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  1. Dewit

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    That looked really painful, so do you think that the KC Chiefs will win the division this week? I am going to root for Andy Reid in the playoffs since Eagles didn't make it.
  2. Dewit

    Concerning DirecTV

    Wait what? How do you get it for free I think ive been paying 375 for years.. biter I did for the first time watch Directv from my iphone for free which was awesome.. loving DirectTV!
  3. Please do not mention me in any further posts or threads, and please seek mental help.
    Thank you

  4. I know... its too funny and then not embracing it, and constantly hiding his head.. so many video clips of fellow teamates joking around with him by trying to take his helmet off to expose his loss of hair... As long as he continues to improve on last year I doubt his fans will care.. Carson Wentz has been compared to him.. if that is true.. Carson better get rogaine..
  5. On a side note Why doesn't Blake Bortles simply embrace his baldness, don't hide it with that silly thing..
  6. I thought this thread was about Nick Foles... why all the Michael Vick talk?
  7. Dewit

    Johnny Manziel

    I don't care what you say that's funny right there...
  8. Dewit

    North Dakota Eagles fan

    You know what I had always wondered why doesn't Football (American) have minor leagues such as Baseball has all over our Nation? I would love to see the NFL sending scouts to North Dakota for the Philadelphia minor league football team for example.