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  1. Stephen1

    NFL free speech history

    1st amendment protects individuals from the US gov relative to free speech, not businesses.... nobody has free speach at work
  2. Stephen1


    Thank god for the NFL channel...I got that ish on DVR...the 90’s were a great time...I could look down and see my Johnson and Dallas was good .
  3. Stephen1


    K, let me know!!
  4. Stephen1


    both of you are pretty much dead on.....
  5. Stephen1


    And all that evidently without reaching puberty
  6. Stephen1


    Stop, I don’t care if Akers got a yellow belt in karate down at the strip mall in cherry hill...dress him up as a woman and 3/5 of the cowboys roster would beat his arse out of habit. like I said, it was good, but he never won squat and was a kicker...and worse than all, his voice was squeaky... that said, I love the sentiment...
  7. Stephen1


    Pretty funny, but they should have gotten somebody who sounded like their nuts had dropped.....getting a non kicker, like say Dawk or Trotter would have been better. not 1/2 as good as Drew Pearson’s..... but I like the idea of having the draft move around and I love the trolling, even if it’s against my team....makes the draft even more fun
  8. Stephen1


    When you coming to philly?
  9. Stephen1


    You all either misunderstood or the NFLN botched it. Jason Garrett runs a situations "’s 3rd and goal from the 10....” 1 second left of the clock...and in those situational drills he had not thrown a TD. Read any practice report and you would see he’s thrown a lot of TD’s. that said, he has never been or never will be an elite passer. He’s very much like Mcnabb was, he has stretches where he’s inaccurate... as someone else said, he also doesn’t have much help at wr, nobody that can get separation
  10. Stephen1


    the eagles won the friggin SB, so can't really say anything...but when you call a Dallas team mediocre, it's worth noting that up until this past season, over the last 10 years philly and Dallas had almost identical records, division titles and playoff wins were even if Dallas was mediocre over the last decade, so was philly. so philly won the SB, so by that logic they are way better and above everyone, except maybe the you guys shouldn't worry or hate anyone, except the Pats it's a year to year league for the most part...maybe Doug is the next Bill Bellicheck and the Eagles are about to go on a run of could happen, but in this day's NFL...they are more likely to be the Ravens....a playoff win here or there, some good seasons, some bad....outside of the Pats and maybe Seahawks, that's the way it is for everybody. the key will be Wentz, if he continues to progress, he could turn them into the Packers or maybe the Pats
  11. Stephen1

    David Irving being investigated for DV

    You guys have Jalen Mills, he punched a woman out cold, threatened to throw her down steps if she testified against him...and had to agree to go to counseling and pay her medical bills to avoid prosecution.....and ya’ll love you can’t really bash any team for having a player accused of dv either way.
  12. Stephen1

    Draft Day Coming Up!

    No kidding....even going back to Andy, the Eagles have fleeced teams in multiple qb grades....Kolb...Mcnabb, Feely....And then Bradford
  13. Stephen1

    Dez to be released

    Uhhhh thanks for arguing against something I never said....which is that the CAP even matters
  14. Stephen1

    Draft Day Coming Up!

    Dream draft for back to the mid 20’s, grab the DT Payne from Alabama...beefing up DT, that nets them a 3rd, then according to draft charts a 3rd and their 2nd would get them up into the middle 30’s (top of round 2) and grab UTEP OG will Hernandez...6’3, 340lb monster who has a nasty streak....get that OL back to 2016 levels, ish, probably better. That’s if all the projections come true (they hardly ever do) If any team wants to compete with Philly they better be strong on both can talk Wentz/Foles, receivers...coaches...the biggest reason they won it all was they dominated the LOS all year on both sides of the ball. Dallas needs big upgrades at DT/OG to do that. Adding a WR won’t help at all.
  15. Stephen1

    Dez to be released

    The CAP is a paper tiger, teams can still pretty much keep who they want no matter their cap situation so I really don’t care but if you do care about those year Dallas is a projected 72m under the CAP....Philly....1.5 the only thing I like about that is that Dallas will definitely have no issue signing Martin to an extension and will hopefully be a little more aggressive in FA