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  1. So blitz on every play. How does that sound? Fans will be mad if that happens too....unless the Eagles win. Haha. beat the freaking Cowpies. Thats all i care about right now.
  2. Thanks DC! Im surprised with the Brown cut. Eagles are thin at LB.
  3. So the Eagles cut Craig James AND Zach Brown? Brown must have caused a major commotion after the game, huh? He certainly didn’t make any plays DURING the game.
  4. So what do you all want the defensive coach to do? Play 2 high safety on every play to protect the CBs? What happens when the opponent plays with 5 wrs? Cant protect the CBs on every play. They should be replaced if they cant cover at all. Oh wait, the Eagles are already on their 4th or 5th string guys. So replace them with whom? The PLAYERS need to PLAY BETTER, period. Do you think Rasul should be in the WR’s face at the line of scrimmage if he is one on one? As badly as he was getting beat with a 7-10 yard head start, how bad would it be if he were at the line of scrimmage? Yes, the idea is to disrupt the route, but do you have confidence in Rasul AND the DLine to make that philosphy work well? There is a LOT to break down here. Bottom line, Rasul has to play better.
  5. Gbfl, no disrespect concerning fantasy. I just refuse to cheer for other team’s players to be successful just because they are on my fantasy team. I want the Eagles players and only them to kick butt.
  6. Finally, next week’s game is crucial to the Eagles as the schedule is just brutal. Brutal in the fact that this Eagles’ team is average anyway. Hate to say it but at 3 - 3, they are what they are. DJax WON’T save them. Give me a break!
  7. The Eagles got their butt handed to them. How is Douglas getting burnt so badly his pants are on fire the coaches’ fault? Douglas got exposed big time! I actually thought Jones played better. If you were an opposing coach, what would you do? Attack the backup CBs? Duh! So why is everyone saying the Eagles COACHES made Cousins look like Peyton Manning? The Eagles’ Rasul Douglas did that by himself.
  8. Why are we talking about fantasy football? Who cares?
  9. At least the Cowpies lost.
  10. Dang it! I thought Corey Clement was going to be a good player here for a few years. Doubt it now.
  11. Yeah. No worries. Boise State is not QB University for sure. I actually thought the best one was Ryan Dinwiddie, and he played a little in the CFL was all. Kellen Moore is very smart, but he didn't have the NFL arm. Doesn't mean they can't make it and make it great in the NFL. There are LOTS of intangibles that can't be measured in some great NFL QBs. Drew Brees is amazing and I don't see him as having tremendous arm strength. But he is a very, very intelligent defense reader and so, so accurate. He is one of the very few that can throw a WR open. So who knows. Maybe Rypien finds his way and get a true opportunity somewhere.
  12. GBFL, no video, seen him live many, many times. Maybe he turns out to be something. I see him as a career backup at best. Arm strength to throw the deep out vs NFL corners...not there. Trust me. Maybe he can develop into an NFL QB. I just didn't see it from his time at Boise State.
  13. Been busy lately. Trying to catch up. Some thoughts after reading posts from the past few weeks: Careful those of you who said Cousins is not good. It was Cousins with this Vikings team that beat the Eagles in PHILLY just last year. Cousins has been streaky good in his career. Give him some credit. GBFL - mentioned Brett Rypien as a desired backup QB. Hmmm. I'm here in Boise and I saw a LOT of Rypien. He is a statue that made some boneheaded throws under pressure without a really strong arm. I like him better than Thorson whom the Eagles drafted, but that's not saying much. Sunday's game vs the Jets....yielded TWO posts during the game. I found that kind of funny actually. EagleTD123 - your video of the little kid falling flat on his face on the couch "related to watching soccer" was hilarious! I mean hilarious! This Monday morning my boss asked me how my weekend was. My response, "it was freaking awesome! Eagles won. Cowpies, Midgets, and Deadskins all lost." Pretty sad when you measure your weekend off of that I know. But I love the Eagles! Joemas - why do you continue to berate AR? He is a hell of a coach in this league. Let it go dude. Berate the idiot Chip Kelly. He single-handedly dismantled a good Eagles team. So glad he is long gone. So glad! Those of you who last year wanted Jason Peters to retire....come on now. He is not the same player he was 5 years ago clearly, but is still a top 10 LT in the league. And he can be a HUGE asset to the next LT for this team RIGHT NOW. There were also some here saying that Jenkins was losing it some too. No way! That dude is the man of this defense period! Regarding the schedule: so much can happen between now and when the Eagles play this team or that team and when the Cowpies play them. What if the Eagles play the Pats with full health and when the Cowpies play them there is no Brady? Too many variables to worry about week 12-16 now. Let's see the Eagles beat the Vikings, play well on all three phases, and come out of it healthy. That's all that matters right now. Why argue about who called what? More than 1/2 the time we are all wrong with our opinions anyway. So you liked one out of ten college guys that turned out to be good. Congrats. Who cares. The Eagles are decimated with injuries in the secondary. That is a worry. Teams will go after the untested guys. So the Eagles better prepare them well. And hey, these guys get a chance to see if they belong or not. Step up! Show the world you belong. Or see ya later.
  14. Really, really happy with that win. It was badly needed.
  15. I hate this new challenge pass interference rule. Make it a booth ONLY thing with 2:00 left in each half.