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  1. eagle_eye20

    Week 15: Bills @ Steelers

    Corners making solid solo tackles? What? Must be nice.
  2. eagle_eye20

    Week 10: Chargers @ Raiders

    Harris is getting screwed by the d line.
  3. eagle_eye20

    SNF Patriots @ Ravens.

    That's what I thought.
  4. eagle_eye20

    TNF: Giants @ Patriots.

    Gronk looks wired. Hes really hyper. Maybe to make an impression since it's his first broadcast job.
  5. eagle_eye20

    Week 5: Browns @ 49ers

    "12 personal" is the new spider 2 y banana. Booger cant shut up for more than 5 seconds
  6. eagle_eye20

    Week 5: Rams @ Seahawks

    Why? He has already made an impact in Seattle.
  7. eagle_eye20

    Week 5: Rams @ Seahawks

    Howie should have got Clowney.
  8. eagle_eye20

    Week 1: Texans @ Saints

    Especially against the cowboys. Play 10 yards off the ball and let dak throw it underneath for 6 yards and 8 yards after the catch.
  9. eagle_eye20

    Week 1: Texans @ Saints

    How does the line collapse someone like Watson and the eagles line cant get ahold of Keenum?
  10. eagle_eye20

    Antonio Brown turmoil related to unhappiness over helmet

    I want to call him a sociopath but I think he's too stupid to be called that.
  11. Dak has these game winning drives because Schwartz has the CBs play 15 yards off the line of scrimmage in the 4th qt. He can dink and dak all Fing day. Its a perfect defensive scheme in daks eyes. Brady would have done the same thing in the superbowl but the d line was agressive enough to cause a turnover.
  12. eagle_eye20

    Bleacher Report: What happened in Green Bay

    I never like Rodgers. Hes a cocky sob when hes winning and just a a whiney little ***** when hes not getting his way.
  13. eagle_eye20

    Pass interference OPI and DPI can now be challenged...

    Its a good thing that little b**** morelli retired before this rule was implemented. He'd have even more of a field day against philadelphia in the final 2 minutes.
  14. eagle_eye20

    Pass interference OPI and DPI can now be challenged...

    I know that but its going to the the booths call (or non call) on whether a PI should be reviewed. So basically the refs have even more control of the outcome now.
  15. eagle_eye20

    Pass interference OPI and DPI can now be challenged...

    It will come down to the 2 minutes and if a team needs a first down or a td ...they will just call a hail mary. There will be contact at some point to throw a flag. The refs just get to choose whos at fault.