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    Nick back at practice today.

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    Nick back at practice today.

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    Nick back at practice today.

    In those four wins, Minshew was 76/129, 951 yards, 8 TDs, 0 INTs and 102.6 passer rating, along with 22 runs for 96 yards, 0 TDs and 2 lost fumbles. In his other four starts against the Texans, Panthers, Saints and Texans, he was 90/153, 1,059 yards, 3 TDs, 3 INTs and a 78.3 passer rating, along with 19 runs for 133 yards, 0 TDs and 6 lost fumbles. The Jags have scored 150 points during that span, an average of 18.75 points per week. That would be 8th worst in the league. http://www.nfl.com/player/gardnerminshew/2562796/gamelogs
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    Nick back at practice today.

    Yep, they have bye week 10, so their next game is week 11 against Reich's Colts.
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    Nick back at practice today.

    I honestly think they need to put Foles back in to know what Minshew even is. They have a fair idea of what Foles is, at the very least a capable starter. If he comes in and the team is worse, then they know to ride with Minshew next year. If the team gets better, they know to either continue with Foles or look to the draft if the improvement is insufficient. If they look the same, then they can reconsider in the offseason. If they stick with Minshew and go 500, they won't know if he's improving the WR corp or if Bortles was actually just that terrible. Worse, they'd be stuck with only a fair idea of Foles.
  6. That's close enough that I don't think anyone would be complaining if it weren't for the HD cameras and slow-mo replays.
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    Nick back at practice today.

    Today's game may have been enough to put them in the Minshew mode, but I still think that would be a mistake.
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    Nick back at practice today.

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    Nick back at practice today.

    He should get the job back. They're averaging less than 20 points per game with Minshew. Minshew's only thrown 2 interceptions, but he's also lost 4 fumbles and fumbled 4 more times than that. The Jags are also 3-3 with him, arguably 3-4 given how early Foles got hurt in the first game. I personally don't think that should be enough to unseat your starter.
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    I wouldn’t jump on the Daniel Jones hate train just yet

    He's 1-0 with a pretty impressive comeback in his first start. He's the first Giant QB to win his first start since Scott Brunner, may Jones have a career exactly as great as Brunner's.
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    Jalen Ramsey asking for a trade.

    To be fair, they were starting their third string left tackle
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    Consider this an argument for Isaac Bruce and Edgerrin James. Bruce is the only player, other than Fitzgerald, to have more than 12,000 receiving yards and at least 90 TDs without being in the Hall of Fame. James and Watters both crossed the mark of at least 90 TDs and 14,000 yards from scrimmage as well, they are the only other eligible players to have hit 12,000 yards from scrimmage and 90 TDs without getting in. Lynch (12,593 yards from scrimmage) and Gore (18,564 yards from scrimmage) will also qualify when they are eligible. Below is a list of players in NFL history to score 100 TDs that aren't in the Hall of Fame. Only 24 players have hit this mark. 1. Larry Fitzgerald (117) 2. Antonio Gates (116) T3. Shaun Alexander (112) T3. Adrian Peterson (112) Only Shaun Alexander is currently eligible. Alexander is 36th in league history 9,453 rushing yards and 81st with 10,973 yards from scrimmage. Here is a list of players with at least 13,000 receiving yards that aren't in the hall of fame. There have been 18 players to do it. 1. Larry Fitzgerald 16,392 (still active) 2. Isaac Bruce 15,208 3. Steve Smith 14,731 4. Reggie Wayne 14,345 5. Andre Johnson 14,185 6. Anquan Boldin 13,779 7. Henry Ellard 13,777 8. Torry Holt 13,382 Out of the list, only Bruce, Wayne, Ellard and Holt are currently eligible for the hall of fame. All four are on the preliminary list of Hall of Fame candidates. Bruce had 91 TDs (31st), Wayne had 82 TDs (58th), Ellard had 69 TDs (106th), and Holt had 74 TDs (82nd). As for the other four, astute observers will note that Fitzgerald is the only one on both lists. He looks like a first ballot guy. Smith had 89 TDs (38th), Johnson had 70 TDs (102nd), and Boldin had 83 TDs (55th). I expect all four will at least be on a list of Hall of Fame candidates at some point. Six players have between 12,000-12,999 receiving yards that aren't currently in the Hall of Fame. 1. Irving Fryar 12,785 2. Jason Witten 12,463 (Active) 3. Brandon Marshall 12,351 4. Jimmy Smith 12,287 5. Hines Ward 12,083 6. Derrick Mason 12,061 Witten and Marshall are not yet eligible. The other four are on the preliminary list of Hall of Fame candidates. Fryar had 88 TDs (40th), Smith had 68 TDs (114th), Ward had 86 TDs (45th), and Mason had 69 TDs (109th). There are also six players, 35 total players, that have scored between 90-99 TDs but are not yet in the Hall of Fame. 1. Frank Gore 96 (Active) 2. Priest Holmes 94 3. Marshawn Lynch 93 4. Isaac Bruce 91 5. Edgerrin James 91 6. Ricky Watters 91 Gore and Lynch aren't eligible. The other four are on the preliminary candidates list. Holmes had 8,172 rushing yards (46th) and 11,134 yards from scrimmage (78th). Bruce had 15,347 yards from scrimmage (19th). James had 12,246 rushing yards (13th) and 15,610 yards from scrimmage (15th). Watters had 10,643 rushing yards (24th) and 14,891 yards from scrimmage (26th).
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    Nick Foles out indefinitely (broken clavicle)

