped vs the ones he had that weren't his usually evens out but Eagle fans criticizing him need to realize how lucky Wentz has been, he has 3, all three were his fault, he's been lucky not to have any receivers cause one yet, and between the Atlanta and Vikes games he should have 6 more. I can remember 1 dropped int by he should be sitting at about 10
  9. define decent teams.....last year in the playoffs he played 2 "decent teams"...the Rams and Seahawks...he completed 65% of his passes for 500 yards, 4 td's, 1int ...that isn't garbage...played New Orleans last year...24 of 28 (is that good?) for 250 1td, 2017 vs KC and the Rams he combined for about 63% comp rate 5td's, 1 int...his rookie year? between Minny, Baltimore and Pitt (all good teams or defenses) he had 6td's, I'm sure there are also eggs he's laid vs good teams, eagles in 2017 comes to mind, 1st Seahawks game last year (played great in a rematch in the playoffs though), but like most people you suffer from confirmation think Dak sucks, so all you think of are the bad games, and have blocked out the good ones... As far as this year ranks statwise...the stats people usually use are Yards, TD's, Comp%, YPA and Rating...if you take their NFL ranks this year in each stat Dak is 3rd, 7th, 3rd, 6th Wentz - 14th, 4th, 29th and 18th Ryan - 2nd yds, 1st td's, 8th in YPA and 7th (legit balling) Carr - 24th, 24th, 22nd and 14th (same as Dak? really?) Kennum - 21st, 11th, 18th and 17th ??? Mariota -19th, 16th, 14th, 19th ???
  10. As most qb’s do...Wentz included....outside of Brady, Wilson and Aaron Rodgers all other qb’s are below .500 vs over .500 teams...usually put up big stats vs bad teams, struggle vs. good defenses with a few outlier games here and there...
  11. If he would hire an OC and stay out of the way, I would take it 😂
  12. bad luck...........out of the 6 ints 3 are on balls that went off receivers hands, one was a hail mary at the end of a game and the other was PI....he has literally thrown 1 pick that was a bad it all evens out, he's had about 3 dropped int's he should have about 4-5 look at Wentz though...he has 3, none were off receiver's hands that I can remember........on sunday he had 3 picks that were dropped by Vikes LB's, off the top of my head Josh Norman dropped one in the skins game, and he had 2-3 dropped in the first half of the Vikings game...if you watch both of those guys play Wentz has throw more bad passes than Dak
  13. great point ......I was more thinking offensively, the problem on defense is they are very small at DT, they run a ton of stunts to try and get pressure, problem is teams are now killing them with trap plays....I think this is their Achilles heel on defense. on the OL it's a combo of missing both starting OT's and then not doing anything schematically to compensate...Romo said it himself...Dallas was not helping either OT until late in the game and should throw quick passes...instead Dak is getting drilled while guys are running 15 yards down the field with their back to the ball.... I'm sort of done and hope Dallas tanks...until JG is gone nothing will change because I have literally been on there bishing about his scheme since 2007 and it's the same grips...I remember the 2007 playoff game vs NY, in the 2nd half the giants said f it and started blitzing....Romo was getting killed and Garrett never adjusted to max protect or quick's 2019 and he still has the same blindspot….Dallas has a good young nucleus of players....time to ditch the coach
  14. Dak…NFL rank Yards- 3rd TD- 5th Total TD's 3rd Yards per attempt 3rd (so much for dink and dunk) completion % 5th (so much for not accurate) QBR....1st all this with his WR's group among the league leaders in drops.... he hasn't cost himself a dime...…..