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  1. Banned? What a bunch of crap. Just when I was starting to enjoy this almost worthless message board again. *yawn* LAME

  2. You will be missed. Well, not really.

  3. I need some advice, homeboy. Everytime I laugh I s*** myself. My wife won't eat my butthole anymore. What can I do to make my butthole more appealing?

  4. bandwagon, are the Eagles going to beat the Giants this sunday? I need to pay the rent, but I don't have the full amount. I'm going to play with phantom money. What's going to happen dude?

  5. You and I really do need to do some bowling some evening.

  6. Do you have sex with any of my wifes undergarments?

  7. Nope, not your wife. You're getting warmer thought.

  8. I hope that something else you had sex with in my house is my wife. She's been b****ing for anal!

  9. Hey homeboy, I will F your recliner. Can't wait. I've had sex with something else in your house too.

  10. Bandy, you gotta pay for the hooker this time. I'm tapped out!

  11. I just purchased a brand new recliner. I'd like for you to break-it-in by having sex with it. I'll pay you of course.

  12. Congrats on 1000 profile views homeboy!