    In fairness, I think they had to ask since his teammates were talking about it.
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    Nick Foles out indefinitely (broken clavicle)

    Hopefully he gets better quickly.
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    Nick Foles excused from OTA's indefinitely for personal reasons

    Foles is back at OTAs. He ended up missing a day.
  16. It's entertainment. No entertainment truly matters but people care about the pieces that entertain them.
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    I wouldn’t jump on the Daniel Jones hate train just yet

    I agree with you. While I think the Giants took Jones too high, I do believe he's better than Haskins at least.
  18. One of the larger problems with the world.
  19. I guess you're just a different type of guy then
  20. Think of it this way. The Super Bowl is Sunday and your team has made it there. Then somebody from the future walks in and tells you your team loses 35-29 and leaves. You know it's a bigger deal that a time traveler showed up, but that is definitely going to take away some of your enjoyment watching the Super Bowl knowing that your team is going to lose 35-29 the whole time.
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    Ranking all 52 No. 1 picks of the NFL's common-draft era

    Everything I have ever seen was that McNabb was his guy with Culpepper as his second choice. What? Baker Mayfield is already more impressive than this guy.
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    Is former Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles a Hall of Famer?

    He's not in the top 100 in total TDs or total yards from scrimmage. He's not in the top 50 for rushing yards and barely in the top 100 for rushing TDs. I don't think he's a legitimate candidate. In my mind, he is well behind these 20 guys and there are plenty of others that are ahead of him. 1 Frank Gore 14,748 2005-2018 3TM 2 Adrian Peterson 13,318 2007-2018 4TM 3 Fred Taylor 11,695 1998-2010 2TM 4 Steven Jackson 11,438 2004-2015 3TM 5 Corey Dillon 11,241 1997-2006 2TM 6 Warrick Dunn 10,967 1997-2008 2TM 7 Ricky Watters 10,643 1992-2001 3TM 8 Jamal Lewis 10,607 2000-2009 2TM 9 LeSean McCoy 10,606 2009-2018 2TM 10 Thomas Jones 10,591 2000-2011 5TM 11 Tiki Barber 10,449 1997-2006 nyg 12 Eddie George 10,441 1996-2004 2TM 13 Marshawn Lynch 10,379 2007-2018 3TM 14 Ottis Anderson 10,273 1979-1992 2TM 15 Clinton Portis 9,923 2002-2010 2TM 16 Matt Forte 9,796 2008-2017 2TM 17 Chris Johnson 9,651 2008-2017 3TM 18 Shaun Alexander 9,453 2000-2008 2TM 19 Herschel Walker 8,225 1986-1997 4TM 20 Roger Craig 8,189 1983-1993 3TM This doesn't even mention the young guys that are steamrolling their way into the conversation either like Todd Gurley, Elliott and Saquon. Charles fell off a cliff in 2015. If he had mustered 3,000 yards and 25 TDs over the last four years, maybe it's an actual conversation instead of a meme.