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  1. Now that the HUGE contract deals are mostly done, NOW is where a team builds a championship roster. RB: How much of a difference is there between Howard, Crowell, Johnson, Ajayi, et al? So negotiate with all of them and find the best deal for the team AND the "hungriest" player. I don't want a guy that JUST wants to get paid. I want a guy that wants to play football with passion. Ajayi knows the system, but has injury issues. Those other guys have their own issues. It's a gamble. LB: I don't even know who is out there at this position that is really good that the Eagles could get for a bargain price. I suspect they negotiate with all but don't rush into anything at this point. There just isn't a need to overpay a player that's still out there. If they were the cat's meow, they would be signed already.
  2. And LeVeon Bell missed out on $15 or $16 million that he will never get back. Big deal. He just got $52 million. How much can you spend in a lifetime? I think he will be fine. It doesn't make the Jets a contender in my opinion though. Time will tell.
  3. For the record, I hated Chip Kelly and his joke of an attitude and coaching. I haven't been shy about it ever. Soooooooo happy he is gone! Second, are the Browns trying to make the Giants better quickly? Goodness! A 1st and 3rd AND a former 1st rounder to fill the Safety spot MUCH CHEAPER. Cmon Browns! First you hand the Giants Barkley, now this? The Giants win this trade in EVERY way! How many diva WRs have won a Super Bowl? Keyshawn Johnson, Chad Johnson, TO, Antonio Brown now, who else? Giants get the opportunity to really improve their team with young players. The Browns may be looking at an Antonio Brown catastrophe in a couple of years. The kid is a nut job. NO thanks! I completely agree with their owner on this trade. See you later. You don't represent our team in the way we want our team to be represented. Sounds stuffy to some, but the owner is writing the checks. See you later.
  4. That's a LOADED question. Howie won't win anything. The players will have to do that. Many other things factor more than Howie possibly screwing up the cap. Winning a Super Bowl is REALLY, REALLY difficult. The fact that the Patriots have done it so many times in the free agency era is unbelievable. In my opinion, it has happened because they are good, but also because they are very fortunate to be in a division for many, many years in a row that is significantly less talented. It makes their path easier. Don't get me wrong. They have had to earn their victories in the playoffs, but that's where the experience of Bellicheat really comes into play. He understands that the refs are going to stay out of the game in the playoffs. He takes FULL advantage of that. And it shows. They win. But they are very disciplined during the season to earn enough victories to put themselves in the right position each year. Hats off to them. I'm jealous so I won't be a hater. Howie has proven to do an adequate to better than average job with the cap in his time here. I don't think he is a genius as it is just numbers and negotiating how to use them to your advantage now and into the future. Clearly players have to agree to the numbers, so that's a factor that is not easily predictable. But let's give him credit where it is due.
  5. LB is a REAL need on this team and the draft does not look stocked with that position. Tougher to find a stud LB than a RB in my opinion.
  6. He may "play" in 12-14 games, but if you get hurt in the 1st quarter and never return for that game....I'd consider it a missed game. There have been MANY games like that for him. Again, it is what it is. I just would not have signed him if it were my decision/money. The thing working in his favor this year is that the free agent WR market is VERY SLIM PICKINGS.
  7. A lot of talk about a WR that is available for maybe three or four games per season. And even the ones he is available for, if he gets hit, then he is out the rest of the game. Zero toughness. And maybe out of fairness to him, he is MAYBE 160 lbs. I've stood right next to him. I'm 150 lbs and I'm arguably bigger than he is. To me it is a whatever trade. Everyone here wants the Eagles to get EVERY free agent available. Not realistic. The way to build a team now with the rookie wage cap is through the draft. Period! Then pick up KEY free agents that come cheaper because you take a risk on one else gave them the huge payday. Why pay LeVeon Bell all the money he wants? Why? No team is ONE player away from winning the Super Bowl. Ask the Vikings. So be smart with how and where you spend free agent money and then focus on hitting in the draft. Giving up a 6th rounder now for Djax AND paying him as much as they are doesn't seem prudent to me. If it were my money, I would not have done it. He is not available enough. I didn't say he isn't good enough. I said he is not available enough.
  8. GREAT point MJK! Blount's style fits well in the new NFL. He does not go down easily. And still has enough legs left to make a difference.
  9. why? Bad move. Draft picks are VITAL!
  10. DJax is a crybaby. Why would the Eagles want that guy back in the locker room? Besides, he can't stay healthy enough to stay on the field anyway. He is RARELY available. NO THANKS! Spend money on a more motivated player.
