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  1. angledge

    Denver Philly Fans Go early, it will be packed!!
  2. angledge

    Denver Philly Fans

    OK, I finally have information on a new Eagles nest! And it's going to be AWESOME. Asbury Provisions 2043 S. University Blvd. Denver, CO 80210 Asbury Provisions is located near DU & was voted the Best New Bar in Denver for 2015 by Westword. One of the owners is originally from Philadelphia. They are planning to show every game with full sound, beer specials, & a special game time food menu. I cannot WAIT. First game: obviously, September 11th at 11:00 AM. I'll be there in a green Eagles jersey (McCoy or McNabb? Decisions, decisions.)
  3. angledge

    Denver Philly Fans

    OK!! Eagles v Bucaneers tonight - Thursday August 11th. I think the game starts at 5 PM MDT? Pat's Cheesesteaks downtown location has CLOSED. I guess I'll call the two other locations (Iliff/Quebec & Arapahoe/I-25) to see if they will be showing the game. Does anyone have a preference on location?
  4. angledge

    Denver Philly Fans

    There is a dying Meetup group that's (partially) for Eagles fans in Denver. I'm not interested in taking over this group (because I'm not a Penn State fan, & I don't follow sports other than the NFL). But if it dies, I might start a new Meetup, specifically for Eagles fans in Denver. Would anyone want to join it?
  5. angledge

    Denver Philly Fans

    Will you be showing all of the Eagles games? Is there a group of fans that meets here?
  6. angledge

    Houston Eagles fans?

    So will folks be meeting at Jake's this season? I can't make it tonight but I'd like to come in for at least a couple of games this year.
  7. angledge

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Hey everyone - is this usually a good group at Jake's? I'd like to come watch the Nov. 5th MNF game against the Saints with some fellow fans. I'll leave my Cowboys-lovin' GF at home!