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  1. Why is Schwartz in so much love with Mills? Mills seems like a very average DB. Jenkins is the guy that ran the defense and made all of the plays. Can Mills REALLY do all that? No offense, but he doesn’t strike me as intellectually or athletically gifted enough to do either. Let’s hope he can. More defensive line pressure always helps the secondary, so maybe significant improvement there will offset the change in the back end. LOVE the Slay signing.....unless he takes his money (Asymwaa...cant remember how to spell and flops. when does the schedule come out?
  2. Hope you are right Cunningham. JJ impressed me with ONE single catch.....vs Dallas. That's it! He has to improve a LOT. Sure hope he does.
  3. Wow! A bit rough on Graham....the Super Bowl defensive hero. He balls out every game. C'mon man! He seems like a tremendous locker room guy. I want that guy on my team! Alshon Jeffrey. Someone please tell me what's really going on with him? He looked SLOW off of the line of scrimmage and out of breaks. Almost seemed disengaged. He has talent. Did he lose a step...or several steps? Losing Jenkins is going to hurt the defense more than we think...he was a beast all over the field making play after play. His role allowed that, BUT he rarely missed tackles or was out of position. We are paying Slay a whole lot more than Jenkins got to go back to the Saints. Artega Whiteside. Bust or salvageable still? I'm leaning bust. NFL seems too big for him. He is not aggressive. He made a couple of nice catches to end the year, but had 10-15 catches for the SEASON with 3rd string guys taking more reps. Eagles MUST find a stud WR in the draft - PLEASE! LB? Oh boy. Got some work to do there. Who is a prospective sneaky 3rd rounder that could start right away?
  4. Why are so many disappointed about free agency so far? I don't want the Eagles to win in the offseason like they did when they picked up VinceFREAKING HORRIBLE Young and his dream team comments. I want them to win when it matters. Let free agency play out before you judge. No one team can sign ALL the studs. The draft is where this team needs to win right now. I am bummed about Jenkins. He was the best defensive player on the field for the past four years. Yes, that includes Cox. I also am worried about the LB position. Time will tell I guess.
  5. I don't miss the kickoffs at all. Put the ball on the 20, NOT the 25. Offense already has every advantage. I get miffed when the KR tries to play hero and takes it 5 yards deep; gets tackled at the 15 and there is a penalty for an illegal now you start at the 7. Just start at the 20 and let's go. XFL? blah. Nothing to write home about. Out of fairness, the problem for me is I just don't care. I have found that is why I don't watch the Sixers or Phillies anymore as I just don't care if they win or not. I am crazy passionate about the Eagles and the NFL. That seems to be it. Coaching additions are a wait and see. Eagles need to hit in the draft, as always. Continue to develop the younger guys. Get lucky on some key free agents. And STAY HEALTHY NEXT YEAR!
  6. CONGRATULATIONS to Andy Reid! Well EARNED and DESERVED! Really happy for him. I would argue that he is the best LEADER at that position possibly in the history of the league. Hear me out. Look at his coaching tree and the SUCCESS of those that have worked for him and played for him. We Eagles fans know of that firsthand with Doug. Belicheat has more rings and accolades, but as a LEADER? None of his coaching tree have had much success on their own. And how many players would truly say they LOVED playing for him? I suspect only a few. Anyone could make an argument for Bill Walsh as his successful coaching tree is strong....but Andy Reid's is STILL GROWING. Anyway, no more saying that he can't win the big one...ever again. You guys that really follow the college game, name two or three under the radar DEs, CBs, LBs and WRs....the four positions I think need to be addressed the most.
  7. Eagles wont draft a QB early UNLESS Tua falls that far....and that WONT happen.
  8. AR WILL win a Super Bowl with Mahomes. And maybe more than one. Some here don’t like AR, but there is absolutely no doubt of the stamp he has put on the NFL. I am cheering for him now that the Eagles are out. Go Chiefs!
  9. Cunningham, I don’t get a say in who they keep and who they sign or not, but your assessment seems well thought out. Peters Im guessing is a big maybe. Vaitai will seek starter money. I’d like to see them keep Howard. Boston Scott played very well, BUT he misses some very defined holes on a regular basis. Ok in a specialty role in my opinion. Djax. Sigh. He is not my favorite as he simply cant survive a full GAME let alone a season. Every game he plays in he goes put for extended periods because of injury. But whatever they decide. JJ better step it up. He did VERY little for a high draft pick. Alshon? Check the attitude if he has one still and run crisper routes. He rarely can get open on man coverage. Maybe he simply was hurt all year. No idea. Ward has probably earned a roster spot. Defense? Not sure. CB is the toughest position in football. Fans here complain incessantly about turning your head around. This is not your high school football athlete from the 60s we are talking about here. I would like to see bigger, faster CBs here. Douglas is aggressive but way too slow. Mills tries hard but he just struggles too often. Im most disappointed with the recent DLINE draft picks. Sweat does little to nothing. Barnett hustles but doesnt make many plays. Who else? Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham cant do everything. Malcolm Jenkins is an absolute stud. Without him this defense never gets off the field. Bradham was my favorite defensive player two years ago, but made few BIG plays this season or last. Gerry improved a LOT. Grugier-Hill was Coming along. McLeod earned his paycheck.
  10. Should be if injury to starting QB is the result of a cheapshot, your backup QB has to play the rest of the way too. Im just pissed. I know that is stupid.
  11. Defense needs to score twice and not allow anything more.
  12. Wow. Injuries already a joke. Hard to imagine how it just continues. Crap!
  13. Bills got too conservative and Texans are making plays. Proof, as always, FGs don't win playoff football.
  14. I expected Lane Johnson to be back. That hurts as I just re-watched the game earlier WITHOUT Clowney. The Eagles O line played HORRIBLY and the Eagles D line was not good either. THOSE TWO FACTS HAVE TO CHANGE TOMORROW! Russell Wilson had some WRs make some KEY drops that easily could have made the score MUCH more in the Seagals favor. The defense has to play much better. They were lucky last time. The D line needs to be in the backfield ALL game long. Wentz needs protection and for his WRs to create some separation. Running game MUST work. Big challenge for sure.