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  1. Happy belated birthday BFF!!!

  2. sup buddy?

    Go Bronx Bombers

  3. Soooooo, how bout them Phillies.

  4. Hi axman72! I miss Trotter too! :lol:

  5. Stop living in the past.

  6. Bronx Bombas

    26 X World Champs - you're 24 behind...

  7. We're coming into your house this weekend and taking over! Be ready sucka!!!

  8. HI AX!!! I miss seeing you around! Hope you are doing good!

  9. axman72 might only reflect 4 stars, but he's totally more of a 5 star type.

  10. stop looking at my profile you freak (:

  11. It's your birthday song,

    It isn't very long.


  12. Happy Birthday Ax!!! Don't eat the whole cake yourself!

  13. Don't lie. You love Donovan and Andy. You want them here for another 10 years.