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  1. GoodGooglyMoogly

    AFC Wildcard: Titans @ Patriots.

    Third ones the charm?.....
  2. GoodGooglyMoogly

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    Seems like we beat every team cowboys lost to and vice versa(so far)
  3. GoodGooglyMoogly

    And now Michael Bennett...

    So the patriots(7-0) outsmarted themselves as well. Got ya.
  4. GoodGooglyMoogly

    Anyone going to Dallas?

    Good catch bruh
  5. GoodGooglyMoogly

    Marcus Smith Cut By Seattle

    Remember when he was talking all this ish after they beat us last year? gtfo like you had some kind of contribution to that.
  6. GoodGooglyMoogly

    re: new NFL head coaches getting hired prematurely

    Yup. Didn’t we hire a guy who’s WR’s couldn’t get him a first down all year? How’d that work out for us?
  7. GoodGooglyMoogly

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Holy ish 162 pages on a Raider QB. LOL!!!!