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  1. Awful quiet on the boards. Apparently we are all just pissed off, huh? I’m enjoying vacation, so I will miss my first Eagles game watching live in years! And after the game last week, thats probably ok. My brother told me Chicago was killing the Cowpies last night while I was hiking in the tropics. So cool!
  2. Seems like they better lock Jordan Howard up for next year. They cant win without him.
  3. The sky is falling. We are all pissed. The reality is this team is very average. So when a team makes more plays, the Eagles simply lose. Blaming the coach for players not making plays is fruitless. I was only disappointed that Parker wasn't double teamed after the first TD for the rest of the game. Beyond that, the Dolphins made plays. The Eagles did not. Its football. The team will either come together after being embarrassed by arguably the worst team in the NFL, OR THEY WILL FOLD. LETS see what happens. If they win out, who knows. So funny to say that after losing to the hapless Dolphins. Im SOOOOO glad I did not fly across the country to be at this game like I had planned. Yikes!
  4. And I hope that continues, but the last two games had to do with the significant wind during game time.
  5. I think you need a coach to motivate, engage, lead, inspire. The PLAYERS have to go make the plays. I put the onus on the players on game day WAY more than the coaches. The coaches do their work leading up to each game. Minor decisions during the game and halftime adjustments are key, but the playcalling whining is a mute point. If the play works, fans say it is good playcalling. If the play doesn't work, the fans don't give credit to the opposing defense or the fact that a player or multiple players did not do their job. So we as fans can whine all we want about playcalling. That doesn't help when your stars are playing poorly. I really like Wentz. But he did not play well. And his backup WRs played even worse. The OLine was exceptionally manhandled on the right side without the two starters. Blame the playcalling all you want, but the play can't work when people don't do their jobs. So find new guys you say? If it were that easy, they would. Ortega Whiteside needs to man up and learn to be an NFL WR or not. Asking Hollins to ONLY be a decoy on every play seems fruitless. Throw him the ball and see if he can make a play for you. I like Jeffery, but either he has lost his desire to play football or he is hurt or his feelings are hurt. I don't see any toughness from him. That's easy for me to say not knowing the facts, yes I know. Joemas and others that live in Philly, is there any truth to Jeffery being the guy "secretly" calling out different players? Seems like someone just wants a story, but maybe there is some truth to it. Jeffery seems SLOW this year and is dropping a LOT of passes. You get paid to catch the freaking ball. With all of the injuries on offense, is it players just not caring to some extent and want to take some time off? Frustrated fan. Wanting some answers. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving Eagles Nation and Go Bills!
  6. C'mon Cunningham. If that were true, I GUARANTEE the coaches would make that happen. They watch these guys everyday in real time and all the rest of the time on tape. If it were true and they knew Lane was out, they would have started Seumalo at RT and Vaitai at LG.
  7. Funny stuff Cunningham. I like it.
  8. Cunningham, BG and others......I do love the optimism and I hope in the end you are right. But I think this team believes what you keep saying about WHEN they get healthy, they will win. Problem is twofold. 1) they have to win enough games for that to even matter and 2) they can't seem to get healthy. Joemas, killing me with your continued AR hating when good football commentators around the league disagree with your assessment completely. Let it go. He is a tremendous coach and the players love playing for him. A bounce here and a bounce there is all that has kept one or more of his teams from winning a championship. I could argue that a defensive lineman was too stupid to line up behind the football or last year could have been it. Point being, he was and is a great coach. Wentz. Yikes! I really like the guy, but his play yesterday was really bad. Missing throws. Footwork was awful. Platform was worse. Forcing that last interception. There was nothing there and Jordan Mathews is not good enough to "save" a bad throw. I know that he is down a lot of weapons, but that is no excuse for poor footwork and decision making. He'll recover. His confidence does seem to be completely gone though.
  9. MVP for the Eagles clearly is Lane Johnson. I dont think the Eagles have a win without him. And RG Brooks. yes. Thank you Pats!
  10. Is it just me, or does Wentz look like he has lost his confidence? Maybe for good reason given all of the injuries, but it just doesnt look good to me. Below average team. Really disappointing season.
  11. I like the optimism. I'm just not sure this year. If they suffer more than one more loss, it's over. AND they MUST beat Dallas or it won't matter. Dallas DOMINATED the Eagles a few weeks ago. It was ugly. The OLine was manhandled and that SHOULD BE the strength of this team. The DLine had little impact in that game. There is no wild card getting in from the East. I think a HEALTHY Eagles team could compete in the playoffs. I just don't think this team has the resolve to get in. Win or lose this Sunday, they have to reel off 5 wins in a row. It is conceivable with the schedule, but we have not seen this team put two good games together in a row let alone 5 or 6. Time will tell, right? The team has been down right MEPHITIC at times.
  12. I respect everyone's opinion, but it would have been a VERY tough catch. Wish he had caught it, but definitely not easy. The sky is not falling today. The team is average..... 5-5. It is what it is. For me, it sucks that being average means the hated cowpies will win the division again. But they are like any other team. They are a couple of injuries away from being average too. Wentz is not seeing the field as well this year....outside of his WRs dropping the ball and not getting open. He is going to have to throw guys open to move to the next level. Maybe they should encourage him to get out of the pocket a little. He throws very well on the run. Not every play of course. Just more often than they are doing now. Thoughts?
  13. The Eagles need these two teams playing tonight to bear the hated cowpies. Beat
  14. GBFL, this Eagles team is average. 5-5 should not be a surprise. I sure hole they can find a way to beat the Seagirls next week. Falling below .500 this late in the season does not bode well. Hope