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  1. GeorgeM37

    Most hated teams

    LMAO agreed!!
  2. GeorgeM37

    And now Michael Bennett...

    LMAO at the high comment. But yes, thank you for seeing my perspective on this....I can say the last time I remember having good CB's was Lito Shepard and Sheldon Brown and how many years ago was that? There was a time when people DID dread seeing our defense but no longer is that the case. As much as I hated Reid running this team, at least we beat the cowgirls consistently and constantly. That time was an automatic win....
  3. GeorgeM37

    And now Michael Bennett...

    Agreed. The coaches.....none of us know what the hell any of them are doing ....
  4. GeorgeM37

    And now Michael Bennett...

    This actually was my entire point. Whether he was liked or not, his production on the field should have counted for SOMETHING. The Eagles aren't doing a thing with what is on defense right now at any position. The guy produced and did that consistently.....
  5. GeorgeM37

    And now Michael Bennett...

    I agree with you because if I read it correctly, he was demanding more playing time and money with the Pats as well and thats why they shipped him off. I have a tendency to stick by players that have done well for us so makes me biased but I agree with your point
  6. GeorgeM37

    And now Michael Bennett...

    Let me clear up why I said that. That was based on other threads where members have stated that trades, drafts, and other things lead to the Eagles thinking they are better than everybody else with their moves. I could have worded it better and not used that particular word but I think you all get my drift. I might just be biased because I thought he did well here and constantly produced when on the field.
  7. GeorgeM37

    And now Michael Bennett...

    If I am not mistaken, the Patriots have the best defense in the entire league so to them he is expendable. We have a very poor defense and need all the help we can get so yeah....
  8. GeorgeM37

    And now Michael Bennett...

    Went to the Dallas Cowboys in a trade. Before any of you start with his issues and behaviors, yeah we know all of that but the guy produces when he is on the field and consistently gets to the Quarterback. It is something we desperately need on this team....yet, the Eagles have outsmarted themselves yet again.
  9. GeorgeM37

    Micheal Bennett Suspended by Pats