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  1. You just said it yourself. No team is giving up anything of real value for him based on the latter part of your post. And Bradford was dealt when the pick was potentially a late round first. The Niners know they have the 2nd overall pick. I'll die from laughter if the Niners get cousins, redskins get romo and the Cowboys get the 2nd overall pick.
  2. "loading up on picks" for an injury plagued qb in the twilight of his career who just got dethroned by a rookie. Somebody is delusional. Romo is barely worth a pick at all. Especially when teams know he's likely to get cut.
  3. that makes no sense. Romo isn't worth the #2 overall.

  5. We trade Kendricks to Buffalo for shady
  6. Machine

    DeMarco Murray

    I think Murray would have thrived with Pederson. I just think Chip and Murray didnt mesh.
  7. To me Romo has a ton of heart and wants to be in there playing even with injury. Cutler is a giant poosay and leaves games constantly. He has no desire or competitive spirit. The moment I lost all respect for Cutler was when he came out of the NFCCG against the Packers @ home in front of his own fans. He wasn't fighting to get back in, or showing signs of disappointment. Just Cutlerface. Romo at least has the heart, he just doesn't have the body for it anymore.
  8. Machine

    Chimp Kelly never learns

    I still think he only came to the NFL to avoid the sanctions. He's free to return to college now though. He's a stubborn mule and wants to prove himself right in the NFL. he's the next Spurrier.
  9. Machine

    Week 1: Steelers @ Redskins

    Yeah, that was sad.
  10. I'm looking to take a large chunk of family down to a game this year, but not everybody will have tickets. Are there any lots that are still cool with you hanging out in the lot during the game? Watching on the RV TV? What lots are best for that?
  11. I feel like Romo needs to consider his long term future. He can't keep doing this to himself. Yeah it's a "freak" injury, but he always seems to have freak back injuries, and it's probably going to keep happening due to the injury history.
  12. Hey, I think he actually got it one time. #CreditWhereCredit'sDue
  13. It was even worse than the quick pass in the flat to Pinkston and expecting him to gain 7 yards and 3rd down.
  14. I still think Chip threw the season to get fired last year. He lost the team and fans, and gave in. It's the only explanation I can come up with for how horrible his coaching was when they were pushing for a division title. Down to the Redskins and you're still running that stupid Murray stretch play, and nobody is surprised. Nobody can be that stupid.