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  1. [Spadaro] Second-Half Fury For Rampaging Eagles

    Swoop, love your comments except for one. Playcalling was not bad. EXECUTION by the players was bad. and Collinsworth has become like Thiesmann, diaherria of the mouth. Shut up already! Right? Eagles have the EXACT same injuries except ALL of those injuries for the Eagles are season ending vs only multiple games for those same cowboy player positions. Peters/Smith, Sproles/Elliott, Hicks/Lee.
  2. [Spadaro] Second-Half Fury For Rampaging Eagles

    Thats awesome! Love your comment. Freaking hilarious!
  3. [Spadaro] A Roaring Welcome And Key Matchups

    HUGE WIN! vs the hated Cowpies. Division win. puts the Eagles in a great position for the rest of the season. Gotta keep it rolling. Might need Sturgis back?
  4. [Spadaro] A Roaring Welcome And Key Matchups

    Yeah!!!! Nice catch!
  5. [Spadaro] A Roaring Welcome And Key Matchups

    Very frustrating and disappointing first half of fottball against the hated Cowboys. Cmon Eagles!
  6. [Spadaro] A Roaring Welcome And Key Matchups

    Buffalo went from above average to real bad real fast. Starting to get a bit nervous for the game. Eagles gotta stomp on the Cowturds today. Please!
  7. [Spadaro] Fast Start Is Eagles' Winning Formula

    I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I want the Eagles to win this game sooooo badly. Mostly because I absolutely detest the Cowpies, but also because of what it means for the division title chances. Players need to execute their assignments on every play and play their guts out. Dallas is desperate and down some key bodies. It is no time to let a GREAT opportunity slip by. Go Birds! You can bet they will make significant adjustments to help their LT on offense. I expect more read options for Prescott. Gotta stop DeucheDez and Beasley on Witten in key situations.
  8. [News] Jernigan Extension Smart In Big Picture

    Huge. Hope he is out next week too. Dude is really good. Other dallas linemen get away with a lot of holding. Not near as good.
  9. It was soooooooo fun watching them open a can on the donkeys yesterday! I detest the Denver Broncos! All of my friends are Bronco fans and after they whipped the Eagles last time they played when they had Peyton Manning, I told them to just wait until Manning was gone. Their response was "we don't need Manning". This defense can beat anybody without an offense. Bam! 51 suckers! I DETEST dallas that much more. How about putting up 51 on Dallas too?!
  10. Yes, the Eagles could go on a losing streak that could shake their season. But they could keep winning too. This upcoming game vs Dallas is a season defining game. It's not the end of the season if they lose, but it does two things if they win: gives the Eagles the win in head to head that could be crucial to any tiebreaker scenario going forward; and second, it would move the Eagles two more games ahead of the only team left in the division with a legitimate chance to upend the Eagles. It would take a lot of pressure off the team if they can beat Dallas in Dallas in two weeks. A loss would put the Cowpies only one game behind and nerves start to come into play....maybe. I'm not in that locker room to gauge the players. Right now they are having fun and playing well as a unit. Can't lose any more key starters and there is a LOT more football ahead.
  11. Awesome game! I detest the donkeys and they have whipped the Eagles the last couple of times they played. So I wanted the Eagles to destroy the broncos and they did! Love it!
  12. Von Miller will test Lane. I sure hope Lane holds up on every down on Sunday.
  13. Defense. Bradham is the team MVP on defense so far. He has played with absolute intensity and passion. He does not take plays off and plays to the whistle on every play. Denver’s defense is very, very good. They know they dont have to hold up very long in the back end because the D line is so good. With good cover corners, it makes them even better defensively. They do get away with some grabs which the refs better call the game FAIRLY. I am sick of the one sided calls in favor of the team playing against the Eagles. Complete BS. I think the ref on Monday night vs the deadskins, got a call at halftime to call ONLY the obvious penalties in the second half because the first half was a freaking joke and hard to watch.
  14. Thin air at the Linc? Say what?
  15. Some here are not sure whether or not they want to see Jones playing this year. I think getting some playing time would be helpful to see what they have with him. If he is injured, then definitely not. But if he is physically able to go, let's go. Let's find out if he is a starter/starter material or not. A healthy Darby is a major upgrade over Douglas. Darby needs to get back to full strength quickly before the talented QBs show up. Douglas has played fine, in fact better than I expected. But I'm not convinced he can be a winning factor consistently in big games. Hope he proves me wrong if he is the best option. Gotta keep everybody healthy too. So the RB situation....Blount, Ajayi, Smallwood, Clement, Barner. They keep 5 RBs active every week? Barner has earned the return role. Sounds like Clement is the odd man out?