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  1. The Verninator Thats hilarious
  2. I went to California to see the Redwoods, the tallest trees in America, I ended up in San Fran (damn VD) After that I went to see General Sherman It was renamed General Vernon
  3. If Vern's member destroyed 300 women in the forest, would it make a sound?
  4. When Bartrum went down, VD heard us calling for a long snapper and he got WAY excited!!
  5. Vernon Davis is officially known as the "father" of the grand canyon He sawa whole in the mountains and thought "Why not?"
  6. What you hear isn't thunder and lighting, Its Vernon Davis on the run
  7. When Vernon Davis was Born, he came out head first The doctor has been a quadrapalegic ever since
  8. To the pleasant suprise OF the midshipmen
  9. I have a friend who picked up Vernon Davis on her fantasy team. I haven't seen her since
  10. The hole in the ozone has absolutely nothing to do with CFC's Greenspan has filed a direct complaint wih V.D. It seems every morning he wakes up and knocks the hole a lil bit bigger