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  1. And the Best Philadelphia Eagles players ever: QB: McNabb although I was a bigger fan of Vick. Wentz hopefully will be here someday. C: ? G: Shawn Andrews when he was healthy. Who else? T: Jason Peters and Stan Walters RB: Wilbert Montgomery and Lesean McCoy (toughest by far to pick as I loved Westbrook and love Sproles not to mention Ricky Watters, Hershel Walker, Charlie Garner, Duce Staley, Keith Byars TE: Chad Lewis/Brent Celek (tie) WR: Harold Carmichael and Mike Quick (I suppose Owens should be here but he was only an Eagle a very short time.) DT: Fletcher Cox and Jerome Brown DE: Reggie White and Trent Cole or Clyde Simmons MLB: Bednardik I would suspect. Jeremiah Trotter for me. And Bill Bergey! LB: Jerry Robinson and Seth Joyner CB: Eric Allen and Troy Vincent S: Brian Dawkins and Quintin Mikell K: David Akers P: Current punter is as good as any the Eagles have ever had Return Specialist: Vai Sikahema/ Brian Mitchell/ Darren Sproles (tie)
  2. Speaking of best ever: Let's stir some opinions here. Best NFL players by position (2 QBs because it is the most important position) My apologies to pre 1975 players of which I was too young or not born to watch. Sorry Jim Brown, Sonny Jurgensen, Gayle Sayers, Bednarik, Baugh, etc. QB: Dan Marino and Steve Young C: Mike Webster G: Bruce Mathews and Gene Upshaw T: Anthony Munoz and John Hannah RB: Barry Sanders and Eric Dickerson/Marcus Allen (tie) TE: Tony Gonzales WR: Jerry Rice and Calvin Johnson DT: Joe Greene DE: Reggie White and Alan Page (Khalil Mack will someday overtake Page) MLB: Jack Lambert LB: Lawrence Taylor and (need help many) CB: Deion Sanders and Rod Woodson S: Ronnie Lott and Brian Dawkins K: Morton Anderson P: Ray Guy Return Specialist (Deion not allowed in two categories): Darren Sproles Best Player in the history of the game: Reggie White - why oh why did the Eagles let him leave town? So stupid!
  3. No idea how the cut directly to 53 will affect teams. I suspect it will cause some unexpected cuts on every team "essentially" trading for needy positions resulting in some unexpected cuts to pick up those coveted drops elsewhere. As for the CB POSITION, the Eagles are taking a significant risk at this position this season. And can this team compete THIS year? Sure. Will they? Maybe. On paper means nothing. Will all of these newcomers gel? Is there enough senior leadership to self police in the locker room? Will enough players care if they are just mediocre again? I personally plan to go to the game in LA vs the Rams in December. But i wont buy my tickets until late because I think both of those teams could be out of the playoff race by then. Means cheaper ticket prices. Hope Eagles are kicking butt; however, they have a tough road to haul in a division where all teams got better on paper.
  4. I really like Wentz. But i will continue to say he must improve his accuracy, footwork, and decision making or he wont be a franchise QB for the long term.
  5. Dont count Pumphreys out to make a contribution in 2017. Smallwood better be able to play special teams or he might be on the bubble.
  6. Maclin without question. Watch film and see who catches the ball better and who runs better.
  7. mjk, how are you feeling? You were in the hospital recently if I read correctly. Hope all is well!
  8. So the Eagles will most likely go into the season with an unproven and untested rookie CB and a mostly promising 2nd year CB as their starters????? I sure hope the pass rush is dominant then. Hope these young CBs are future stars.
  9. Graham needs to put on his big boy pants and get his butt to work period. The Eagles paid him for several years with zero production and didn't "withhold" any paychecks. Get real Graham! EARN your past and current paychecks. Mic drop.
  10. Dave, I'm interested in learning more about the undrafted free agents the Eagles have brought in since information on them is much less detailed in the media.
  11. Preseason = football that doesn't matter
  12. Joemas, we need to find a Marcus Allen. He wasnt huge but I bet his third and fourth down with short yardage success rate was OUTSTANDING. He was awesome at finding the gaps to get the first down; always fell forward.
  13. Everyone has now had time to stew over the draft. What is the consensus here? Good? Bad? Average? Personally I'm fine with who they picked. Now let's get to work and make them stars!
  14. I would have liked Jamal Williams there, but whatever. Pumphreys is exciting to watch.
  15. Hill isnt bad. Lots of experience. McNichols from Boise State has potential. I just dont like his fumbling propensity. Jamal Williams is MUCH better than both of them though because he can pass block, doesnt fumble, and is a receiving threat. There is a little guy, Pumphrey, from San Diego State. Too small for every down, but he is electrifying.