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  1. I dont think he got a fair shot in Jacksonville and they got lucky with Minchew. I think under Nagy who is familar with Foles, I see some QB competition for Bisky
  2. manz2821

    Flex Scheduling for MNF being considered

    I dont know why there is hatred for the play by play guy. I like him and love the fact that he even gets excited for a 5 yard reception. WIDE OPEN for a 5 yard gain I would take him over Buck any day of the week
  3. manz2821

    Bill Cowher — HOF?

    He has a losing record in the playoffs before the SB run and then he retired. Looks like the bar is set lower for coaches
  4. manz2821

    Giants fans, Talk About The Giants

    I think its a good hire. The guy is 38 years old from Philly and he did wonders for the Pats receivers as the WR coach.
  5. manz2821

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    Mike Nolan as the new DC there now. Not sure about it but the Cowboy Fans are probably already calling a SB with their Mike and Mike tandem 🙂
  6. manz2821

    Week 14 Open Discussion.

    Hollins just drew the big PI. He was open. Most deep action Hollins has had this year :)
  7. manz2821

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    I think we should hire Kelen Moore if he is available. His scripted plays always work for the first drive. I say we get him to be the OC for the first drive as we always struggle with that and then take his headphone from him. Kind of a first drive playcaller
  8. manz2821

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    Dallas struggles with running qbs. Even Driskel ran for a td and 50 yards against them. I think Wentz needs his skates. It's time to unleash him :)
  9. manz2821

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    He is probably like... I came back for this???? :)
  10. manz2821

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    What the heck are the Bears doing on defense. They are without Amukamara and Smith and the cowboys offence is going nowhere. I hope Schwartz is taking notes.
  11. manz2821

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    Biskyyy on Fiyaaaa.
  12. Our new DC? Howie should be on the phone immediately. 🙂 Not sure if he will have any other HC offers
  13. manz2821

    Week 13: Vikings @ Seahawks

    Not looking good for Cousins. 0-8 on MNF coming up if the vikes dont come back.
  14. manz2821

    Week 13: Vikings @ Seahawks

    I hope Doug is watching. His excuse is that it's a passing league that's why the eagles throw so much. The seahawks have 14 passes and 25 designed runs. They were down by a td a couple of times but did not alter their game plan.
  15. manz2821

    Cowboys could lose Cooper & Jones in Free Agency

    Well we got Murray, Austin and Scrandrick but they also got Thorton, Sims, Carroll etc :)