  11. I like the re-signing of Jason Peters. GOOD, SOLID, LEADERS is a must in the locker room. He can continue to help groom Mailata and others.
  12. Malik Jackson signing. Meh. He couldn't even retain his starting role in Jacksonville this past year. Desean Jackson - no thanks. That ship has sailed. Mosely would be FANTASTIC as I worry this team is headed back to their days of bad LBs. I get it that you can't get everyone you want, but Mosely would be a strong addition.
  13. That's hilarious! Because mock drafts are so fun and so successful. I love it!
  14. Been busy the past several days; so trying to catch up. Jordan Howard. I liked him a lot until this past season. He seems to have lost his passion, drive, competitiveness. Strange given that they sucked so bad UNTIL this past year. I really like Tevin Coleman. I think he is a better all around back than the one the Falcons signed to a long term deal. M Bennett. Hate to lose a very talented DE, but the guy is a head case. Probably, don't know factually, is not a good locker room guy. Someone mentioned trading for Gerard McCoy, DT. Heck yeah! That would be awesome! Then draft a young guy to develop. Perfect! I don't think the O Line is as strong long term as others think. I suspect the front office will look for more young talent there. Other than Bradham, the defense has massive holes at LB. Yeah, we've been down this road before. Yikes! Should be interesting to see what happens over the next week.
  15. Sproles is valuable enough as a PLAYER and as a LEADER, that I do want them to bring him back if he still wants to play.
  16. I laugh at how football insiders and gooroos let their tongue hang out over guys that run a fast 40. They almost throw everything else out the window. John Ross became a top 15 pick ONLY because he ran the fastest 40 ever at the combine. And how has that worked out for the Bengals? How did it work out for the Eagles when the Eagles went all gaga about that Mike Mamula? The draft analysts need to keep their focus on the FOOTBALL tapes and football IQ. Does the guy PLAY fast? Is he quick, or just has straight line speed? Does he understand how to run routes effectively? Don't get me wrong. Speed kills! And I want all fast guys. But a really fast LB that overruns every play? No thank you. The Eagles had that guy....Sims I think was his last name, that was drafted highly by the Lions and also played for the Cowpies and a few other teams. Antonio Brown? No thanks. Go find young talent. Leveon Bell? Ditto. Build a team; not a ME, ME, ME player. Who are the best available RB free agents out there? Who are the best available OLinemen out there?
  17. Boise State! He has talent.....seems to play hard sometimes and other times not so much. He was a workhorse at Boise State though.
  18. Amen! Me too Joemas!
  19. Well said. I just worry a little that IF they miss on the draft, this team could go downhill quickly. Several positions are old or not very good. Not everyone can get paid at the top of their position. Gotta win in the draft every year with the rookie salary cap in place. I'm amazed of all of the teams with young QBs on their rookie deals right now.
  20. Can't argue with that. I'd take the Super Bowl win over anything.
  21. Real excitement from me. I just heard about it. This is awesome! Well deserved in my opinion and it's not a contract that will overwhelm a team. Bryce Harper going to the Phillies. Good for him. Good for the Phillies. I stopped watching MLB when they went on strike in 1982. Way too much money to whine about making a few catches a day and batting 4 times a game. I was a HUGE Dr. J fan as a kid! So the Sixers were definitely my team. But once Iverson became the star, I was done with the NBA too. For me, it's ALL EAGLES, ALL THE TIME! Horseracing in the summer!
  22. Witten out of retirement? Interesting. JMatt? I'm sorry, but if he is on the 53 and sees the field, that means this WR group is below average. JMatt is a good guy it seems; not a tremendous WR for the NFL. For some reason it feels like the Eagles have a number of holes to fill all of the sudden. LT - will Peters take a pay cut to stay? I hope so, but he's got a year left maybe. Sproles - I really hope he comes back and can stay healthy for one more season. MLB? LB in general other than Bradham. DLine? CBs? Safety? It just seems like there are holes and ironically the Eagles have the worst cap number of all 32 teams with a QB on his rookie contract still. What does that tell you? They are not managing the cap very well. I suppose it is ok to be "all in" paying your guys every year, but only if you remain at the top or near the top of competition and are competing for championships every year. Draft? Who knows. Every team at this time of year is telling lies.
  23. So cynical joemas. It's actually funny at this point.
  24. Reportedly the Eagles are in the worst cap shape of any team in the league right now. Collins isn't happening. The Giants will never let him walk. He will get tagged if they don't work out a long term deal. Period.
  25. Oh how the mighty ship is about to SINK!